Sunday, 31 October 2010

Monster hunter freedom unite

gamespot score:6.5(fair)

my score:8.0

(+)pros:- lots of new content added over from the original monster hunter 2,- veterans can port over thier characters and get started with the new stuff,- newcomers can experience new quests available in the game's early stages,- still provides the same great hunting experience that was provided in monster hunter freedom 2 without any new annoyances.

(-)cons:- camera is still fked,-like every other ingame quests, the new ones can still get repititive.

gameplay time:100 hours+( very long lasting)

If you are a regular visitor to the gamefaqs site, you will have at least looked at the PSP page once. And if you have looked in the PSP page, you will notice 1 game that has stayed there for a ridiculously long time. Yeap and thats monster hunter freedom unite, dubbed monster hunter freedom 2G in japan. 1st of all I would like to say even before the US version was released everyone was desperately downloading english patches and playing 2G, due to hype (just like how everyone is playing english patched versions of pokemon white/black). Is this worth the hype?

Since freedom unite is basically just an upgrade of monster hunter freedom 2, its pretty obvious that the story is the same. If you start out as your ported account, you can jump straight into the action. If you start out as a newcomer you get the same old monster hunter freedom 2 story, you are a wandering hunter and one day while on a quest you are greatly pwned by a tigrex, one of the supposedly strongest monsters roaming the world. You wake up in the village, and are dubbed the village hunter, and start taking quests from the village elder to help out the village deeds.

Monster hunter has always been an easy game to understand. As its name title suggests, you are a hunter of monsters, and its your damn duty to go aounrd taking quests and killing whatever you need to kill or grab whatever you need to grab. There are a veriety of quests, gathering quests, hunting quests, slaying quests....but really the game's only focuses are mainly slaying and hunting quests, where the shit gets real. Slaying and hunting quests require you to kill the game's bosses, which are the real deal. Killing small fry or picking up stones and weeds arent really what you call fun right? You have to deal with the big boys. The game's quests difficulties are divided into levels, so the higher the harder. In freedom unite however, there is a new felyn in which you can take quests from, other than the elder. Her quests however, are extrememly hard, and are meant for those ported characters.

For taking these quests you will be killing a butt load of monsters, and you will be getting loads of thier skin, claws, teeth and whatnot. With these you can craft better weapon and armor, to make you stronger and look more badass. Of course crafting these usually require alot of the same material, which means you will have to keep killing the same monster over and over for that material. It gets repititive, but after you get what you want, you will have a great feel of satisfaction. With stronger armor you progress to kill stronger monsters, thats how the game goes. In combat, you can wield a variety of weapons, majority of which are very fun to use. The greatsword packs a huge punch, but is slow. It can pack an even bigger punch by charging up. The dual knifes are quick as hell, but wear down easily. The bowgun is adept at attacking from afar, but it has weak damage. There are ALOT of weapons to use, and mxing and matching for whatever works against a single monster is fun, as you get to experience a fight with so many different attacking styles. A new addition in this game is the felyn companion, which instead of cooks in the kitchen, helps you in battle. You can select a felyn's battle type, be it bombs or weapons. These guys can help you gather stuff on the field, and battle the bosses along with you.

As stated the game has alot of new content, there are alot of new monsters to kill. The lavasioth, yama tsukami, nargacuga and many more. Most of these are a blast, since they mostly very hard, but because they are hard to kil, things still get repititive. You have to kill a single monster so many times jsut to make your armor or weapon. And sometimes you kill them, they dont drop it, so you will have a feeling of huge annoyance. This feeling starts to get real old, and everytime you miss that tooth,claw or wing, you will rage and curse your own luck, then only to try kill the monster again, in which it may not drop what you want again. Plus, the camera issue of being awkward is still here, you have to move the camera with the D-pad, which is a little...weird? While its annoying and tough at 1st, it will grow on you.
Freedom unite, just like freedom 2, can delight a player for at dozens of hours, exceeding maybe even 100 hours. Those who ported thier characters over from freedom 2 can enjoy over 30-40 extra hours of new content with monster killing. Newcomers can easily net more than a 100 hours of raw monster killing action here. Freedom unite is indeed a hyped game, monster hunter fans can find alot of fun to be had here.

