Sunday, 31 May 2009

O level tommorow?I think not

My O level chinese is tommorow.I have been so scared 5 days ago,and so pumped up 3 days ago,now I just feel like wth.Maybe thats a sign that shows that Im ready for it.Who knows?

Playing lots of yugioh 2009.Great game,intending to write a review for it somewhere in June.So many remedials in June....dam.Well back to the subject instead of doing endless chinese I am playing yugioh 2009 today.Cant seem to win this bastard called plague spreader zombie.Dude runs an insane zombie deck.I have only reached like 15% of the game thus I do not much good deck options to beat this guy.His face looks so retarded that i have to beat him.So i have to beat any duelist I meet 5 times,including this guy,but beating him once is already such a pain.My current score compared to him is 1:4.Dam,have to beat him 5 times and he already thrashed me 4 times.I will not give in.