Moonlight Butterfly
Skills: Soul spread*, Homing soul arrow,  Energy drop, Energy beam, Explode

Times died on 1st playthrough:1

Okay so moving on! After ringing bell one, its time to continue your journey, and the next place you should head to would be the area beneath our beloved blacksmith Andrea, and that leads to the Darkroot Garden. As you thread along the dangerous stone soldier enemies and deadly living shrubs, you will run across our next boss, the Moonlight Butterfly. Certainly one of the prettiest looking bosses in the game, too bad though. He's easy, and while not as easy some of the previous bosses, he can be cut down pretty easily once you get used to his attacks. He is the 1st boss of darkroot garden.

One of the most unique looking bosses I have ever seen.

After the retarded-ness of the bell gargoyles, facing the Moonlight Butterfly should be not much of an issue. He only has one attack that is difficult to dodge, while the rest are easy as hell to read and predict. It may take you one or 2 times to memorize and completely get used to his attack patterns, but when you do, you'll realize that killing the Moonlight Butterfly is quite simple. Here are his attacks.

Soul spread*- His one and only potentially dangerous move. He summons an emblem and shoots a spread of soul needles. This is quite hard to dodge, as the needles move quickly and the timing can be quite strict. You can block them, but you still take some damage and this can be an issue if he spams it and you run out of estus flasks.

Homing soul arrow- He fires 3 slow moving arrows to your direction. Easily dodged.

Enerdy drop- He flies over to the other side of the bridge and drops a ball of energy on top of you. Easily dodged by rolling away, the damage isn't that fantastic anyway so don't worry if you get hit by it.

Energy beam- He starts facing one end of the bridge and his horn starts to glow. He then fires a beam that stretches across the mojority of the bridge. You can roll through it, or run to the other end quickly.

Explode- He blows up after letting you hit his face for awhile. Just back off when he starts glowing.

Meh, overall, he's nothing special. You cant hit him normally when you first go in, but don't worry. After he attacks a few times, he will perch down on a segment of the bridge, and let you hit him. So the process of this fight is simple. Dodge for awhile, hit him, let him fly away, dodge again, hit again, rinse and repeat.

His most dangerous move is soul spread, which he loves to abuse. Its hard to dodge and you take damage while blocking, but when you learn to properly dodge it, its not so bad. Just look for gaps between the arrows and roll accordingly. Don't worry about blocking it if you have to, just don't do it too much, as the accumulated damage can get lethal.

His other moves are a joke. Homing soul arrow is so slow you can practically run past them, and energy drop is easily dodged by jus rolling or running away in another direction. Homing soul arrow hits hard though, so whatever you do, try not to be hit by it, blocking it is also a bad idea. Energy beam has a very long startup so all you have to do when you see the beam is just to roll through. Easy peasy.

Just take it like a butterfly!

Okay, so what do you gotta do? Just dodge. Seriously, once you memorize all his attacks, thats all there is to it. Theres no proper timing or openings to look out for, after a few attacks he practically gives himself to you and lets you hit him. After wailing on him for awhile, he starts to glow and eventually explodes in a small radius.When you see the glow, back off, don't get too greedy ;p.

The battle is even easier if you are a mage, pyromancer, or just someone with some sort of ranged attack. Even bows work. You don't even have to wait for him to come down for you to melee him, just rain your arrows or spells on him, pyromancy spells work extremely well. Do this and he goes down even quicker!

All in all, he's easy. He may be an optional boss, but its still recommended that you kill him. You get a key and the divine ember, something you need for holy weapons. For the shit you went through during your journey through Darkroot garden, this shouldnt be a problem.