Friday, 17 February 2012

Greatest game character:16 feb 2012

Hey look at that! Its jetch from FF 10! Wtf is he doing in that spunky outfit?!?

Well if it isn't obvious enough, this is jaeger from valkyria chronicles, and he's the star in today's greatest game character. While I was incredibly tempted to give the spot to either Alicia (for her superb character developement throughout the game) or Selveria (for being a spunky and badass valkyria as well as having an excellent character design), Jaeger took the spot for the greatest character in Valkyria chronicles for being the character that I remembered the most while I looked back on the masterpiece of a game.

*SPOILERS* as usual.

Like I always say about a character I like, Jaegar is a fking badass. He's almost like a spitting image of jetch from FF 10 (whom I main in dissidia, cause he's badass). His personality, looks, voice and style are like, exactly the same. He's a middle aged man in his late thirties, and is one of Maximillion's 3 main generals. And in the story, out of the four (Maximillion, Jaegar, Selveria, Gregor), he was the only one not to die in the story, and in my personal opinion, he is easily the most experienced and most skillful in both combat and warfare when compared to the other 3. Speaking like that of a seasoned general, he wipes the floor with welkin and squad 7 twice in the entire game.

Jaegar's awesome tank.

Jaeger rides upon his awesome armored tank Lupus to battle, and its pretty powerful. Its no Marmota or Batomys, but its definetely no slouch and can easily compare to that of heavy tanks (maybe even stronger). During the 1st battle in the kloden wood, his tank was rather basic and functioned like that of an ordinary tank with extra stats. In the final battle with him, his tank was fully armored, and could be replanished by just going to a nearby base camp, which made him incredibly hard to kill (many said this was the hardest battle in the game).

Other than that, jaegar doesnt have any special abilities. He's a normal soldier on the battlefield, standing to lose everything. Jaegar was actually the only one of Maximillion's three generals that was NOT of Imperial orgin. Jaegar actually fought for his own county's indipendence, which immediately made him special. He was his country's representive, and if he helped Maximillion conquer Gallia, he would achieve his country's independence. So truly, Jaegar isn't a bad person, just like jetch wasn't bad in FF 10.

Jaegar in the anime.

Jaegar is a man of code and honor. He fights with respect whoever his opponents are, and this made him both a feared and respected commander on the battlefield. His tactics are flawless, and his strategies help tilt battle towards his favour, while still retaining his code of honor, and he fights without being cheap. After Selveria and Gregor fell to the hands of death during the battle against the gallia millitia, Jaegar knew he was the only one left, and knew that he would soon suffer defeat like the rest. Still, he stood his ground and made a blockade to buy time for Maximillion's invasion toward Princess cordelia's castle. There, he met his match as he faced of against Welkin and Squad 7.

As said, Jaegar is the only one of the 4 of Maximillion's little group to not die. After suffering defeat, Jaegar stands outside of his flaming destroyed tank, staring at the aftermath of the battle. Knowing that he lost, he took it like a man.When one of his soldiers came to report to him, he told the soldier to go to Maximillion, and to warn him about the Gallia Millitia, saying that squad 7 fights for thier families, and should not be underestimated. He also prioritized that his squad was evacuated after the battle, as if putting thier safety as top priority. As if indicating that he has some inner remourse, he wishes his underling soldier good luck with the rest of his life, and walks off, never to be seen again. His soldier too, gives his commander a heartful farewell, and goes off. This shows how much respect his soldiers have for him, and the fact that he doesnt stop jaegar from leaving just shows how much he respects his commander's descision.

According to wiki Jaegar shows up in Valkyria chronicles 3. If that is the case I am really thrilled to see the tank commander again in action, and how much he has grown. Jaegar plays his cards well, and doesn't cheat. And when it comes to it, he holds his honour above anything else. In a game like valkyria chronicles, that is fking amazing, and the scene where Jaegar walks off into the ruins of the town after his battle with squad 7 will always stay carved into my mind, as the most badass scene in the game.

"True strenght lies not in strenght and powder. Valkof and the Marmota alone will not win this war,"-Jaegar, passing a final piece of advice to his soldier to carry to Maximillion.