Friday, 29 May 2009

Yugioh world championship 2008

Gamespot score:n/a

My score:8.0

I like this game.Unlike the previous disappointment of a game yugioh world championship 2007,this game is ALOT more fufilling than the previous.The dueling concept and stuff is still the same,but yay,a "story mode".This installment includes the previous world championship mode but along with a storyline,which is great,they could have done this in the previous game,why didnt they?

Okay,now we have a story.Being a duelist you head to the duel world in
which you go and venture to different areas to duel different monsters,each with decks of thier own.There are 5 worlds and to advance to each you must duel the"master" of that world.By dueling different duelists,you unlock more in world championship mode,and this time,even character duelists!!Including alexis of GX series and mai valentine from the original show.

Character customization is the same as previous games,which is disappointing,but in this game,your character starts wearing a slifer red uniform.If you make a female character,you will see her wearing a slifer red uniform,which is a lol.I always wanted to see a girl in slifer red uniform,besides blair of course.

Finally,the duel tournaments and tag duels,I dont know if 2007 had them
as I was too pissed to find out in that game as it was just dumb.Tag duels are well,fun,but annoying in a way.Your partner may just spend one of thier turns and then,they screw up the whole duel,resulting in instant loss.It is best to just find a friend and then share friend info,that way you can select him/her as a duel partner.Of course make sure your friend is using the deck type of your preference.

Duel tournaments are just a fun way to see you climb to the championship position.You and 7 other participants duel thier way up and the championship gets a prize.This is way more fun than plain dueling.

Overall a good game,ALOT better than 2007 at least.A final note is that the female characters have alot of nice wardrobe items(dark magician girl :0).Male characters get abit siller ones(elemental hero neos suit,lol).Get it if you like yugioh.