Happy gaming.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Djmax trilogy

gamespot score:n/a

my score:8.0

(+)pros:- huge ass selection of songs available,- features online play,-easier to learn on the keyboard than on PSP,-as highly addictive as its PSP counterpart,-loads of available gears and notes and characters to customize to your liking,- unlockable titles and ranks will keep you going,- xtreme challenge provides some challenge to the usual song grinding.

(-)cons:- lots of recycled songs from previous games( not much new ones, and many of them are old song remixes),- some technical issues.

gameplay time:100 hours+(very long lasting)

Heres another djmax game. For today im reviewing djmax trilogy, and yes its the only PC version of the game I know of. I bought this game upon release, thus causing a big hole in my wallet at that point of time, well I would say its quite well worth the money. Taking a different approach, pentavision decided to release this PC version of djmax with most of its previous tracks in it, and featuring online play. Issit as successful as its PSP predesuccors? Find out below.

Yeah yeah,djmax, music game, no story, blah blah blah. Though a strange fact is, though this was released after black square was, it strangely doesnt steal over its club tour feature. Anyway, this follows the growth process of dj max portable 2. As you play songs or clear missions, you gain exp and gold. As you gain exp you level up and unlock gears,notes and characters. Every 10 level ups you gain access to a bank of new songs, which you can purchase and have them become playable. And with gold, of course you buy gears,notes,characters and songs. Like in portable 2, these dont come cheap, so altough you may be unlocking a bunch of stuff, you wont have to money to buy them all.

I dont really have to say this dont I? Notes fall, hit button, and thats it, its simple as that, so I'll move onto presentation. Trilogy has some great presentation standards, the menu grids, the "cyber" feel theme of the background, and the sound effect as you scroll through the song list. Still, its nothing compared to clazziquai edition. Also, the game's difficulty is pretty easy, I'll say it. You wont be dieing after like, 5 or 6 misses. The system is now much more linient and it takes more than 10 consecutive breaks to truly die, so its actually quite easy despitee some of the game's harder songs being over level 17. Plus, hitting a keyboard is much easier than hitting the PSP buttons, trust me.

The gameplay modes available arent anything new. You have 4-8 buttons as playable modes, but the game allows you to set your own controls, so its all good. New features wise there really isnt much, but the green note from black square is also featured here.....other than that the game is mostly the same as before. Some of the song charts in the game may look suberbly ridiculous, but since you have access to more than just a thumb, its much easier to hit the notes. Song selection wise the game has I think every song ever made in djmax, before clazziquai's selection of course, altough a recent patch just allowed first, kiss, I want you and a few more to be unlocked. Yeap, thats alot of songs, more than a 120 I think. But you cant help but think they are a little lazy since there are alot of recycled note charts. 120 is alot, so that means it will be quite easy to find stuff that you will like.

Djmax trilogy sports some technical problems. Altough I bought the original bundle,the game crashes when you play some songs ( one of which is revenge). There are also parts of the game that cause lag and screen tearing, more specifially, certain parts of certain songs. Such are someday and that yellow berry song, the lag will cause the notes to come down in a slow mo-then fast foward motion. These usually cause you to mess up and break your 20k combo, which isnt cool. Also, among the 120 song list, there are only...lets see, around 20+ new tracks( some were from djmax online years ago). Yess thats alot of recycled songs, though they did redo note charts for most of them, you cant help feel that they are being lazy.
Trilogy is a good buy for those who want to experience djmax on the PC and those who want to experience thier massive song list all in one game. You may feel a little ripped off, but hey! It has a 120 tracks, most of them in which you can enjoy. This game kept me occupied for more than 4-5 months so any decent djmax fan can find plenty of fun moments in the game. On another side notes, it seems all the online players are lvl 99, for some reason -.-.

Happy gaming.

gamespot score:n/a

my score:8.8

(+)pros:- even moar cards than the previous game ( bringing card count to over 4000),- Story is longer and more interesting,-character customization is looking as good as ever,- music is once again great,-plenty of replay value in both world championship and story mode, -story mode finally makes use of more turbo dueling,- puzzle solving( though little) add more brain usage into the game.

