Saturday, 28 November 2009

Daytona USA(arcade edition)

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.7

(+)pros:-good competitive offline local play,-some arcades allow many player linkups,-cheap price for a racing game,-manual and automatic gears allow both noobs and pros to enjoy the game

(-)cons:-kinda old,-solo play is boring,-advanced and expert maps are rarely chosen as play fields

gameplay time:n/a for arcade games

Daytona USA,a very old but satisfying arcade racing game. I checked up on its release date, 1994. Well nevertheless it is still placed in arcades, at least in my local shopping centre arcade it is. Also in many local shopping malls with arcades, you can most of the time see daytona USA in it and there will mostly be people on the wheel in a typical busy day.

I doubt daytona has any plot or storyline, even if there is I wont really care, it is a racing game afterall. Daytona is an old game,so the graphics are kinda lackluster,but you really cant blame anyone. It is a pretty cheap game to play,with many arcade racing games ranging from 2-3 tokens for a race,daytona USA only requires one token to play,and the experience is just as satisfying.

With the compatibility to go up to 8 players linked up on a single game, this game has a huge offline multiplayer which is both competitive and satisfying. With one token, you can enjoy a huge competitive race with up to 8 of your friends,or even strangers to compete. Even though 1 race on the begginner track lasts no more than 10 mins, the one token is more than worth your money as you scream and shout through the arcade as you scold vulgarities to your friends that ram into you,causing your car to fly 10 feet into the air,or as you do the same,overtaking your friends. Now I did mention the beginner track, but there are advanced and expert tracks,which are very very neglected, they are rarely touched by players as the begginer map is much more fun and managable.

Now for single player mode. To be frank,I mostly see this game played with friends, there are though, few people who rather play this game alone,which I find rather monotonous. Single player pits you in a race against a whopping amount of 40 AI racers, but apparently they are easy to win and overtake. Your timing and postition will be recorded in the game's database after the race,but really what does it matter, the staisfying feel when you play with friends is all but gone, and you are just racing with 40 dumb AIs,seriously singe player mode is lame. But it too can be used if one wants to test out the advanced and expert maps first before pitting themselves against human players.

Overall daytona is a good average racing game in the arcade. Sure it isnt as good as many other racers in the arcade genre nowadays,but for a game so old to still be played by players worldwide,this game is rather impressive,along with its cheap price,players can enjoy this casual game with friends for a good,enjoyment filled ride that is daytona USA.

Happy gaming.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Persona fest

Time for a persona fest! Expect reviews for personas 3 RE,4 and persona portable on the PSP soon.Pesona 3 FES too. Im too lazy and tired to post today cause I have been totally drained of my energy during the past 2 days of finding a new template(which caused me to sleep 3 am at night on wednesday),and reopening the blog service. Its really tiring,and making me post the day after all that crap is just too much for me.

Well expect reviews about persona 3 RE,persona 3 FES,persona 4 and persona on the PSP coming all time throughout the december holidays. BTW bought fallout 3 but i havent played it yet.


Sunday, 22 November 2009


gamespot score:n/a

my score:9.0

(+)pros:-nicest skills in any free online game I have ever seen,-training is a cinch, -very nice mobs for a free online game,-party dungeons are fun to do,-fair and balanced pvp system,-combo system and good and creative

(-)cons:-increasing skill level is a goddamn pain in the fkin ass

gameplay time:200 hours+(near infinite gameplay)

Cabal online,an awesome online game to the max. It is the only MMORPG that I have played and managed to get to level 82. This game is like any ordinary MMORPG, but it has great animations of skills,attacks and even movements. For a free online game,this game is to be checked out by any MMORPG player, cause cabal is THE game which brings MMORPGs to the next level,with beautifully designed characters,great battle system, pvps,pks,and even comboing,this are just some of the things that make this game so great,along with any other minor things that I haven't mentioned.

I play cabalSEA,by asiasoft,sadly now I've quit. Well cabal is an online game,no story needed,but there is a story,its just I haven't paid much attention to it.Anyway, cabal has 6 classes(a rather basic amount,no complaints here),the warrior,blader,mage, force shielder,force archer and force blader. All jobs have great skills and none are overpowered,each with thier own pros and cons. I played as a blader and had alot of fun,but im pretty sure my other friends who played as the other jobs had lots of fun too.

