Gamespot score:7.0(good)

My score:8.0

Another under-rated game.Gamespot should have really gave this more.

Being a RPG-fan this is basically one of my favourtie series of RPGs.
The atelier iris/mana khemia series consists of using alchemy to
create items and weapons.Which is better than in most RPGs when you
buy them from shops or find them in chests,I find this rather unique.
Oh,the story is usually pretty nice too.

Being a lonely bored boy in a lonely bored village,felt has always wanted a life of adventure.Living with his childhood friend viese in a town which has been long protected by a sword named as the azure azoth.Felt,being the adventure wanting boy he is,hopes to one day claim the sword which has been stabbed on the ground and has never been pulled out by anyone.Felt goes and tries to pull it out as usual one day,only to pull it out and be informed that another world is in danger.Thus felt sets
out to this other world,fufilling what he always wanted,a life of adventure.Leaving his
friend viese behind,being childhood friends,they promise to see each other again.

This game has a very simple and basic RPG battle
system,but for some reason it is really fun.The
character and skill design is really nice,the battle
animation is also suprisingly pretty.A 2D game
must have a great artwork concept and thats just
what this game has.Even the bosses look really
well done.(right picture of agravale,the dragon)

I somehow like the characters they let you control in this game,they have a draganoid reject
,a princess weilding somewhat like mantis scythes and even a lowdown elf guy who carries a cannon and thinks hes so good.The story is somehow impressively well done,and the character's dialouge portraits are beautifully drawn to perfection,thier emotions and stuff.

Despite being the very plain and basic 2D rpg system,atelier iris is somehow very entertaining to me.I dont know about others but I think this game,along with its entire series,are great games worth getting.