Well, I would like to start something a little new here, and yes its regarding anime. I may do one for games too, just the villians thing I like to do but who knows. Just to rake up the posts yes? :)

Anyway, anime has always been one of my main sources of entertainment, but everytime I finish a good anime and move on to the next, my mind becomes focused on the new anime, and my memory of the previous I anime I watched starts to slowly fade away. By the time I finish the new anime, the old anime is mostly gone, but there are parts that stayed itched to my memory...and those are the characters that really appealed to me in that particular anime.

So to commerate those characters, Ima do posts to describe them and tell you guys what makes me like those characters and make me remember them! 

Oh yeah, *SPOILERS*. There, I said it.


11eyes wasn't really that awesome of an anime, it barely made my "good" mark to be honest. Still, a good anime to me is still good, and there may be a character or 2 here for me. My friend told me 11eyes was like a different version of persona 3 to me, well it wasn't really the case to me. Still, I liked the concept of the red night, and the heroes trapped in it were some pretty valiant ones.

The coolest guy in 11eyes hands down.

Thats right, heres my 11eyes favourite. Takahisa may be no hero, but he's cool, to me anyway. First impression of him when I saw the opening, "Omg badass fire dude he's gonna be awesomeeeee". Well true enough, he was an awesome guy, though he doesnt show it at first. Takahisa appears at early random segments of the anime, shown briefly for burning up his foes in the red night, and always turned up wounded after the red night ended.

I basically like how he likes to put on this tough guy attitude. He's a delinquent in school, and his foster mother is the school nurse. He acts like a badass, but deep down he cares for those he is acquianted with, like yukiko and his foster mom. Out of all the 11eyes good characters, he is the last to join the party. He fights alongside satsuki and gang a few times with the black knights, but only later on he truly becomes friends with them and agrees to fight with them.

Alas all good things come to an end, while he was the last and final member to join satsuki's party, he is the first to die. When his foster mom got brutally murdered by a black knight, he goes berserk and tries to attack her killer, wanting revenge. Sadly he couldnt do it, and even so, it was an illusion he was fighting. Yukiko begs him to stop, but he can't control his flames anymore, since his emotions were out of control. In his final fit of sanity, he asks yukiko to kill him, and thus ends the life of this valiant warrior, dieing at the hands of the girl whom admired him. Takahisa will always be the coolest character in 11eyes.

Angel beats

Shit, its hard to decide for only ONE character for angel beats, since its such an awesome fcking show! So many cool ass characters....its really hard for me to choose just one. Angel beats was an anime that was suprisingly unique, blending school life and the afterlife together, making a school who dead teenagers with regrets in life to attend.

Haruhi in angel beats?? Guess again.

Yuri was always my favourite character of angel beats in my book. Her bright and funny personality always meant that each and every episode of angel would be funnier. Then again most of the angel beats cast are pretty funny, still, Yuri earns her spot as an amazing character. Despite being cheerful, funny, commanding and sexy, she does her part well. The first person that otonashi meets when he lands into the twisted world of angel beats, it yuri, and she was the one that told him about the mystery and true nature that surrounds the world that he is in.

Yuri is the brigade's commander, and she fits that role very well. In all of the missions she brings the team along for in the episodes, she fares the best among the team. She is in my opinion the 2nd strongest character in angel beats, just a few steps behind kanade (which is godly strong). She is able to go toe to toe with kanade with just a knife, and that feat alone is quite an accomplishment for someone like her.

She also wants to find out the reason behind the world itself, and for her especially, this was a big must, since her past life was the most painful. She had to endure to see her siblings being shot one by one, before dieing herself. It was a sad sad past, and she wanted to confront god to clarify why she got such an unfair life. Still, she gets my vote, as in the end, she makes up with kanade all sweet like, which is a thumbs up.

Beautiful...just beautiful.
One character from angel beats isnt enough! I still need a dose of everyone's favourite kawaii loli angel, kanade. Voiced by the all so awesome kana hanazawa and easily being the strongest character in the anime canon-wise, kanade is tons of awesomeness packed into one innocent young girl. Kanade may not be one with a lot of personality, but by the end of the anime, you CANT HELP but grow to love this girl.

At the beginning, kanade is treated as an antagonist, as an angel serving god. She was seen that way because she could potray all sorts of special powers unavailable to all other students. But after she was successfully framed by the brigade and demoted, naoki took the student council president's place. After those events, otonashi and the brigade grew to learn that kanade meant no harm, and she only developed those powers because she was constantly hunted down by the brigade. The anime does a great job to already make viewers feel sorry for her at this point.

Kanade only ever wanted friends, nothing else, yet she was always treated as an enemy. Plus, during the very ending of the anime, when everyone ascended, with only kanade and otonashi left, the great confession took place, and after that super sad event, everyone could have guessed what kanade's living regret was.....

Ao no exorcist

For the final anime today we have something rather recent. Ao no exocrcist was another great show that seemed strangely similar to the likes of D.grayman and soul eater. Still, no one's complaining, and the show was definetely a huge hit, especially for the ladies (look at the amount ot fking yaoi fanart). Not much is needed to explain the setting for ao no exorcist, if you watched soul eater, is should seem immediately familiar.

Sexy D-cup lady wearing a bikini top with badass tatoos and a slick sword?

I have a thing for "cool" characters. Shura from ao no exorcist easily fits that role. Not only is she extremely hot, she is one hell of a badass. If there was a character to fit the badass role in the anime, it would no doubt be shura.

Shura appears mid series, and it definetely takes awhile for her to show up. I have been anticipating her appearance the whole damn time when I was watching ao no exorcist, and when she finally showed up, she exceeded my expectations. From pictures I simply thought she was a transfer student or something...but when she took off her hoodie jacket and showed her true self....HOT DAMN! Seeing her fight off amaimon was something, and immediately set a mark on her character for me.

Shura's significance in the story wasnt a really big one after she shows up, but thats how all badasses roll :). She appears as a trainer for rin as he trains his flames, due to her demonic nature and power. She was a previous apprentice of shiro, rin's foster father, and he entrusted rin to her if anything were to happen to him. So now she trains rin, while being a part time exorcist and a part time school teacher as well. Everytime she fights, she whoops ASS. Shura is just awesome. Plus, she's really funny.

Peace out for now, more to come in the future.