Once again, today Im doing another top 5 bad ass villians post, and once again about gaming. I did this exactly a month ago. Wheee. Oh yes and once again be warned there WILL be spoilers so yeah, know what to expect.

5. Dr. weil

From: megaman zero 3

1st off the list today as number 5 is dr weil, aka dr willy succeccor. JOKE, but seriously, see the resemblence?

Dr weil, like dr willy in ALL of the original megaman games, makes robots do his bidding. In megaman zero 3, he has a league of powerful servants too, namely they are called weil's numbers, weird name to call themselves. Plus, *spoilers*, hes the last boss of the damn game.

What makes him deserve the list is so obvious, he just like dr willy, only less maniacal. He has his own legion of faggots that are made to serve him and they will do anything in thier power to stop you. He also revived a few of zero's old enemies from before to fight him , this shows his evilness. Dr weil is evil, and as the last boss he fucks shit up.

4. The dark ones
From: metro 2033

I havent played much of metro, but I saw most of the story when my bro played the game, and its easy to tell that the dark ones are one badass group.

The dark ones look like aliens from another planet, they look kinda like old school aliens from the 80's or 90's movies. Unlike most mutant enemies in metro 2033 the dark ones stand straight and walk almost like humans. You dont really get to fight them in the game, execpt the last part, but still, you can see how much evil they have done.

The dark ones dont kill people physically, in fact, you will only be seeing them occasionally in the game, in obvious areas, just sitting, as if they are waiting for you, then they just... jump off and vanish. However wherever they appear you will see a bunch of dead guys around them or in thier path, they were obviously killed by the dark ones. Them dark ones kill people by invading the mental state of mind, and kill them from the inside. Badass baby.

3. Zeus
From: god of war series

Well, how can one NOT say zeus is a badass villian? COME ON, HE IS ZEUS, MOTHER EFFIN ZEUS. Zeus is supposed to be good, hes a god! But well not in the world of god of war baby.

Well playing as kratos, a violent bastard whos always killing as the god of war, zeus punishes kratos and strips him of god-hood. Buahaha! He does this through the blade of the gods, and sucks all of krato's power when he holds it. I havent played GOW 3 but yes he is the last boss of GOW 2.

Hes obviously bad, I mean COME ON, PLAY GOW 2. And still those who play GOW 1 as well will realize, when kratos was still mortal , zeus helped kartos by giving him the ability to fire off thunder bolts, then kratos got betrayed by the very god that gave him power before. And as the god of war, zeus is practically kratos's father, the irony!! Actually it was kinda expected, but still, it was cool.

2. Hazma
From: blazblue series

Whos this guy? He looks like sherlock homes..... but damn, you wont want to mess with him. This guy is called hazama, and hes probably one of the main antagonists in the blazblue series.
Oh yeah, he's cool.
Hazama appears 1st in blazblue :calamity trigger, during noel's story mode and claimed also to appear in ragna's story mode( though I havent seen him there). He also appears in the true ending. In calamity trigger hazama is probably the main bad guy, aside from maybe nu. And I suppose he is the main antagonist in contiuum shift.
Hazama is a true bad guy. In noel's story, he acts as someone from the intelligence division and pretends to cooperate with noel. He also claims that combat is not his area of expertise and leaves all fights to noel. In the end of noel's story, spoilers here, when noel gets killed by nu, he suddenly walks up and says that he thought "she could do it". He says some negative stuff and when rachel suddenly shows he calls her a godamn vampire. And yes I am very sure he is heavily related to terumi, whom is a major badass in rachel's story. His playstyle in contiuum shift looks really fun and crafty too, suited for someone such as him.

1. Takaya
From: Persona 3( all versions)
Alright number one today is takaya, main antagonist of persona 3 and part of strega. Takaya is s superbly evil son of a bitch, and is one hell of a badass.
Takaya is friggin cool, and he's a true villian at that. I mean he doesn't wear a shirt! Anyway that aside he does many many evil things. The dark hour, tartaraus...yeah the things that you have tried to destroy and get rid since the start of the game, he wants to keep them, and he's dead set to do anything to prevent you from doing so.
The first encounter with takaya isnt so bad, he traps you in the underground army base and leaves you to fight chariot and justice. Later on, *spoilers* he kills shinjiro, and attempts to kill ken along with him. This alone is fked up, since he killed shinjiro and just walked away like nothing happened, you will already be wanting to kill him after the scene. Then later he fights you to stop you from killing the "final shadow", his battle stance and style is cool too. His persona friggin rox!!! Plus, the most evil thing he's done, *spoilers yet again*, he kills chidori, his very own strega teamate, jus cause she was in love with junpei. WTF!!!! And chidori was already trying her best to fight against someone she loved, what a bastard. Yeah takaya is such a bitchy badass villian.

Peace for now.