As i mentioned in the pros and cons area,cabal has nice mobs,and i really do mean NICE mobs. The monsters in cabal are one of a kind,there are rare or sometimes no reapeats of a monster at all. So you will be fighting many different varieties of monsters. They are all in different levels and provide great exp which making leveling up easy and not as frustrating as other online games. There as also party dungeons which have even nicer mobs,and then even NICER mobs as bosses. Bosses in cabal are one thing,they look awesome and amazing,with badass skills and powerful attacks. Sadly though,most of these bosses can be easily defeated with the activation of battle mode 2,more on that later.

Yeap,thats a bike. Now about skills,each job has thier own amazing skills.As I said, cabal offers beautiful skill animations,which each has amazing damage to them. A few examples are warrior's tetra break and blader's blade scud,even the force blader's assasinate is awesome. Skills are great,they are awesome,but in order to get something so great,you have to work for it,work HARD for it. Here comes skill training,the most fked up thing in the game, to get a skill,you have to skill train for it. Skill train goes like this,everytime you NORMAL ATTACK a monster,you gain a point for skills,you need to have like 200 skill points to gain 1 skill level,you need like 100+ skills levels to get new skills,yep its boring. But fortunetly,thats the game only flaw and it has many other cool things to overlook it. You also have battle modes,which are awesome looking weapon changes that jobs get.Warrior's greatsword changes to a scythe,bladers dual swords change to dual claws,mage's get dualcast,force bladers get a force cannon(something like that),force archers get force shooters,and force shielders get some big ass shield.Each of these specific battle modes have thier own skill and effect,and they are badass,and they only last for a little while,sad.Comboing is fun too,activiating combos allows you to launch a string of attacks in a row without flinching,since normal skills in pvp make players flinch or fall down,combos negate that.

Cabal is a great MMORPG with easy training and nice gameplay,you dont need a whole lot of patience to reach lvl 50,unlike many other games,this game is rather easy to level,and though skills are nice and hard to get,hopefully inspiration will get you far enough to gain those good skills.Recommended to those looking for an awesome MMORPG.

Download here:

Happy gaming.

Friday, 20 November 2009

tekken 6:the comparison

Today I will be commenting on one of my 2 PS3 games,tekken 6.Tekken 6 is incredibly enjoyable and I will be reviewing it soon,but for today Im just gonna talk about some comparisons with the PS3 version and the arcade version.

This here is tekken 6 on the arcade. The graphics are nice and very vibrant, they also provide actual gameplay action with the full blasting volume. Every time you attack the machine vibrates,and the huge sound coming out of it's speakers everytime you manage to knock your opponent over is just very fitting. You also play on a fight stick,so controls are a little wobbly. Whenever you want to rush you have to double push your fight stick,which I do not like.

This here is tekken 6 on the consoles.The graphics are just as great as the arcade, maybe even better due to resolution reasons.On the PS3/360 playing the game is actually easier to some and harder to others.To console gamers such as myself this is easier,since inputing command with the directional buttons can be so much easier. But it is harder to some as you now have to press buttons together with the same thumb,not with your other fingers.Also,the experience isnt as satisfying as the arcade without its insane vibrations and huge noise bangs.

In comparison,I prefer playing in the arcade,its much more vibrant and satisfying. Despite all that,since I have the game at home,playing at the arcade would seem stupid. So tekken 6 in the arcade is a waste of money if you have the game at home, and the arcade version does not have scenario campaign and ghost battle,along with many other great modes,so the console version wins in terms of content.


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

best game character:18 november 09

Today's best game character is Jin from the tekken series.I have been following the tekken series for a long time and have always found jin to be be a cool and powerful guy.Jin is the probably the main character of the tekken series from 3 to 6,and each game throughly explains his background info and his existence in the games.

Despite all that jin has quite an interesting background,which gives one reason for why he qualifies for best game character.In tekken 3 he used the mishima style,and was powerful,but after that in tekken 4 he abandoned that and pursued his own fighting style to defeat kazuya,which he did in tekken 4,and that made him become devil jin(more on that later).In tekken 5 he tries to supress the devil within and just fight normally,and he defeated jinpachi(the current king of iron fist then),which made him the new head of mishima zaibatsu.In tekken 6 the game starts revolving around him as he wages war around the world to make them recognize his power.

Jin has quite a personality,which changes from time to time,at first he has a determined personality,which he wants to complete his objective no matter what,in tekken 6 he gets the "cool" personality,which he critisies everyone who loses to hi as weak and tells them to face reality.

Jin fights with his fists(and feet of course).He uses the kazama fighting style which he developed in the 4th game of the tekken series.He isn't exactly very strong...his moves are very basic,like simple roundhouses and maybe a series of painful punches but thats all,but it is suprisingly effective.His moves may be simple,but they sure pack a damn hell of a punch.