(-)cons:- the game lags badly,- the game lags really badly.

gameplay time: 100 hours+(very long lasting)

School is finally taking a step towards the better side, so heres a review. Today's post will be about yugioh world championship 2010. I gave the 2009 edition a 9.0, and though this game is much more packed with content( i mean MUCH more packed), it is DESTROYED by lag. Anyway more with the lag later, this game is great, it will keep players glued to the DS screen for hours and hours after the game starts.

Yugioh 2010's story is once again based on the anime, this tme up till the dark signers arc. It in no way follows the story of yugioh 2009, and its a brand new story on its own. This time your character plays as an arcadian order duelist. The arcadia movement is an organisation of pyshic duelists, following the orders of its leader sayer, it strives to complete sayer's goals, which lead to its lousy reputation. You start seeing yourself being brainwashed by sayer, and begin out having friends in the movement, and as you work for the movement, you slowly start to realise some epic scheme being formed, and start working your way out.

The dueling system stays true to itself, and is the same as yugioh world championship 2009. Almost everything is recycled, and because of that the play field still looks great. Other than that the battle system and duel flow remain mostly untouched, everything plays the same way, with synchros and all. Its still pretty cool that when a person gets hit for big direct damage, it shows the character actually flinching.

As usual in story mode, we get to free roam. The streets of satelite and neo domino city look EXACTLY THE SAME as last year's version. But still, there are no complains since the city still looks slick, for a DS game. We of course have new areas, konami wont be so damn lazy. We now get to visit the spirit world and the arcadia movement interior. We also have loads of gang hideouts.Plus, as a bonus, we have puzzle solving( yay), alot more puzzle solving, these help us unlock new clothing and duel disks. And whats the purpose of all these places? Dueling of course! In this game, there are a lot more duelists than the previous one, so rev up your deck, cause there are lots of fags to duel. Also, turbo duels now play bigger roles in the game, during the last few duels, most of them are turbo duels. In the 1st game, there were only like, what, 4 turbo duels? Thats lame yo. World championship is back too, and like before, there are crapload of opponents to duel. And obviously world championship is gonna be tougher than the story mode wimps, so those looking for more challenging duels should look there.

Like last year's edition, the only flaw that plagues the game is the lag issue. Before starting the 2010 edition I was kinda hoping they would fix the lag issues( like they did in tag force 4), but NO! They had to be so damn smart, and add some fancy ass cursor to the damn game, and made it even MORE LAG. This game, I swear, REEKS of lag. The lag is so damn bad it goes to the extent of having an opponent "think" for 20 minutes, and in the end,they jus set a card and end the turn. WTF. If you have lousy patience, sitting this one out may be a good idea.
Overall the game is a success, lag plagues the game, but if you are lucky or have lots of patience, there will be less lag at some matches or you can wait it out. All in all, theres alot of fun to be had here, its a great experience for yugioh fans.

Happy gaming!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Djmax portable 3-so far

Djmax portable 3 is looking great so far! There are quite alot of songs I like. I have only 30 songs so far, more will unlock as I progress I am sure, but heres the gist of what I like.

Put 'em up
Raise me up
MellowD fantasy
Sweet dream
Cosmic fantastic love song
Zet (remix)
Outlaw reborn
Desperado (remix)
Syriana ( blast wave)
Masai (remix)
Keys to the world
NB ranger nonstop remix

Some of these songs are given, like whiteblue and keys to the world, they are liked by everyone. The rest though are pretty nice. But like in every djmax there are songs we wont like, but these are the good ones.

These are my top 5.

1) Outlaw reborn
2) Desperado (Nu skool remix)
3) Syriania (Blast wave remix)
4) Cosmic fantastic love song
5) Put 'em up


Put 'em up

I really like this song, its a pity its not too hard. I play it mostly on 6B the HD chart, which is only level 5 -.-. Song is by makou, who made hamsin, which was a great piece, so this was kinda unexpected since the style or "feel" of the song is so different compard to his usual work.

Cosmic fantastic love song

The 1st song I played and its one of my faves in the game. The vocals are amazing and the song is really catchy. Since the game tends to load fast I couldnt catch the name of the artist, but I probably will soon. The MV kindda reminds me of ladymade star, kinda.

