Monday, 18 April 2011

Half minute hero

Gamespot score:8.0(great)

my score:9.0

(+)Pros:-Great fast based gameplay,- lenghty campaign for a game based on 30 second objectives,-4 different gameplay modes add a variety of objectives,-incredibly cracky humour from each and every mode,-story is inevitably enjoyable and entertaining,-immensly memoriable and will not soon be forgotten,-hero 300 is a great way to end an epic game.

(-)Cons:-Too easy once you grasp the concept.

Gameplay time:20-30 hours

School has started, and its time for me to start moping......Well, theres a reason why I chose such an awesome game to review today, its to boost my spirits! Half minute hero, or dubbed yuusha 30 in japan, is a very nostalgic game for some people, due to its 8-bit graphics. Fortunately, it is insanely fun as it is nostalgic, because half minute hero is simply one of the best games I have ever played. Not just on the PSP, but compared to my entire gaming life, half minute hero stands with all the other awe-inspiring games along with the persona series and great final fantasy titles such as final fantasy 7. It may very damn well be the 2nd best PSP game out there......right behind dissidia: final fantasy (then again, this is all my opinion). Fortunately, unlike most RPGs that get butchered, half minute hero got great reviews all around. Awesome!

Half minute hero's plot is probably its best feature. The story talks about a random traveler, who is about to beat a regular evil lord, but the evil lord gained a spell that would destroy the world in 30 seconds. The hero, unable to locate the castle and beat the evil lord as an overall in just a mere 30 seconds, failed. Fortunately, he is saved by the time godess, who lends him her power. In exchange for gold, she can wind back the 30 seconds! Together, the duo went around trying to rid the world of evil lords. Later, the story branches into the future as you control and evil lord who is trying to save his lover, a princess trying to fight for her kingdom , and a random knight, who happens to be revived by a priest. All stories tie together, altough they take place in different timelines, and string together an overall epic piece of a story that will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Join the hero as he saves the world in a mere 30,
earning money and beating the big bosses at the same time!

Half minute hero's gameplay is innovative as hell, and probably has not been done before in any game. Everything is based on the 30 second rule. The most in-depth would be hero 30, in which you play as the hero and move around the overworld, beating enemy random encounters, leveling up, earning money and buying equipment, all of which will help in beating the evil lord at the end of the level. Of course, you have to do all of this in 30 seconds, which is high nigh impossible, thats where the time godess comes in.

Everytime you think time is running short, you can go to a nearby town, find her statue and pay her some money to rewind the 30 seconds. Why would she want money in exchange to save the world? This for, you see, the time godess herself is one greedy chick, she wants to milk every cent she can out of you. In every one of the levels in the lenghty hero 30, you will be lending assistance from the time godess, as she constantly turns back time to help you.

Summon an army of beasts to slay your enemies in evil lord 30.

Of course hero 30 isnt all there is to this masterpiece. There are other modes as well, all of which are equaly great and fast paced. Theres evil lord 30, where you play as a "good" evil lord, where the same 30 seconds concept applies. As an evil lord, you summon minions at your disposal to take out those that stand in your path. Theres princess 30, in which you play as an arrogant princess who rides on her knights and shoot away enemies like in a classic top view shooter. Theres knight 30, which is the most interesting of the 3, to say the least. In knight 30, you play as a fallen knight, who has to escort a priest. The preist is being chased by countless monsters, and as a knight, you have to protect the priest, either by defeating the monsters, or getting the priest away from trouble so he can cast his spell of destruction, which takes 30 seconds to cast, but destroys all enemies.

All of these modes, after completed, will unlock the ever so epic hero 300, where things finally end in an epic way. You have 300 seconds to finish the final mission, but you cannot use the time rewind function, and have to go through a long way to beat the boss. And if you are not satisfied after that, theres the optional hero 3 to do, for those elitists out there. You have to do everything as you did before, but in 3 seconds!!

The pampered princess shoots through hordes of monsters in princess 30.

Half minute hero is almost perfect, each and every mode is fun to the max, be it commanding monster hordes in evil lord 30, plowing through enemies with a flurry of arrows in princess 30, or defending the priest from crazy creatures in knight 30. Half minute hero will delight you in everyway, but each of the modes share a common mild factor that degrades the game. The bosses, they are there, they threaten to blow the world up almost every godamn second, but when it comes to beating them down, no strategy is needed, you just plow through them like any other enemy. I would say that giving the boss fights a bit of depth wouldnt hurt.

Half mnute hero is awesome as a game. Its pretty damn innovative, and the story is epic as it is entertaining. Giving it less than a 9 on my end would be tyranny, seing as how this game has impacted my gaming experience, I'd say it has a special place in my heart as one of the best games in the world.

Happy gaming!