Wednesday, 27 May 2009

raging blades

Gamespot score:n/a(dam)

My score:7.0

Raging blades...a PS2 hack and slash game.Though VERY unpopular(gamespot didnt even rate it),it is a good multiplayer game and most of the time I will intro this game and play it with my friends when they come to my house to chill.When played it in groups this game is amazingly fun.While you slash your way through hordes of monsters,
you and your teammate can help each other out.

As for the game story...I dont really understand much of it.I have owned this game for like easily 6 years and up till now I dont really know what the game is talking about as I always skip the "story telling"after each level.Anyway,this is a game where one can enjoy even without the story.

As you cant see i could not find any images of gameplay on gamespot or gamefaqs,
thus proving this game's unpopularity.I never cleared the game but....oh well.You
start the game choosing one of 4 heros,I cant remember thier names but there is a man with a greatsword,another man with a halberd axe,a young girl using martial arts
and an old man wizard.You choose a hero and fight through 5 stages of hell,where you are attacked by monsters,mini bosses and bosses.

The difficulty of this game is...well,hard.The monster killling is pathetically easy,but mini bosses and bosses will simply enjoy themselves chopping the fck out of you.
Perhaps the only easy bosses are hel,queen of ice and barong.

Overall an exciting and fun game,but abit hard at times.Playing with friends tends to be tons more fun than playing alone.Playing alone is jus boring and simply harder.