Syriana (Blast wave remix)

There is no doubt that every djmax player out there loves syriana, heavy rapping and catchy beats is the way to go. And there is no doubt those who loved syriana will love the blast wave remix version of it. This song was originally from trilogy, for those who dont know. The song is composed by bexter and remixed by dj eon.

Desperado ( Nu skool remix)

Fk this, desperado was awesome. But you know what? The nu skool remix made it even more awesome. I have been playing this song over and over, its a great piece really, makes the old desperado sound bad. Its again, a pity that it aint veyr difficult, though it has a level 8 chart on 6B. The song is by croove and is remixed by paul bazooka.

Outlaw reborn

Yeah, this is it, the best song in djmax portable 3. Outlaw reborn is the shit. What can you expect from it? Its outlaw, but better. Nothing much to say here, go see some gameplay vids of it to see its awesomeness.


Oh yeah, all of these are IMO, so noone should take it personally. To close this post I have a piece of funny news. PROFFESOR LAYTON VS PHOENIX WRIGHT GOT ANNOUNCED LOL.


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Dissidia: final fantasy

gamespot score: 8.5( great)

my score:9.2

(+)Pros:- battle system is damn addicting,- has all final fantasy heroes and villians up to the 12th installment,- lots of gameplay options and modes to explore,- amazing graphics for a PSP game,- keeps you occupied long after you have cleared the main game,- each and every character has distinct fight sytles.

(-)Cons:- story is slighty bland.

gameplay time: 100 hours+ ( very long lasting)

Okaayy, its been a week, and so heres a review, and of a pretty damn good game at that. This is a game NO PSP owner should have missed/ neglected/ overlooked...becasue Im pretty damn sure everyone in the world with a PSP and has some decent gaming knowledge knows this game.Dissidia final fantasy, is a heavily fan service based game with every final fantasy hero and villian in it, from 1-12 . The game may be heavily fan based, but its pretty damn fun, most people have played the jap game release, and when the US released its version, played it too. Myself included, now unto the amazing world of dissidia.

Dissidia, though being a final fantasy game,. has a bland story. The game starts out with an epic cinematic of final fantasy heroes and villians clashing with eaach other. The graphics are excellent here, and I have probably watched the opening cinematic at least 10 times, due to its extreme epicness. Anyway, after the cinematic, you are quickly thrown a bunch of story which you will probably not understand at 1st. Well, to make things simple, the story talks about the constant war between cosmos, leader of harmony, and chaose, leader of discord. Every time they battle they summon warriors to thier aid, and wage war against each other, this time is no different. Obviously though, good guys work for cosmos, bad guys work for chaos. And to make things worse, bad guys are winning, and cosmos is dieing. With the last of her strenght cosmos splits her entity and power into 10 crystal, in which each warrior must overcome individual challenges to find, and when all 10 crystal are collected, they will battle the lord of discord, chaos.

Dissidia is a 3D fighting game, not a RPG which all of the other final fantasies have always been. The fighting system is terrific, and is probably the main core of the game that keeps it standing so high even though it has so much to offer. The fighting system is something like kingdom hearts, but far more in depth and its 1 on 1. The game works like this, you start the fight with a set amount of brave and hit points ( short forms are BP and HP). When you attack with brave attacks (circle + analog directions), you will steal enemy BP and add them to your own. When you keep brave attacking your opponent until it reaches 0, they go into a break, and you gain a huge extra amound of BP, to the additional amount you have already accumulated when attacking the enemy. When an opponent suffers break, they have 0 BP and their BP will start recovering and will eventually be restored to the base amount they had. Now with all the BP, you can perform HP attacks, which deals damaged based on your BP to the enemy HP. If you had loads of BP from breaking the enemy, your HP attack will hurt a bucketload. If you perform a HP attack from the get go with just your base BP, the attack will hurt less of course.

