Opening songs
OP 1-Core pride(Uverworld)
OP2-In my world(Rookiez is Punk'D)

Ending songs
ED 1-Take off(2PM)
ED 2-Wired life(Meisa kuroki)

Genres:Action, comedy, drama, supernatural

I wanted to keep my AFA post at the top for awhile, but meh, when its to post its time to post. Here we are with one of the more recently relased anime this no exorcist. No doubt you would have heard about this if you're an anime fan, its a huge hit (especially for all you yaoi fangirls). Ao no exorcist is not something entirely new or over the top, there's a good chance you would have seen something similar to it elsewhere. Im talking about soul eater and D.grayman, 2 fantastic animes which are quite similar to ao no exorcist. Still, ao no exorcist has its own unique form of charm, it draws viewers into its unique world, funky character settings and somewhat intruiging story (though I would have prefered it if they followed the manga -.-).

Ao no exorcist has some of the most badass opening and ending songs out there. Most of them are unrivaled in thier own way one or another. Core pride is the first opening, and boy is it ADDICTING. Its been awhile since uverworld pulled of such a masterpiece, and core pride is definetely one of my favourite songs up to date. The opening animations were pulled off nicely too. In my world by rookiez is punk'd is the 2nd opening, and its every bit as amazing as core pride. I would put core pride SLIGHTY higher, but in my world is something not to be missed too. The endings are great too, the 1st ending is take off and the 2nd one is wired life. I didn't expect 2PM to sing for animes, but boy take off is pretty addictive. Still, wired life takes it for the better ending, I think meisa kuroki really put in her all to come up with such an addictive tune XD.


You can't go wrong with ao no exorcist. Even though the plot didn't follow that of the manga's, its original plot is still pretty good, altough the 1st half was significantly better. The manga has some sick shit going on, I suggest you guys to go read it, since I doubt they are going to come up with a season 2. A reboot like FMA:brotherhood would be nice, I hope they do something like that when the manga comes to a close. 25 episodes is pretty lenghty for an average anime, and ao no exorcist has some cool stuff going on, no matter what kind of anime fan you are or what kind of anime you like to watch, ao no exorcist has some good stuff for everyone.

You just KNOW cool shit is about to happen when you
see blue flames emit out of your body.

Ao no exorcist's plot places okumura rin as its main character, and he's quite the delinquent. He picks fights everyday with random punks on the street, and he has been that way since young. For that, his foster father shiro has to keep cleaning up the mess that he creates. One day though, bad stuff happens. Rin suddenly emits blue flames from his body, he is able to see small impish demons floating around the air, and some random punk he beat up is suddenly possesed by astaroth, a high level demon, and is now after his ass. Rin just started seeing the demon world, and after being saved by shiro, he explains to rin about the existence of demons and whatnot. Knowing that he cant hide it anymore, shiro hands rin the kirigakure (I think thats how its spelled), to seal his blue flames, seeing as he is the son of satan, he cannot leave his flames exposed. Of course shit goes wrong when astaroth attacks the church and everyone gets fked up when satan posseses shiro. Following the events of the attack, rin is transfered to true cross academy with his twin brother yukio, there, rin will lean about being an exorcist, hoping that he can defeat satan one day...
Ao no exorcist's plot for the first half of the anime is fking solid, later on it drops to just being good, it starts to dwindle when they stopped following the manga's plot. Still, theres almost no reason not to watch ao no exorcist, its a great anime on its own, and it boasts some of the best production qualities that most anime lack. I would recommend ao no exorcist to any anime fan out there, it is a mixture of a good variety of genres and is sure to entertain almost anyone lucky enough to lay thier eyes on it.