Okay,its been a while.Now,in the duel runner shop,after beating buffer,buy whatever you want.Suggested that you get ganma frame.Head out and duel the boy just ahead,and the 2 other people in the area.

deck name:I'd like a lisence
deck power:596

Not too hard,quite easy in fact.The only problem is that he loves to use future fusion,and call out super vehicroid stealth union,with 3600 ATK.With that on the field,you can only either wait for a monster removal card,or outdeck it,unless you can match its 3k+ ATK.Pack more monster removal for this one.

deck name:FINALLY!
deck power:582

Oda just doesnt play cool.He is just like a beefed up version of Kidd.He plays 6 samurai,same as kidd,if he swarms the field,you will be screwed up badly.Do not let him swarm the field or you will really regret it,grandmaster of the 6 samurai,great shogun and all of his 6 samurai can come up real quick if you let him swarm.However,using lightning vortex/mirror force can totally kill his army.

deck name:addressing athena
deck power:588

Anna plays a fairy deck,quite a consistent 1.Her strategy is to bring out valhala,and if you are really unlucky,she will combo out athena with valhala.Athena has 2600 ATK,quite gey,and she has a habit of damaging your life points via summoning more and more fairies.Your best bet is to take out valhala,and you will have no problem at all.

Kay good.Now go east.Another 2 fellows here.

deck name:the port and me
deck power:638

His deck is laughable.He relies heavily on umi,without it,you will have a easy time.He uses a very basic umi strategy,the only troubling matter here is that if umi is out,he may call out tornado wall,preventing your monsters from touching him.

deck name:the boat and me
deck power:652

Hes not hard,but hes annoying.He has frogs,lots of frogs.They have high DEF and annoying effects.They wont have much ATK,so no need to worry about getting dmged too much.Just dont let walls of revealing light and level limit area B to restrict you from attacking.

The other guy wont duel you,go figure.Head back west and then south.2 guys here.Duel them as usual.

deck name:the next perseus
deck power:603

Argh.He uses the same deck type as yusuke,which is damn annoying.Hes here is abit better,but not by much.Use the same strategy and try shutting down his traps.

deck name:rampage express
deck power:609

A batteryman deck.Its really easy to own.But due to batterymen's special summoning effects,you can get taken down pretty fast.Just be careful or batteryman industrial with 2600 ATK and its all good.Pack alot of monster removal to win easy.

Now go on the highway with your duel runner.Clear in 2 mins,meh,very easy.After the run,you get another flashback.Thats all for now.