It doesnt just stop here,as I said above jin can become a devil.There is another side to him called devil jin.Though not as cool and collected as the original,devil jin is much stronger than plain old jin.This shows that he is actually very powerful,he just hides it.

Jin is an awesome character,in terms of looks,power and maybe his personality. He derserves to be a best game character all right.He even makes an appearence in namcoXcapcom,in which he is a powerhouse,dealing high damages.

Peace to all.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

etrian oddyssey RE

Gamespot score:7.8(good)

my score:8.2

(+)pros:-can be cusmomized very in depth by choosing which skills to add,-many floors to explore which include 5 extra floors for post game exloration,-many different variety of characters and jobs to choose from,-abnormal difficulty amount keeps players determined to train and play on further,-fairly good amount of deep and dark story.

(-)cons:-difficulty may sometimes turn players off,-wanting to play as new jobs like ronnin or hexer means retraining(which is anoying).

gameplay time:50 hours+(long)

Im on a roll! Reviews just keep coming.Anyway this is the re-do version of the etrian odyssey review. This is a game that has suprising diffulty that although annoying,will keep players coming back for more and more.It has an undeniable charm that keeps drawing people to play it.

Etria,a town like no other,execpt for a labrynth that it is popular for.The travelers around the world come to explore it.One day,you,a traveler like any other,comes to etria hoping to conquer the labrynth.The story goes on as you create a guild of travelers to explore the damn dungeon of doom,meeting other travelers and learning the deep,dark mystery of the formation of the labrynth.....The story is inexistant at first,but gets more deep,dark and mysterious as you progress through and meet other travlers.This is one of the reasons why etrian oddyssey captivates its players(such as myself) to keep on playing.

This is the battle screen,but I wont explain it now.For now I will explain the bottom part of the picture.the touch screen area.That is the map for the floor you are on.I absolutely LOVE the map system,every time you take a step,you must,with your stylus,draw a map for that step you took,and every other step you will take.Then after tons of walking,you will have completed the map for that floor!It may sound normal,but it's actually alot of fun.You can pinpoint any crap icon you have on the touch screen as well! Like if you notice a FOE,which is horrifyingly powerful monster roaming around,you can note that area with a monster icon,indicating that a FOE is there so that you can be more wary when you navigate around that area.

Now on to the battle system.The battle system,is like any other RPG,which runs by the turn by turn system. You input what to do for each character,and let the turn run,watching the outcome of your actions.Of course,the enemies get a turn too,during the running of the turn,monsters hit you with attacks of thier own.And here comes the difficulty facotr of the game,monsters that hit you will mostly do insane damage that can chuck off around 1/2 of one character's HP or even more.Thats why staying at one floor to grind until your level reaches a certain level which makes training easier is always a must. Normal monsters are already this hard,so FOEs and bosses will slaughter you,yup its true.These guys are so hard that I won't even go on to them.

Okay,this is the character screen,you can see skill points under the tab.Thats where character custimisation comes in,you can add the points into the tons of skills available for the characters,making protectors into tanker-build or the attacker-build,or making alchemists fire type,ice type or hybrids.Its just like an MMORPG,just on a portable console.You can have up to a five man party,with members in the front or back rows.Protectors and ronnins go up front,and obviously medics and alchemists go to the back.Survivalists and other jobs can go to the back or attack up front.These strategies can be thought up and one can spend ours thinking about it.

Etrian odyssey,despite its cute character presentation,is a brutal dungeon crawling RPG that can provide casual fun to RPG players and even to RPG veterans.It is a good dungeon crawler RPG that provides long gameplay hours,

Happy gaming.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

kingdom hearts RE

Gamespot score:8.2(great)

my score:8.5

(+)pros:-long gameplay for an action RPG,-many disney and final fantasy cameo appearances,-deep and intruiging story will keep players coming back for more,-many variety of different and creative looking heartlesses,-fairly challenging and fun boss fights.

(-)cons:-gummi ship travels are boring and lame until you get warp drives,-synthesis is pointless since you can merely run through the game without it.

Gameplay time:30-40 hours(above average)

Welcome to the re-do review of kingdom hearts, a very old PS2 game, and one that I have replayed and completed 3 times due to its overwhelming funness. With published versions of this game in many varieties such as "greatest hits" or "platinum hits",this game is said to be awesome to have so many different publishments. Kingdom hearts is a game by square enix with featured cameos with disney shows and movie as well ,this may turn people off but its actually very fun as cameos from final fantasy games are here as well.

