Its been awhile since the last villians post for anime, so here we go! Expect villianous villains along with descriptions of why their here. Oh and expect them to have at least a tint of badasstitude, either that or just villiany. Anyway, it seems like Im talking crap lets just get started.

Oh, and spoilers ahoy.

Being cute doesnt stop you from being evil, chump!

From: 11 eyes

Up for 5th position today is 11eyes's unexpected main antagonist, Liselotte! She may look like your everyday damsel in distress, but woah, look at her expression in the final episodes, scary!

At the beginning of the show, satsuki and yuka were brought into the red night, with no warning whatsoever. When they met with lisette, a girl in the crystal, she told them to rescue her. Thats cool and all when a bunch of dark clad dudes appear and try to chop them up, saying that they have to kill satsuki to prevent them from rescueing lissete. Now any thinking person will of course think that people trying to kill them were the bad guys, so satsuki and crew eventually took verad's crew, only to weaken the crystal that sealed lisette, and free her.

When viewers have been so preoccupied watching satsuki and his friends beating on the other bad guys, they totally forgot that verad's true purpose was the stop liselotte's resurection. When they finally "save" the girl known as lisette, she immediately warps herself into liselotte, becoming a great being of destruction. In the alternate future kakeru saw, liselotte kills everyone with exception of misuzu and kakeru.

Points for looking badass.

From: Katekyo hitman reborn

Number 4 for today is a more familiar face, the great lord xanxus from katekyo hitman reborn. Just look at him man, b-a-d-a-s-s.

Xanxus isn't very special as a villian, though he is memoriable. His thirst for power and authority is quite admirable among villians. For one, he is supposed to be the rightful successor of the vongola family, and to get the vongola ring, he stops at nothing. Being the leader of varia, he is more than ready to toast tsuna and his friends.

Xanxus and his team of already memoriable villians challenge tsuana and his friends to matches for superiority to hold the vongola rings (which I might add, is IMO the best arc for the show). In the actual fight xanxus is really powerful and puts up a really close and intense fight against tsuna, but of course, good guys always win. He repents and gives way after the fight, to show that he still has dignity. He fights with a pair of badass guns and is able to summon a fistful of explosive power. He also put the vongola IX to power up gola moska, which is pretty cruel, considering how old the vongola IX is. Evil and badass, what a villian.

Norose himself going head to head with takumi.

3.Genichi norose
From: Chaos head

Third place for today goes to genichi norose, main antagonist for the show chaos head.

Norose is one evil son of a bitch. Though throughout the show he seems to be nothing special, he takes the cake for being one twisted motherfker. Norose is the head of the group NOZOMI, and is responsible for the construction of noah II, which's purposes are to manipulate brain waves. He seeks out takumi, the true maker of the equation that comprimises of noah II.

Norose captures a bunch of pyshic kids and tortures them, all to further his understanding for the noah II equation. Also, in the anime, he is challenged by sena,kozupi and that singer from phantasma, but didnt fall. He kidnapps nanami and rimi later on, and is only defeated at last by takumi during the final battle(which, may I add, is full of mind fuckery).

You do not want to piss her off.
2.Nao yuki
From: Mai hime

Now for my personal favourite girl of mai hime, and favourite villian as well. For today's 2nd place villian, we have nao yuki.

Nao is no main antagonist, but shes evil, and one of the most badass chicks I have seen in all of my anime knowledge. For one, she likes to go out and seduce men, then when they go and have a "good time" in an alleyway, shes then proceeds to punish them. While mai and co have no personal grudge against her, she tends to stand in thier way quite some time.

Nao later gets tricked into being an enemy of the himes later on, and when that happens, she never did even protest to being the enemy, and just jumped into the fight, becoming an enemy straight out. Nao also gets into a fight with all the other himes, and gets her eye cut, which then turns her into a revenge-driven girl. She also has a personal against natsuki, and tends to attack her when shes alone. A chick driven to such personal gain is one of the best kinds of villians out there.

The new standard for sadists. Meet accelerator.
From: To aru majutsu no index

Finally, today's number 1 villian, is my favourite character in to aru majutsu no index, the almighty accelerator.

Accelerator in index 2 isnt that much of a villian, the accelerator Im refering to here, is the accelerator of the 1st season, when he 1st challenges touma and wants to climb to level 6. Accelerator is the strongest esper in academy city, but to him, it isnt enough. Accelerator suffers from the same thing as xanxus, thirst for power, but accelerator does it to a much much more cruel and extreme extent.

Accelerator, though being the strongest in academy city, wants to be known all throughout. He wants to rise to level 6, and to do that he needs to kill 20000 misaka sisters. He has no qualms AT ALL for that, and everyday he kills the misaka sisters in daily appointments in the cruelest ways. He tends to overkill his targets, he is seen in one particular episode reversing the blood of 1 misaka sister and causing her to overbleed. He is sadistic in any possible way, and enjoys killing like no other. In the manga of railgun, he kills one of the misaka sisters but tearing out her leg through sheer force. Unfortunately, hes reign didnt last long, as all it took were a few good punches from touma to crush his "dream". While the present accelerator doesnt thirst for power anymore, he wont hesitate to kill, and you can see him turn into "sadist mode" when he is attacked in the more recent appearences of him. He will kill, and he will do it in the most violent way possible.

Thats all for now, peace.