Lets not waste any more time! Another post, another set of characters! Moving down in alphabetical order, today we have the animes CANAAN, Code geass and Darker than black. CANAAN is pretty good but the other 2 are absolutely phenominal, watch them if you haven't. All right then, lets get down to it!

If you haven't watched CANAAN, any of the Code geass seasons or any of the Darker than black seasons, be warned, there are spoilers.



Gun totting animes never really piqued my interest. I never got the chance to get into stuff like Black lagoon, so CANAAN is probably one of my very few animes with full-on shooting action in it. Still, it wasn't bad, and of course theres one character that everyone loves in it!

Sometimes tom-boyish girls work for me too XD

That is none other than Canaan herself! Great character developement, a kick ass personality and much more make her pretty much everyone's favourite pick in the anime. Alphard holds a close second candle to her, but to me, Canaan still reigns superior in the end. Shes a friggin badass, with deep connections to seeing the colours around her and using that for combat. Lacking in the chest department, but I actually prefer her with small boobs :).

So whats up with Canaan? What makes her so special. First off, shes an old childhood friend of Maria (The main character), and during a terrorist attack on Shanghai Maria sees Canaan fight off some terrorists, with that, they began thier reuinion. Canaan is a mecenary, and she accepts jobs usually related to killing others, because of this, she is a merciless killer. But with Maria, shes just like a regular young girl, acting as her BFF. A nice change of personality between that!

Her character developement throughout the anime is great, as she starts with just a mercenary, changes to a regular girl when with Maria, then starts to learn the true meaning of her ability as she sees visions of Siam, her mentor. Also, her encounters with Alphard always trigger something inside her, further enhancing her characer overall. In the end, she becomes an intruigingly interesting person and you can't help like her.

Code Geass series

Simply one of the best anime I have ever seen! The Code geass series is just amazing, and anyone who watched it can definetely agree with me. The massive amount of twists in the story and emotion invoking are just priceless. If you haven't watched this, you're seriously missing out as an anime watcher.

Anime's greatest terrorist leader/king/hero!

Come on. COME ON! How....how can you not like this faggot! Lelouch is the ultimate badass, king of plot twisting and mind fucking. He beats almost every other anime dude hands down. His personality is that of a king, and he thinks like a true leader (not like those pussies who don't want to sacrifice thier soldiers). Plus, this is easily Jun fukuyama's best character! The voicing is top notch, making him all the more believable.

I simply cannot cover his feats in two paragraphs, so I'll just go through my favourites. First of all, Lelouch is the prince of Britania, living under a different name so he won't be recognized. He wants to throw his father out of the throne for all the terrible things he has done to him and Nunally. He takes command over a group of rebels and soon takes over it and renames it as the terrorist group, the black knights.

After that he stays as thier commander, and nicknames himself zero. He has done incredible feats, using his geass to manipulate others. He has managed to trick the empire into exiling an entire nation of zeros, he has won over countless operations, defeating the Britians. Even when he gets betrayed by his own, he manages to get the help of rolo, whom he manipulated beforehand. He then overtakes the entire Britania with the power of his geass combined with the mass media, and uses them against the black knights. PURE AWESOMENESS.

Behold! The accomplice!

Behind every awesome badass, theres an awesome female badass! CC is the one who changed Lelouch's life, and bestowed him the power of the geass. More importantly though, shes just fking sexy, and soon becomes an incredibly likable young woman who aids Lelouch in almost all of his operations, soon earning herself an important position in the Black knights. Though while her overall points slightly drop when she loses her memories, she quickly regains them back and gets her powerhouse personality again.

At first, CC is much like a support character. She gets introduced early on when she gives Lelouch his geass, and starts crashing at his place. She starts off like a normal quiet girl that doesnt do much, but soon starts becoming more "slack". She orders pizza, gets her gigiantic stuffed teddy and changes out of her regular outfit, from there on, she starts becoming a much smexier woman.

Later on she takes part in one of the Black knights' operations, and is used as a body double for lelouch, from there on she starts to play roles in thier operations. She has a high commanding position, next to that of lelouch, and everytime during briefings she brings her stuffed teddy along, making her so damn cute (and sexy, of course). All hail CC the magnificent witch!

Darker than black series

All right, to close up, we have the Darker than black series. The original Darker than black is friggin awesome. While the sequel isn't really so, its still pretty damned good. I would recommend the original to everyone. The awesomeness of the main character is really over the top, and speaking of which....

Ohohoho....you're so dead when you see this face.

Hes my choice for the series. Sure Suou gets a good deal of points for her character developement, but Hei is still too much of a badass to pass up on. He is beyond stylish, compete-able with the likes of the world's most stylish demon hunter Dante. Besides being a badass murderer, he gets good points for character developement and much more.

So Hei is a contractor, one that manipulates electricity. He electrifies everything he touches, which is a really cool way to kill people. Putting his hand over someone's face, then letting the bolts fly looks great! Seeing his victim scream in pain is an awesome way to demonstrate his power! Plus, he uses a pair of wire rope knives, which lets his kills look even more stylish. He wraps the ropes around his victim's neck and sends electricity through them to electrocute him. Too awesome.

Hei is a special contractor. Contractors don't have feelings and shit, but Hei has them. His powers aren't originally his, but given to him by his sister. With that, he gets to keep his feelings because he isn't originally a contractor, and he doesnt have a payment. People say his payment is to eat a shitload amount of food, but thats a damned lie. Plus as he finds out more about the past he starts to really grow as a character, and becomes a better person.

Thats it for now folks!
Peace ouuuttt.....