Now theres alot of factors that can affect a battle. For one, if you fight some1 higher level than you are, they get higher base bravery via level advantage. Also playing a big part in battles are equipment, though they dont really change how you look in battle they really play a huge part by increasing your attack or defense. Enemy boss fights always have better armor than you do so its kinda hard to fight them at times. We also have summons in this game, and altought hey appear nothing more than 2D pictures that pop out here and there, they give you advatage by disabling your opponent or buffing you up. Some summons can turn the tide of battle, while others simply annoy the enemy abit. Each character plays very differently, which makes the game interesting. Cloud hits hard but is fairly low, terra can hurt the enemy with lots of magic, jetch delivers massiv hurt by unleashing deadly combos, gabranth fights with constant charging. Each character has thier own distinct movelist, in which expands as they level up. They also have EX modes, like thier overdrives or something. These are like finisher modes, they gain insane stat boosts and become stronger in thier own way, be it speed or unblockable attacks. Also hitting your opponent with a HP attack iniates a EX burst, which features the character's very own finisher move. These are epic and probably if you see one of these being thrown at you, you are as good as dead.

Dissidia's only flaw is the story. For a final fantasy game, you really kind of expect more than a quest against evil via gathering crystal and defeating the final bad guy. Each character has thier own destiny oddyssey though, where it shows the character's path of countering thier difficulties to get thier own part of the cosmos crystal. Each of these arent very nice to watch , since theres very little conversation between different characters. Story starts to get decent at the shade impulse chapters, but they arent enough to save the destiny oddysseys.

Dissidia is a very good fighting game, not just for FF fans alike, for all who like fighting games. This is a new take, and with duodecim dissidia coming out, Im pretty damned hype to play as lightning. FF fans shouldnt miss this, though I already suspect you havent.

Happy gaming!

1st of all, I would like to apologize for a long delay even though I have been on holiday all this while. There are a few reasons for this cause though.

For 1, school was starting ( in fact school just started today), so I had to take time to attend the pre semester breifing and the problems concerning my previous semester's results( which I may add, sucked terribly). I also had to prep myself for the up coming term, its looks like I will be busy as heck, with new modules coming in like bees attracted to honey.

Next up is my main reason why I havent been posting, the release of Djmax protable 3. I have been so fking hyped for this you cant blame me. Being a long time djmax fan, I immediately got this the moment I saw it with my own 2 eyes. Gameplay is as great as ever, though Im sad they removed 8B (yeap its gone). Also, the new remix modes are freaking killing me. Other than that, the game is great, the songs are awesome, though of course they were some lousy ones. Plus they are using back the level system when it was introduced in djmax portable 2. AND........... NO MORE CLUB TOURS. Sweetness.

The final cause would be cabal online, which I reviewed before. I recently started playing back and this time as a wizard. And of course, since my friends were also playing alot I was motivated to play alot too since I didnt want to be under powered. In 3 weeks I got to lvl 82, which was the level of my previous main, which got banned dued to failed login attempts -.-. Anyway wizard is fun and altough early levels I kept losing at pvps im now a G master and am finally winning fights.

Anyway, I will get back to posting soon, it may not be that often, but yeah, expect some soon.

PEACE. Go play djmax 3.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Digimon world championship

gamespot score:5.5 (mediocre)

my score:7.3

(+)Pros:- raising your digimon and seeing them grow/evolve is satisfying,-winning battles and earning titles are fun,- loads of digimon and digimon evolution routes.

(-)Cons:- you cant control shit in battle,- capture system is retarded,- pretty annoying that you cant raise a certain stat you want to over and over.

gameplay time:20-30 hours( average)

Another digimon game! Its quite awhile since I reviewed one, and this was probably the last digimon game I played. A side note, this game got crappy reviews, but I think its pretty good. Its decent at least. GamefaQs user score nabbed it an 8.1 recently. Still, if you like digimon, this one will probably entertain you for a loong loong time. If you are a newcomer, start somewhere else, and if you are somewhat familiar to the series, like me, this will still probably net you a reasonable amount of play time.

The story for this sort of game is always simple and probably goes about the same way. You are a new digimon trainer and you are somewhat someone everyone "sees potential in". And as usual you train your digimon and enter them in tournaments so you can become the all so very great DIGIMON WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Seriously, nothing to it, these kinda games do best without a complicated story.

