Opening songs
OP 1-Katayoku no Tori (Akiko Shikata)

Ending songs
ED 1-La divina tragedia ~Makyoku~ (Jimang)

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Supernatrual, Psychological, Thriller


At last, I finished Atlier Rorona :). Thats one game done with and there will be more games for the PS3 for play. For now lets break up the pace with something not everyone can take. Umineko was from the same IP as Higurashi, and while the concepts are completely different, its equally violent and gory. Though blocked with a good amount of cencorship (you can't see them organs :D), Umineko is still terrifying and managed to rob me of a few nights of sleep. While its not as addictive as Higurashi as an overall anime, Umineko still manages to be entertaining on its own and provides tons of great moments. Just like with Higurashi, this is not an anime for kids. Nope, not at all. If you have a weak mind, its advisable to stay away.

Can you feel the epicness?

Not much here for the songs, but they are pretty nice. The opening song is "Katayoku no Tori" by Akiko Shikata, and while it mostly sounds like an orchestral song, its quite fitting for the anime and sounds great. The full version sounds epic as hell XD, though its nothing I would spam every second of the day. The ending song is "La divina tragedia ~Makyoku~ " by Jimang, and its a darker song overall than the opening, but is pretty good on its own. His vocals seem a little rushed and stressed, but its good nonetheless.


I will agree with many others and say this isn't as good as Higurashi. Yep, its the same IP, but when it comes to the anime, Higurashi comes out on top. Umineko tells a different and more "supernatural" tale, which sucks out some of the fun and mystery IMO. Its still great, but in a different way from Higurashi. You still get many brutal deaths and gory kills, and losing characters you grow attached to is still one key factor that makes this anime great, but the overall presentation of the story is wayy different. Its a great take, just not as awesome as Higurashi. Plus, I can't help but feel its a little uncompleted, a 2nd season may be in order, but I'm not getting my hopes up, since its already been like 3-4 years.

Scary girl is scary! STAY THE F**K AWAY!!!!

Woah, okay so Umineko has one hell of a confusing story, even more so than Higurashi, due to its huge cast of characters. The star of the show is Ushiromiya Battler, a young man that was brought along to Kinzo's island along with the entire family bloodline to discuss the future and inheritance of the family. Among others, nobody really worries too much over this matter, except for the greedy adults who care only for money. Then word of the golden witch Beatrice's gold stash reached them, and everyone started to get edgy. Kinzo is in no way contactable. Suddenly, on the 2nd day of thier trip, a whole bunch of people were found dead in the yard house, mostly consisting of Battler and his cousins' parents. This caused a huge uproar, and so began the Beatrice's endless rampage as she claims more lives as her sacrifices...and everything is thrown into disorder.

Just like Higurashi, if you're looking for something thats not typical anime, Umineko will satisfy you to no end. Its a little boring towards the middle, but it quickly picks up the pace and turns into awesomeness again. Blood and gore are aplenty in Umineko, and while cencorship is present, its nothing to take note off if you're after violence, since the anime is pretty gory. Need some violence? Watch this.