Boss health

Skills: regeneration, spawn phalangeal

Skills: spear shot, spear stab

Times died on 1st playthrough:0

Today is the 1st post on demon's souls boss profiles. Well this is to start of may I guess. May is gonna be shit, school will screw me up.... well enough of that. Phalanx is a giant blob of slime, or a just a bigger version of the phalangeal at the earlier parts of the stage. Phalanx is the boss of 1-1, boletaria castle archstone.

Well being the real 1st boss, you will fight this boss at level 1, no matter what job you use. Whatever job you use phalanx wont be too hard, cause its just like fighting a big phalangeal, with covers all around him. Phalanx is just a big blob with lots and lots and LOTS of phalangeals surrounding him. He has no real attacks, expect for spawning more phalangeals and to heal HP after a period of time. Because of this, phalanx leaves all the dirty work to the phalangeals. Since there are ALOT of phalangeals....if they all wack you at the same time they can screw you up. They can also stab you together if you approach the giant blob to clear them.

To beat phalanx you wont need a lot of strategy. All you have to do is kill all phalangeals around him and you can damage the main core. Of course killing the phalangeals can be a bit of a pitch, so you have a few options. You can slowly slash your way through the phalangeals, this will take awhile and will probably waste you some grass. If you are a royalty or mage feel free to soul arrow or flamethrower the phalangeals. The best way to clear them, is to either throw firebombs you got from earlier, or turpentine your weapon, this makes killing the phalangeals as easy as burning grass. After all phalangeals are down, just slash the damn blob until he falls, I didnt even die on my 1st time against him so noone should be having troubles with this boss.

As a boss phalanx is quite disappointing, but well he IS the 1st boss so the game cant make him too hard. He is one of the easiest bosses in the game and is probably just a stepping stone to make players more used to the game.

All in game boss HP amounts have been taken from demon's souls wiki.