Digimon world championship has a simple yet rather addictive formula. Heres what you do, 1st, you manage ur "farm" or digimon training area. You have a limited space for it, and for these spaces, you use it to put training rooms or equipments in it. Like the playground, track and field, the gym and many other crap. Why you buy these are because they train your digimon, which you will be eventually sending into battle. When your digimon are in these areas, they will train and trainn and train, these occur automatically, and as your digimon train, they gain stats accorinding to the area they trained in. As you can see in the above picture, the playground increases HP, the more your digimon train there, they will gain HP. This is pretty satisfying, as the more you train them, the stronger they get, and they eventually evolve. And everytime b4 you enter a fight and see your opponent's digimon's stats are overall lower than yours, you will be thinking "this asshole is dead".

Of course the game is not only about raising digimon, altough that is probably the game's most enchanting feature. Fighting to be the great digimon world championship, you are to bring your trained digimon to fight. Though you get 1 free egg which will hatch into a digimon at the beginning, you have to catch other digimon yourself. As you win matches you unlock several wilderness areas for you to gagther digimon, such as forests or sewers. To gather digimon you have to use a bunch of equipment, including a string, to round them up. To make things easier you got stuff to slow them now, catch up on them unnoticed, and many others. You wont be able to catch those stronger digimon however, right away. No matter what digimon you got, your purpose is still to train them up for the fights, in which you will fight usually 1 on 1 early on, and 3v3 in later matches.

Now flaw-wises everyone can guess whats coming. For one, battles are fun and all but theres just one thing, you cant control all your digimon. Yes its that bad you can give them commands stragetically but thats it, the game's battles will all be controled by the AI, now this is pure BS. Also, catching the digimon are a pain in the ass. You will waste a mouthful of time trying to catch those stronger digimon, but in the end all you can catch are puny children/baby digimon, its kinda annoying. Also, many a time when you keep wanting to raise a certain stat point of a digimon, they will say its reached its limit, meaning you cant raise any more. This is HELL stupid, cuz many a time when they say this HP is already at the limit, when I battle other digimon at the same level with mine, they have ALOT higher HP. The nerve of them telling me I cant raise it!
Overall if you overlook the amount of flaws digimon world championship has, you will find a good harvest moon/monster rancher hybrid kinda game that has a little bit of digimon stuff mixed in here and there. Fans and knowalikes will probably enjoy this, theres much fun to be had. And as with many of thier reviews, pay gamespot review to this game no heed.

Happy gaming.

Opening songs-OP 1: Get the door
genre:action, fantasy, ecchi
Lets kick things off with another anime review. Alrgiht up today we have a a pretty damn good anime called...what? Okay, Im kidding, today's anime is queen's blade (1st season), and no its not a pretty damn good anime, its a pretty damn heavily fanservice made one. I dont evenn know y I watched this, it wasnt even good. Still, heres a little something for all of you who are interested...( though I think there wudnt be many interested in this crap).
Opening song is called get the door. Its not very nice, I always skipped it so I nvr really paid it any notice. There are many better ones out there.
Queen's blade is a anime that relies very very VERY heavily on fanservice, and for that they went abit too far. This is a show where everyone has freakin big boobs, Im serious, look at thier enourmous bust sizes! EVERY episode without fail there will be nudity, boobs,boobs and more boobs...its gets kinda lame and distractingly annoying at times.
The show stars reina as the main character, a princcess belonging to a great empire, and the show starts off with her facing off against a demon which shoots acidic liquid out of her breasts (wtf?!). Reina gets owned and is saved by a wandering bandit named risty, who then takes reina back to her castle, for a reward of course. After a chain of events reina disobediently leaves the castle, against her father, the duke's orders to stay in the castle. She follows risty, who wants to take part in the queen's blade competition, a competition where female warriors fight each other for the title of the queen. After a humiliating defeat, reina is abandoned by risty. Reina swears to get stronger, and the show's main story becomes focuses on reina trying to find risty.
Queen's blade has a lot of fanservice, ALOT. Heres the breakdown, 75% fanservice, 20% story and 5% fighting. The only fight worth mentioning was reina vs claudette at the 10th episode or so. The only girl I like in the show is probably nowa( appropriate bodies FTW). Anyway, lets leave this show alone, unless you are just looking for fanservice. Even so, ladies X butlers is a better choice.


