Saturday, 27 June 2009

deck check

Before i start part 6 of the guide,heres a deck check to gauge how strong you should be,as not long from now there will be a duel against a powerful duelist.If you lose its game over for real this time.I have 2 characters,1 male and 1 female.The male character being my main acc.Their names seperately being Wil(male) and Iris(female).

Here are my decks at this point of the game.

deck name:super robots XYZ
deck recipe:
archfiend soldier x3
battle footballer x2
gemini elf x1
insect knight x3
luster dragon x2
mechanicalchaser x2
X-head cannon x3
ancient gear knight x1
blast sphere x1
perfect machine king x2
reflect bounder x1
Y-dragon head x3
Z-metal tank x3

back to square one x1
book of moon x1
creature swap x1
frontline base x2
heavy storm x1
lightning vortex x3
pot of avarice x1
riryoku x1
sheild crush x1
twister x1
dust tornado x2
sakuretsu armor x3

XY dragon cannon x2
XZ tank cannon x2
YZ dragon tank x2
XYZ dragon cannon x3

deck name:LVL formula:drgn
deck recipe:
gemini elf x3
insect knight x2
armed dragon lvl 3 x3
armed dragon lvl 5 x3
armed dragon lvl 7 x1
horus the black flame dragon lvl 4 x3
horus the black flame dragon lvl 6 x2
horus the black flame dragon lvl 8 x2
masked dragon x3
mystic swordsman lvl 4 x2
red eyes darkness metal dragon x1
skilled dark magician x1
spear dragon x1
toon goblin attack force x1

book of moon x1
ekibyo drakmord x2
level up! x3
lightning vortex x1
mystical space typhoon x1
swords of revealing light x1
bottomless trap hole x3
dust tornado x2
mirror force x1
raigeki break x1
solemn judgement x1

Both decks contain 45 cards each.I didnt bother with V and W in my XYZ deck as they are pathetic compared to XYZ.Both decks are strong and can clear the upcoming duels with ease,especially the dragon deck.Gauging deck powers are important for whats coming next.