I havent done this for so long!

Well today Im covering one of the most epic fights yet!It is none other than the final boss of the world ends with you.Well the last boss is draco cantus,but he has 3 forms.Draco cantus is actually the noise form of megumi kitanji,the leader and the highest ranked reaper.Well on the 1st form you face against him,and damn his tough.He has a huge range of attacks ranging from firing enery-stuff and summoning a snake arm to decipitate you.Your partner will be fighting shiki,which is also powerful.This fight took me 2 tries.

When kitanji goes noise,he becomes a snake.He is huge!But this form is actually easier than the previous.He just shoots random energy beams and does some random AOE bite attacks which do hurt a little.He has quite a big amount of HP but hey,you cant argue when his size spreads acorss 2 screens.His easy as shyt to hit being the size of a building.This is an easy 1,on the fight with beat as your partner,just have him hammer the tail mercilessly while you run around,avoiding shade's attacks.With shiki just have her spam <>

Here we are,the epic part.After you defeat his second form he becomes even bigger and more powerful as he absorbes your friends!You fight this guy solo,not cool.His attacks are very AOE based and some of his big finishers hurt.Attack the bottom-left head,you have more dodging space.When the orbs fly around just move up and down,if you stand in the center you cant even dodge.When he shoots that sword-like laser just stay there,it wont hit you as long as you are at the bottom left head.The hardest part to this is when you get caught by his bubble.SPAM THE BUBBLE.If you dont you will get hit by his enery spike,dealing around 500 dmg.When you see arrows appearing on your friends orbs,press them,they give you the light puck.Cool.

Overall,for a last boss,hes epic,3 forms,1 cool,1 not-so-cool,1 epic.Overall,not too bad.Hes one hell of a fight.

Difficulty:7/10(all forms added then averaged)

View the fight here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpvhJYMQ5fg