Time for more retarded boss fights, with today's contestant really being one of THE biggest assholes of all time. Blazblue:Continuum shift is a great game (review coming soon), but it has one of the most overpowered guys in all of fighting game history. Meet hazama, main antagonist of blazblue:Continuum shift, also the last boss in the arcade mode for most characters and one of the final battles for score attack mode. He also makes an appearance for a final battle in most characters' story ending.

With the execption of story mode's unlimited hazama( come on, its story mode, its supposed to be easy), the arcade mode and score attack mode's unlimited hazama are total dicks, especially the score attack one. As much as I love hazama as a character( both personality and gameplay wise), he is really too damn overpowered as an unlimited character.

Heres the catch, unlimited hazama...is just a jerk. The game makes it so that everytime you fight him, he's on an advantage, especially in score attack, where you can't use unlimited characters. If you fight him with normal characters and you are not of extreme gameplay level, unlimited hazama will probably screw you a few times over before you can even win. Call me whatever you want, but I find him harder than unlimited ragna( which already, is as powerful as hell with cheap ass high damage).

Okay, so having more attack, defense and possibly being better in every aspect than you are in terms of statistics, whats more he's the only unlimited character in the game with a special aura. Thing is, whenever you try to go in and do melee damage, you will be in the range of his aura, and as long as you are within this aura, you take damage and HE, regens health.

Thats fucked up.

This is more-ever so the case in score attack, he murders you everytime you go near him to attack by blocking, then he starts to wack you for alot of damage. His specials too, each one takes around 1/3 of your health, and they come really unexpectedly

Beating him is an absolute PAIN, and in score attack, if you lose, you have to start over from stage 1, which is crap, since you have to fight through already an insane amount of crazy opponents to get to him ( score attack tager and unlimited hakumen are incredibly tough), and when you finally get to him, you just lose again. Also, in arcade mode, even if you manage to beat him( after god knows how many tries), in the canon ending for the character, it still shows you getting beat up by him, with him only getting a few scratches while your character stands being extremely beat up( altough YOU are the one who won him).

Damn, unlimited hazama is truly the ultimate troll, he makes people rage, especially those who aren't godly at this game. I didnt know how much hair I lost trying to even beat this guy.


Video 1 (successful attempt)- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pbrot1MCxU
Video 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKbSZsQ9tSk&feature=related