Saturday, 8 May 2010

best game character: 8 may 10

1st order of business, I apologize for the not doing best game character for so long. It simply slipped my mind. 2nd order of busniess, I will use one word to describe rachel alucard, the best game character for today. That word is...


Belive it or not rachel is full of WIN. Love her, always will, favourite character for blazblue, followed by V-13. Blazblue is a game with some of the video gaming world's wackiest and most interesting character, almost all of them are fit for best game character, yeap Im looking at you, taokaka and hakumen. But well lets not stray off topic, today is about rachel.

It may not look like it, but rachel is actually a vampire. What, you could tell? I guess the castle and bats give it away. There really isnt anything much given as her background info, in the blazblue:calamity trigger story she was supposed to be a spectator. But however she appears in other characters' story for many mysterious reasons, such as jin's story and noel's story at the ends. She mostly watches over battles or something like that. She herself fights too, and since she is known by a few of the game's so called badasses, hakumen and kokonoe for example, she probably is quite known in certain parts of the blazblue realm.

Rachel is badass. She somewhat controls lightning, and her arsenal of attacks revolve around electricity itself. She also seems to be able to control wind, most probably as support to follow up with her lightning based moves. My personal favourites, sword of iris and george XIII. Sword of iris requires setting up of lightning poles 1st, then luring or pulling enemies toward them. When they are near the poles, sword of iris can kick in and lightning strikes down the poles, electrifying the opponent. Its pretty fun to use them to play mind games with the opponent, since this does quite some damage. George XIII summons a frog that electorcutes the enemy upon impact, its kinda funny, effective at times too. Her special (cant remember its name), is just a stronger version of sword of iris and hurts like hell.
Though rachel is strong in battle, I'll admit shes harder to play than others, thus she's not my best character. Moves like sword of iris and her astral heat require timing, and somehow my timing isnt quite perfect yet. That dont change the fact that shes still my fav blazblue character.

Rachel owns. She has a calm and cool personality, remaining calm at most times. She is definetly one of the best game characters I have seen im my gaming life.
" I'm bored."- Rachel alucard