Gamespot score:n/a

my score:9.0

(+)Pros:-new card play field system is great to look at and great to play at the same time,-character customization for once looks good,-huge card data base with well designed synchro system,- 1st yugioh world championship game that allows free control,- plenty of replay value in both world championship and story mode,-great music

(-)cons:- game lags during dueling due to huge card database

gameplay time:100 hours+(very long lasting)

Yeah! I have been looking foward to this review. As usual gamespot wont rate this kind of screw them. Well yeah lets go straight to the point. Today I will be doing the yugioh 2009 world champsionship review, courtesy of konami, this is personally my favourite yugioh game so far, even better than tag force 4, which was a great game. Well time to go for it, post time.

The story is based on story mode(duh) one of the 2 modes for this game. The game follows the anime based storyline until the fortune cup, with tweaks of course, since you are not yusei. Anyways you are some random guy/girl which is found lying on the ground by rally, for some reason you dont even know your name at the start of the game since you have amnesia. But for reasons unknown, you start regaining your memories piece by piece via dueling. So the game unfolds on and on until you are admitted to the fortune cup, where the story matches that of the anime.

Here we have the 1st yugioh DS game with the finest play field system to far. With the previous world champsionship games having the play field from the top view, now the play field shows the cards slightly tilted, and when you move your cursor over so a card space, it no longer zooooms all the way in at the card, that was annoying. Konami brilliantly removed that and made the game's playfield all so flawless. Monster models were a horrible thing in the past, they are still here, but when monsters battle, no longer will they show thier hideous models slashing/clawing each other.Instead, thier beautifully drawn monster potraits take their place, making battles less animated, but more nice.

Also along with this game comes its new increased card amount. Of course this is a must for every step up yugioh game, but due to new synchro and tuner monsters, the card amount really jumped on this one. And the tuning animations are pretty nice and creative, unlike fusing animations. Also, the cards when playing look more portrait oriented, making gameplay more...picturable. The new card additions as usual provide more strategies to beat opponents, though the new cards and strategies
seem abit overpowered at times, the game isnt biased towards strategies and gameplay fairness is pretty smooth.

Of course I mentioned in the pros section that there was improved character cutomization. That is indeed correct. Character portraits are improved drastically in this version. The characters you can create no longer look stale and well....stiff. The new character models are good looking and the characters really look more detailed. Girls are actually cute or once, and the guys can be made to look really cool if you want to. Also, this game's story mode, no matter how packed with replay value it already is, has a companion. World championship mode is back, though not really significantly improved, it provides more play value to the game.

Altough with the big card library konami made the game pay its price with some noticable lag during duels, this game is definetely the best yugioh game to date, not just on the DS, on any system. Definetely a worthy addition to the series.

Happy gaming.