Sora is a young boy who has been living on his island for his entire life with his friends riku and kairi,thier dreams have always been to see the outside world,as they are sick of thier island,so they decided to make a raft to leave the island(sure like that will work).While making the raft the island is suddenly bombarded by a swarm of shadow like creatures known as heartless and to fend them off sora is given the keyblade due to his strong will in his heart.Later as the story goes he is seperated from riku and kairi,the story progresses as he tries to find them by travelling to different worlds with donald and goofy,whom he meet.

Yup its cloud. This game has cameos like squall and yuffie too. Kingdom hearts is an action RPG with these cameos,and the system is pretty good. You go around pounding hordes of heartless that assault you along you quest to find your friends to seal keyholes that heartless go after.The system for every world is pretty much it, you walk through the world and meet disney characters,then accompany them in your party and go defeat that respective villian in the world.

As for the battle system,its really quite creative. You get 4 actions,attack,magic,item and the last action for situation fitting actions,if you are at a save point the action will be save,if you are in the middle of a close range combat,it will be a melee skill like ragnarok or sonic blade.Attack is the most common action you will use,you will obviously use it to attack,magic is quite useless,casting spells do low damage unless you choose the magic build.Items are important,for healing hp/mp stuff like that,you can however only hold a certain number of items.You will be using these actions for killing enemies and bosses.Speaking of which,bosses are fun,they provide a challenging difficulty level for a first timer,you even get to fight guys like squall and cloud too(you know they arent just in the game to look cool).Bosses include disney villians like jafar(aladin) and hook(peter pan),they are actually quite fun to fight,despite being from childish shows.

The game has a lot to offer,even unnessasery nonsense like synthesis that is useless, you can do fine completeing the game without having to touch it,in my opinion,it is only good for the making of the game's ultimate weapon(which i shall not spoil). Even after story events,the game throws a few insane optional bosses at you!These guys are the real deal and only real pros can defeat them,to name some are sephiroth(final fantasy 7) and ice titan(hercules).The overall gameplay time for the game would be around 30 hours to just clear the game,and an additional 10 hours to do optional stuff like defeat bosses or challenge tournaments at the olympus collisuem.

Ha!Overall kingdom hearts is a great gameplay experience for RPG gamers,or even just casual players.I recomend this game to all who own a PS2.Peace!

Happy gaming.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Djmax portable 2 RE

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:8.0

(+)pros:-has many nice songs,-easily addictive,-easy to learn if you are a music game noob,-extreme challenges provide a fun difficulty curve,-many different button modes give a long time for players to master.

(-)cons:-some glitches when challenging human players via WLAN,-speed increase during 4 or 5 times fever is annoying.

Gameplay time:100 hours plus(very long lasting)

Cover chick is hot,no doubt about it. Wasup!O levels are over and im enjoying life.I bought my PS3 and heres my 1st review with the new rating system. This is an old game that I have done before so long ago.Dj max portable 2 is my first music game and my first game that consumed more than 120 hours of my life. With the easy learning curve and addictive gameplay, Dj max portable 2 is a great game. With more than over 50 songs and 4 button modes this game can last very long,and some songs with hard styles.

Dj max portable 2 has no story. Its just a pointless music game, you play the game, play the songs until you drop. Seriously its very simple to understand, you get stage play for 4 buttons,5 buttons,6 buttons and 8 buttons,and a free style mode to play every song you have unlocked in stage mode.

This is the song select screen. This is where you screen through the long lists of songs and find a song to play. The tracks vary from korean songs,english songs, or just a piece of music. Djmax portable 2 has very nice songs, varying from many genres, R and B, pop,rock,jazz and many more. The majority of the songs are beautiful,out of the 50+ songs,only like less than 10 songs suck(dream of you,show time,higher etc).
Also,in addition,many songs have more modes,such as hard styles or MX,hard style songs are songs which hav a tad small increase in level for the song.The hard style songs are only a little bit more difficult than their normal style counterparts.MX songs are best avoided unless you are a pro,they are always level 13 and above,which is friggin hard.Here is the difficulty level curve. Level 1-14,with lvl 14 the highest level a song can go.

This is the jamming screen.After you select a song, the game brings you to this screen. Its like any other music game,as the notes fall,you press the corresponding button.Your accuracy will be counted for every note hit. Every time you manage to hit 50 notes on a 100% accuracy,you get fever.Activating fever results in counted each note you hit as 2 notes,to accumulate combo.Fever can go up to as high as 5 times,but the speed increase is annoying and ruins concentration.The songs all have around 2 mins duration,which is pretty managable.MX songs are always insane,with notes cramming up your screen and coming down at unimaginable speeds,your thumb skills will have to be top notch to match such songs.

