Welcome to greatest boss fights.This section will cover my experience with the greatest boss fights I have battled with in my entire life.

Today I review kurt zisa,the optional boss fight in kingdom hearts.

Kurt zisa here gets the greatest boss award,being the robot heartless that has 2 blades and an almost infinite amount of hp.Did i forget he is hard as hell?Having the ability to shield
himself from damage by protecting himself with orbs that
projects barriers around his body.
His attacks being as kickass as his looks,he is not to be triffled with.His attacks do alot of damage and are hard to dodge if you are planning to melee him.As you see he wields 2 blades and his other 2 hands will project the orbs that protect him.He uses his blades to swing them(obviously),or to spin them repeatedtly,which does more damage.He also flies around insanely trying to slash you while spinning himself midair like a wheel.This is insane.
Most people will find this a challenge,being the process that you
need to destory the orbs he is holding to barrier himself,these orbs
dont have much hp but you will get hit an annoying amount of times during this process.When you destroy the orbs,kurt zisa will
fall,giving you a chance to wack his damn head,but the thing is,the head will swing left to right,attempting to bite you,to cause yet more damage.
So to truly wack him you need to go through a hard process,Plus,later in the battle his head retreats back into the body faster,making it a PAIN to really take a few points off his health bars.
This boss is challenging,making him one of my favourite bosses.