Opening songs-OP 1: Again, OP 2: Hologram, OP 3: Golden time lover, OP 4: Period, OP 5: Rain
genres: Adventure, fantasy, drama, action
episodes: 64
Probably one of the most phenominal animes that can last for 64 episodes and still be good. Fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood (FMA:BH for short) is supposed to be a remake of the orginal anime, following stricly by the manga. Its a good take, and the show was great, it appealed to newcomers and those who watched the old FMA. This is seriously one hell of a badass show, 64 episodes is probably the deciding factor.
Okay..lots of openings here. 1st opening is again by YUI, who sang rolling star for bleach. Its a great song,not doubt about it, one of the better out of the 5. After that is hologram, another awesome song, probably the best opening here. The 3rd opening is golden time lover, its kind of an old school kinda song, not really my style. The 4th opening is period by chemistry, whom should be quite well known in the anime industry for singing gundam songs. Its a pretty solid song, but could be better. Finally the last opening is rain by SID. Rain is a pretty moody song, and is great as it fits as the final opening of the show.
FMA:BH is an example of an ideal shounen anime. It has all the action you can have, great pacing, and a good story. The show never fails to suffice, it has moments of death, betrayal and other mixed emotions. In other words, its not a show like bleach or naruto where every1 lives and no1 dies. Its a show of mixed emotions, with some pretty cool quotes and characters, something that makes it addictive.
Everyone should know the great fullmetal alchemist, edward elric, the youngest state alchemist ever. His goal in the show's journey is to find a way to restore his arm and leg, as well as his entire brother's being, back to normal. With automail limbs he and his brother set out on a journey to find a way for thier restorations. With thier involvement with the military, they soon come across enemies known as the homunculus( which I may mention, are one of the coolest villian groups in anime history), whom hinder thier journey, as edward and his brother al are both 2 of 5 pillars needed for the sacrifice, to awaken "the father". In thier journey, they meet many other characters, some aid them, some are just obstacles in thier long journey, but the thing is most of them play a part in the overall story and are pretty memoriable. Its pretty damn cool.
FMA:BH is one show that shouldnt be missed. The action is pretty real, and the final 13 episodes or so take this show to a whole different level, making it on a phenominal scale. It has a full and complete ending to boot, it gives that "complete" feeling when you finish the anime, that way watchers wont ask for more, cause the show ended well, and in my opinion I think this show ended off in a great note. Seriously, this show should not be missed, especially if you are one that likes bleach, naruto and all the other shounen whatnot.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Naruto shippuuden: narutimate accel

gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.5

(+)Pros:- good and entertaining battle formula,- great with friends,- lots of choices for character selection,- almost all characters have distinctive fight styles.

(-)Cons:- new story mode is stupid,- lack of fun gameplay modes,- balance issues

gameplay time:10-20 hours( below average)

Fk the world man my results for semester 1 in school is pure mother f-ing crap..god dammit... Anyway, today's game is a rather old one, naruto shippuuden: narutimate accel. Im doing the japanese version that was releaased way back in 07, not the english one released last year. Used to play this alot with my friends and boy it sure was alot of fun back then. Lots of new naruto games released right now get a lot of hate.. havent played them but I would say this was one of the better ones.

Story-wise this game follows that of the 1st season of the naruto shippuuden anime, up till the sasori and deidara part, and till the part where sasori lets loose into his real form. Nothng to criticise here since they ARE following anime storyline. Still, kinda sucks to have to know the story by playing through the all so dumb story mode. Seriously its better if you go and watch the real anime or something.

Naruto's games fighting mechanics have always been fairly simple, so to speak. This game is no different. You fight 1 on 1 in a 2D side scrolling arena, where you can teleport to different tiers in the map. Every character has a simple attack button, item use button, special button and a jump button, with each character having 2 of thier own special skills. Oh and the back buttons are used for misscellenous stuff like blocking. Story mode controls are like that of an average brawler, with a more 3D perspective unlike during normal fights.