The last thing to cover would be extreme challenges.These are missions that consist of you playing a series of songs and to reach the given target,such as achieving a certain level of accuracy,or a certain score amount,or even not having a certain amount of breaks.These challenges are hard but provide challenge to veterans who want to give them a spin.

Overall djmax portable 2 is a game worth trying out,wheter you are a gaming fan or not,it is an awesome music game for one to play both at a hardcore level,or even at a casual level.Gamers should check it out.

Happy gaming.

Monday, 9 November 2009

New rating system

Hey man,Im thinking that my ratings are kinda mediecore,without stating the pros and cons like gamespot.

From now on Im dong every review like that,with its own pros and cons, to make it look more complete,and stuff like that.Its not like im copying gamespot or anyting, but if any credits from this system is needed I guess it'll go to them.

Every new game will be rated in such a way,and I will be doing all the games I have reviewed this year and reformat them in this way,cause I think many of the games I have reviewed this year are very noobish and lousy(wolfteam,etrain odyssey,djmax series),so Im gonna make them nicer,but among all this,Ill still be doing new game reviews.

Peace to all.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

taking it easy

Yo man.

The critical week of O levels is godamn over, next week is only chinese and MCQs,no need for studying much,so im currently taking it easy. Its been a long journey,kudos to myself and all those taking O levels. This blog will be more active as O levels are over, which is great! As additional info im gonna buy a PS3 on november 11th,after my chemistry/biology MCQ paper.Oh yea man.

Games to buy for a start have been decided,killzone 2 and little big planet FTW. Reasons why is because they are cheap compared to other games. Next game will be tekken 6,but ill have to save abit on that 1.Anyways, playing an awesome online game that I once ditched before,dekaron SEA. Its a great MMORPG that I once quit cause I didnt see it from the perspective of the positives sides.Currently using a level 35 incar magician,my previous account was a level 47 vicious summoner.Its a fun game, recommended to online game players,its fairly easy to level up too.

Enough chatter,Ive gone on long enough, my next post will be directed back to gaming.Once again,kudos to myself and all those taking O levels.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

wolfteam-smart wolf

Yo. Today im gonna continue posting about wolfteam.Today's post will have a theme, with the feature being the smart wolf. One of the current 8 different wolves usable in wolfteam. Smart wolf is the 2nd wolf from the left in the above picture. The smart wolf is an annoying piece of crap that is used by many people in wolf conquest mode. The smart wolf can be used in Wolf conquset,EX mode,destruction S2 and wolf war mode. Well time to talk about it.


-very very small.It is smaller than a human,making it hard to be hit in wolf conquest mode. It can also conceal itself toatally by hiding behind the crates around base C in paien lab, as well as going into the human hiding hole near the human base in power plant map.

-life drain ability. This is uber gey.It gains 20 hp into its shield every time it slashes an opponent succesfully.And a full smart wolf jump-right click attack is 4 hits.Also when it kills something,it can crouch and slash the dead body to rapidly gain hp.It can store up to 300 hp to its shield,starting with an initial amount of 100.

-fast moving speed,combining this with its small size,smart wolf is the ultimate bullet dodging machine.When engaging a human,by just jumping around the human will have trouble hitting it.


-weak defense. Altough it can store lots of hp,its weak defense makes it prone to dieing alot when being hit all around. This is the smart wolf's weakness, good smart users can prevent the opponents from exploiting this weakness by camping,not allowing them to attack.

-weak damage. Though it has rapid clawing,each claw does no more than 60-70 damage,that means unlike many wolves,it cannot 2 hit KO human,and this makes smart wolf useless in any mode outside of wolf conquest or destruction S2. Smart wolf will most likely lose to any wolf in a head to head battle.

-gets 1 hit KOed alot by rocket launchers and grenades.

Best used for killing humans.NOTHING ELSE.

Well thats it for its pros and cons.Smart is a potentially good wolf in wolf conq or des S2,but outside of it,its really crap.For those smart haters,in EX or wolf war,just use any wolf under the sun and you can kill it.Not kidding,even a basic wolf can own it.In wolf conq,it is advised to use rocket launchers for easy pickings. Since it is small, shotgun also works.

Thats for for today.Next post will most probably be about guns,or the almighty ice wolf,depends on my mood.Peace.

Heres the rating.


Oh yeah for those wondering why the fk im still posting altough O level is gonna continue the next day,its cuz I need a break,I simply cannot stand social studies.