Boss health

Skills:Swipe*, Pounce, Explosion*, Rage

Times died on 1st playthrough:10+

Ughhh the dreadful flamelurker. Hes simply one tough cookie, trying to beat him straight out like most of the game's other bosses jsut doesn't quite work here. 2-2 wasnt even terribly difficult, and suddenly they throw you such a powerful asshole. Flamelurker is the boss of 2-2, armor spider archstone.

The flamelurker is HARSH. You fight him in a rather small arena, and he likes to get up close to murder you, which he can do very easily if you decide to melee him. He is probably the only legit boss that I will recommend you to fight him with magic, since killing him the manly way might just net you more and more free deaths ( just like it happened to me).

Swipe*- The flamelurker does a simple swipe. It does pretty below average damage at first, but it stacks. Each other successful hit from the flamelurker increases the damage of the swipe, so take extreme caution.

Pounce- Pathetic. You should be glad to see this. The flamelurker growls and holds his both hands together, then he jumps up and tries to knock you. Does shit damage, and gives you alot of free time to hit him if you dodge it.

Explosion*- Gah fck this. Explosion is his most frequently used and most deadly attack. He just does a straight palm foward and causes a big explosion, dealing above average damage and heavy damage in rage mode. In rage mode this also has a larger radius.

Rage- The flamelurker gets angry! All of his moves become powered, increasing in speed and damage, as well as increasing explosion's blast radius. His swipes and pounces also gain fire effects.

Flamelurker has induced rage in many players, and has taken the lives of many. If you find this too fcked up, take my advice and summon a blue to help you, this makes the fight MUUUUCCCH more managable.

As I said, this boss you HAVE to do with magic. If you are a wanderer or something and have to melee or bow of luck to you. Melee is actually doable, but I have yet to accomplish this with a bow, my apologies.

For this fight as I said earlier, I recommend the use of magic, more specifically something from the soul arrow or soul light family. Stay AWAY from the flamelurker and shoot him once, wait for him to come at you, dodge carefully, run far away, shoot again, rinse and repeat. Make sure hes actually at a desirable distance away from you, since the boss loves to sprint, being too close might actually get you hurt before you even fire a shot. As for melee, you might want to come in with lots of sticky white stuff, since plain old normal melee does crap damage to him.

Now for his attacks, swipe is pretty short range but as mentioned, it stacks. Later in the battle his swipe might actually do more damage than his explosion. IT HAS HAPPENED TOO MANY TIMES TO ME SO I SHALL SAY IT. Its okay to get hit by swipe early on, but after you reach the halfway mark of the battle, do your best to avoid it, since it most likely spells doom. If you are meleeing him, avoiding this can net you a couple of strikes before running away.

Pounce is nothing special, since i find its damage crappy, even when raged. Its easy to dodge, and after that, you are free to shoot a spell at him or net him a couple of hits. Now his explosion, thats a very troubling attack. He usually sprints towards you when he does this, and when you see him coming, you should expect it to come out. Explosion SUCKS, it has huge radius, and this will hinder most melee fighters. This is main reason why magic is a much prefered method in this fight, just run for your pitiful life when you see him pause and prepare to thrust his palm fowards, since you know an explosion is coming, and after its over, pelt a shot at him.

For melee users this becomes a pain, since if you block explosion you will take a huge stamina blow and his next attack will without a doubt hit you. Prepare a purple flame shield and ring of flame resistance, this should prep you up abit, if you cant bring both even one is better than nothing. When you see him coming, hold up your shield, move back steadily and when the explosion is done, you will only be hit by the edge of it, and you will receive minimal damage on block both to your HP and stamina. After that, try to go in for a quick hit or 2, then move away before he does it again.

Do note that he will rage when his HP drops below half or so, when this happens do not panic and continue the fight like you were during the previous half of the fight. His explosions become more frequent, but if you are patient, you can find openings to attack him, soon, he will fall.

The flamelurker is a total jerk. Feel free to celebrate all you want after you have defeated him, you get a hefty amount of souls to spend, along with a red hot demon soul to give to ed, in which he can craft you some exclusive weapons. Awesome. If you can beat flamelurker, you can safely tell yourself that you can take on most of the other game's bosses.