The story mode is uber lame, its short and it wastes time with boring fights, tedious backtracking and some frustrating controls. The main focus of the game are its fights. There are a lot of characters you get to play as, and they all have distinctive playstyles. Well most of them at least. Naruto fights by summoning clones to combo along with his normal hits, tenten fights with flinging more weapons around than usual, kankurou fighting with letting puppets do the dirty work, gaara fights with overpowering the opponents with sand from afar....theres alot of characters to mention, including the ones from the previous games they included. Though battle can seem slow at 1st, once mastered, becomes a blast. You can use chakra to teleport away from being hit, you can rush ur opponents midair, unleash skills at insane speed....and many more. This is especially fun against a human player, where both players can keep avoiding each others attacks and keep hammering each other....its great. Not that fighting agains the AI isnt fun, but its on a totally diffeent level when fighting against a player.
Flaw-wise, there are quite a few in the game. For one, as mentioned above, the story mode sucks. Not story wise, but controls and battle wise, they are ntohing compared to normal 1 v 1 fights. And there arent many fun gameplay modes, besides the normal quick battle and challenge fights, there isnt much to do. Lastly, the characters arent exactly very balanced. Gaara and other few fighters will cerrtainly dominate among the roster. Meaning, out of the so many characters, players will only be using a select few, since th e rest are just downright inferior to them. I cant forget how my friends all banned tanaya -.-.
For naruto fans, theres fun to be had here. I have not played the english version, so Im unaware of the changes, but Im pretty sure japanese voices are btr than the english one. Still, fun game, its not that bad of a fighter.

Happy gaming.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Armored core: Silent line portable

gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.0

(+)Pros:- Highly customizable mechs with tons of available parts,- battle is thrilling once you get the hang of it, - arena fights are pure fun

(-)cons:- steep learning curve,- incredibly fked up controls,- missions are bloody hard

gameplay time:20-30 hours( average)

For today's review the featured game will be armored core: silent line portable. Armored core has been around for quite awhile no? And seeing that gamespot has reviewed almost every armored core game in existence I dont see why they couldnt review this one, the only armored core game I have ever played. Seriously for my 1st armored core game, it really made me want to dive into the series and explore more about it, but due to some.....difficulty issues I have been restrained pretty badly. Anyway, on with it.

Story wise, you are a mecenary with a mech going around doing missions for companies and crap. You practically take part in puny run-of-the-mill missions at 1st and later, as you work for a certain company more and more you are charged with taking more big and story-deciding missions which will force you to work for that company even later in the game. Also, work affects what you will want to do in the later areas of the game.

Silent line portable's gameplay sounds simple but is pretty damn hard. During missions or arena fights you have to zoom around the field with your mech, with usually defeating the opponent as your main objective. Though you can cuztomize your mech into something totally different, unique or insane, controls still remain ridiculously hard, with every button on your PSP being occupied with a command, some buttons even support up to 2 commands...But yeah, back to the point, your gameplay usually makes you zoom around the map (usually not too large), and shoot the hell out of your enemies.

To me silent line is all about the combat, especially the arena. Oh and the customization plays a huge part in the game, it was wad actually made me want to start this game itself. Seeing my borther browse the shop with a ga-zillion available parts to mix and match around with.. it was just too cool. There are a TON of parts for you to buy and cuztomize to your mech, ranging from leg parts, arm parts, shoulder weapons and many other shit. You can totally make your robot either look really badass, or really silly. Its your choice, and the weapon selection is quite wide too, with blade arms, missles, guns and many more, you can have many ways to combat your enemies. And if you can get past all the hard controls and get used to them( which will take awhile),battle can be really exhilarating. Arena matches to me are the best, 1 on 1 with other boss mechs are sweet as hell, with both of you circling each other and firing at the same time....epic. Also most of the boss mechs are stronger than you, making the fight more challenging and fun.

The really only few flaws of the game are with concerns to difficulty...Im super sure. The missions are TOUGH, even with the mastered controls the enemies swarm you like no tommorow and they all do insane damage for just normal enemies. And the control scheme is just fked, without self control customization you can barely learn to do anything amazing. Scratch that, even WITH self made controls theres just too many command inputs too be able to use them all properly and easily. Lastly, if you are new to the series like will probably have a hard time learning to play properly.

Silent line portable if you ask me, shudnt hav been ported to the PSP. With only so many buttons, the PSP is a worse system to play the game on than the PS2. Still, the game aint so bad, the great arena fights saved the game. If you are a fan of the series, pick this up, if you are a newcomer and want to start the series here...I recommend starting somehwere else.

Happy gaming.