Monday, 11 May 2009

Final fantasy 4

Gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

my score:8.4

Its been awhile since i done any game reviews...oh well here we go.

Final fantasy 4,the black and white game which it used to be many years ago.I think it was something like 15 years ago.Well they remade it cuz it was such an awesome game and here it is for the
DS system.Prepare for awesomeness.

When this game was remade,it was remade with greatness.From a
colourless 2D game to a full animated 3D game.The CG cutscenes look even greater(look to the left).They are like PSP or PS2 graphics.
The fellows at gamespot even gave it quite a high score.The game's
story focuses on a dark knight named cecil.He has been serving under the king of his homeland Baron as the captain of the red wings
,one of the king's platoons.

One day,the king of Baron has been acting weird.He orders cecil to go and take a crystal of a town.A crystal is the power of a certain land.
When taken,bad stuff happens.He is also ordered to slaughter anyone who offers resistance.Cecil knows that his king wont order such a thing,something must be wrong.The game's story takes a turn
from finding what happened to the king to fighting for survival against power monsters.The game itself has fully voiced cutscenes and the battles run on ATB(active time bar).The game's difficulty itself is brutal,and one might find himself dieing quite a few times.

The in-game navigation isnt too great,running a few extra steps to
retrive a treasure box will have you run into quite a few battles.
Square enix should REALLY work on this,or its fans will get tired of
endless hordes or monster killing. The battle screen includes 5
characters fighting at the same time,making things quite difficult
and confusing.
The characters arent too well done in the game but they are great for a DS game,
which I am absolutely certain that will not have much memory capacity for anything
3D.Defininetly worth for a DS game,one of my faves and definetly a great addition to
the collection of final fantasy games square enix has created.