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Summary time! "Infinite Stratos" is a great harem/action/sci-fi mixture that will please many viewers. I know I loved it. The action was great, the harem theme was awesome, and the sci-fi academy feel was a welcome change. It could have scored higher to me, but the final few episodes weren't that well done. "Inukami!" is an old anime, but still entertaining to say the least. If you enjoy the pleasures of watching a couple blast away at demons as they go through everyday life, why not? "Jormungand" is something I reviewed not too long ago, I see no need to go deeper into that.

Infinite Stratos

All right, I've already said it so there's no need to repeat it. "Infinite Stratos" is a wonderful harem, there are 5 very strong contenders for being my favorite character of the series. But I think my choice is very similar to many of the fans of the series. Guess who?

OMG  afnsauifioadajioasjiofjioaf.....

The very existence of Charlotte herself is the very proof that moe does exist in this world. She is the cutest of all 5 girls in the anime, and she's one of the sexiest ones as well (right up there next to Houki and Cecilia). To top it all off she's got a really bad ass IS to boot, AND she's voiced by the magnificent Kana Hanazawa. Too much greatness in one character....can't resist urge to scream moe...

In a harem its obvious that the characters that guys love most are the characters that are the sexiest and or cutest. Charlotte takes that place in "Infinite Stratos" to me. She starts off introducing herself as a guy, and that was freaking impossible with Kana Hanazawa's voice, its too damn moe. Still, everybody bought it until Ichika found out first hand. Still, he respected her and kept it a secret, however it was eventually still revealed to the entire school.

How did she hide her chest? I mean those boobs are pretty big, its impossible to make herself look flat. Anyway, her personality is super cute and the fact that she goes all moe when Ichika calls her Char is just beyond help. Her IS is another generation 3 model, and of course that makes her strong. She was able to take down Laura with Ichika, something that Cecilia and Rin couldn't pull off.


I don't recall much about "Inukami!", other than the fact that Keita was an awesome main character, and that Youko was a freakishly funny demon as well. There were plenty other of characters as well, but the fact that I remembered these 2 straight away already means something, doesn't it?

Why do female demons always gotta be sexy?

It should be a duo between Youko and Keita, but meh, I always favor the girls over the guys, who doesn't? Youko is a funny inukami, and when she is paired together with Keita, they make a hilarious pair. A mildly possessive girl that wants her master to only look out for her, and that very same master wants to flirt and or/sexually harass any pretty girl he finds on the street.

Put that together and you get a hilarious duo. Every time Keita goes to flirt with other girls, Youko would punish him by teleporting his clothes away and getting him in trouble with the police. Despite all of that she stills loves Keita as her master, and when a job to take down demons appear, they get it done like a duo of pros.

Youko's abilities are fire manipulation and teleportation, needless to say she's pretty damned powerful and can take down most enemies with ease. She is one of the strongest Inukami available, as I remember her fighting Nadeshiko's (another fellow Inukami) fellow 9 other Inukami ALONE, and she wiped the floor with them. Not to mention, her father was the great Dai-Youko, a well known demon that many fear,


I reviewed this one recently. "Jormungand" is a gun-totting anime similar to "Black lagoon", that's all the description I can give. I didn't watch "Black lagoon", but I loved "Jormungand". It has tons of lovable characters and more importantly, crazy scenarios. And most of it is because of....

She makes the most gun dealing men look like pansies.

Koko Hekmatyar. She's the very definition of weapons dealing and sexiness combined together, rolled into one awesome and seducing package. As a gun dealer, you might have expected her to be more armed, but no, she's got the right team for the job. The team itself is full of amazing people, but the experience of "Jormungand" isn't complete without Koko.

Koko is crazy good. Despite her not carrying weapons most of the time, she knows a shit ton about them, being a weapons dealer and all. She makes deals with people that pay top dollar, and if they don't pay up, boom, consider them dead. She really goes out of her way to make her business blooming, removing obstacles as they come.

The best thing about it all is that despite all this, she's still an incredibly lax person. Most of the time she is seen chilling, and her acting like a spoiled princess can get really cute at times, it just makes her a more likable character. Despite being all this she is a good leader, and that's why everybody follow her. Koko is just that smexy.


Opening songs
OP 1- Zone alone (Minori Chihara)

Ending songs
ED 1- Kanashimi wa dare no negai demonai (Aira Yuki)

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Science fiction


School work has been piling up, so posts won't be coming in as frequently. As for today's anime, you already know what it is. You should already know my standpoint for "Kyoukai senjou Horizon II", I mean I already placed it in 10th place for last year's top 10 anime. If you've seen my review of the first season, then you should roughly know my score for season 2. Its more "Horizon", its more of that high school themed, crazy large scale battle stuff that you saw in season 1. I loved that, so naturally, I liked  season 2. It's a safe bet to say that if you liked the original, you cannot go wrong with this.

Looks good already huh? Ignore the naked Tori.

The opening song for season 2 is great. The song is called "Zone Alone" and its by Minori Chihara, the same singer who sang "Terminated" for season 1. Of course its great, it has the same feel and in some ways it actually sounds more bad ass than "Terminated". The opening animations are better by a long shot. The ending is also better in my opinion. "Kanashimi wa dare no negai demonai" by Aira Yuki is not your regular ballad type ending and it has the same feel as the endings from "Shakugan No Shana Final". Good stuff overall!


It's still a great anime. I think it takes awhile to heat up and the beginning episodes can be a little uninteresting, but it still builds up to become something bad ass towards to end. Great fights against new characters, expanding on older characters and letting us know more about Musashi's bad ass class is always a welcome treat. It also retains a good sense of comedy, and the sense of character likability. Like the first season where you grew to like the entire class and its different characters, season 2 brings forth new characters you will still grow to like these new characters. It gives off the similar feel to season 1, and you can feel the epic tension rising as it leads to more great fights against more characters with creative and imaginative powers.

This scene is really not as pervertic as it looks.

As a sequel, most of the cast remains in tact, and Aoi Torii is still a star in the character cast, though this time round, the main character seat kind of shifts over. For season 2, the anime focuses more on a side character in season 1, Tenzou, the duck-billed cap ninja that shares similar pervertic interests to Torii. Well he seems doomed to become a side character for life, but for some reason, he meets a mysterious individual in season 2 known as Sacred, and this changes his life. He saves Sacred and he gets to know that individual a little more, and before Tenzou knows it, he has befriended a new person. How does Sacred tie to the Britain council? And how does it change Tenzou's life for all he knows? Find out in season 2!

In the end it kind of feels like it leads up to ANOTHER season (come on, there are like, 7 parts of the deadly sins to collect for Horizon), but I don't mind. Season 2 is another great ride with the amazing class of Musashi, and you'll probably want more if you enjoyed season 2 just as much as season 1. We all know there will be a season 3, the question is when. I know that as long as they don't stray off too far from the formula they used in these 2 seasons, they won't f**k up season 3.


Thursday, 24 January 2013

Know your characters (Part 3)

How knowledgeable are you about video game characters?

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