Sunday, 22 November 2009


gamespot score:n/a

my score:9.0

(+)pros:-nicest skills in any free online game I have ever seen,-training is a cinch, -very nice mobs for a free online game,-party dungeons are fun to do,-fair and balanced pvp system,-combo system and good and creative

(-)cons:-increasing skill level is a goddamn pain in the fkin ass

gameplay time:200 hours+(near infinite gameplay)

Cabal online,an awesome online game to the max. It is the only MMORPG that I have played and managed to get to level 82. This game is like any ordinary MMORPG, but it has great animations of skills,attacks and even movements. For a free online game,this game is to be checked out by any MMORPG player, cause cabal is THE game which brings MMORPGs to the next level,with beautifully designed characters,great battle system, pvps,pks,and even comboing,this are just some of the things that make this game so great,along with any other minor things that I haven't mentioned.

I play cabalSEA,by asiasoft,sadly now I've quit. Well cabal is an online game,no story needed,but there is a story,its just I haven't paid much attention to it.Anyway, cabal has 6 classes(a rather basic amount,no complaints here),the warrior,blader,mage, force shielder,force archer and force blader. All jobs have great skills and none are overpowered,each with thier own pros and cons. I played as a blader and had alot of fun,but im pretty sure my other friends who played as the other jobs had lots of fun too.

As i mentioned in the pros and cons area,cabal has nice mobs,and i really do mean NICE mobs. The monsters in cabal are one of a kind,there are rare or sometimes no reapeats of a monster at all. So you will be fighting many different varieties of monsters. They are all in different levels and provide great exp which making leveling up easy and not as frustrating as other online games. There as also party dungeons which have even nicer mobs,and then even NICER mobs as bosses. Bosses in cabal are one thing,they look awesome and amazing,with badass skills and powerful attacks. Sadly though,most of these bosses can be easily defeated with the activation of battle mode 2,more on that later.

Yeap,thats a bike. Now about skills,each job has thier own amazing skills.As I said, cabal offers beautiful skill animations,which each has amazing damage to them. A few examples are warrior's tetra break and blader's blade scud,even the force blader's assasinate is awesome. Skills are great,they are awesome,but in order to get something so great,you have to work for it,work HARD for it. Here comes skill training,the most fked up thing in the game, to get a skill,you have to skill train for it. Skill train goes like this,everytime you NORMAL ATTACK a monster,you gain a point for skills,you need to have like 200 skill points to gain 1 skill level,you need like 100+ skills levels to get new skills,yep its boring. But fortunetly,thats the game only flaw and it has many other cool things to overlook it. You also have battle modes,which are awesome looking weapon changes that jobs get.Warrior's greatsword changes to a scythe,bladers dual swords change to dual claws,mage's get dualcast,force bladers get a force cannon(something like that),force archers get force shooters,and force shielders get some big ass shield.Each of these specific battle modes have thier own skill and effect,and they are badass,and they only last for a little while,sad.Comboing is fun too,activiating combos allows you to launch a string of attacks in a row without flinching,since normal skills in pvp make players flinch or fall down,combos negate that.

Cabal is a great MMORPG with easy training and nice gameplay,you dont need a whole lot of patience to reach lvl 50,unlike many other games,this game is rather easy to level,and though skills are nice and hard to get,hopefully inspiration will get you far enough to gain those good skills.Recommended to those looking for an awesome MMORPG.

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Happy gaming.