Thursday, 10 September 2009

best game character:10 september 09

Been 2 months already hm?Oh well didnt have much time so here is today's best game character.

Naoya,originated from shin megami tensei:devil survivor(which I should comment on is an extremely awesome game),is much like a person with evil intentions.He,being the main character's cousin,is helpful at times,but on the other hand,he wants to kill god and his angels!Damn cant help but likeing the fact that he is sooo bad,but is on the good side since he wants to help you...become demon king.

Naoya appears early in the game,warning the main character and his friends about the lockdown and strange things that are going to happen,as well as telling them to stay alive for the next 7 days.Well apparently everything came true,so I think he is kinda psyhic.But it is cool!!Imagine that the day before a demon invasion that is not known to world is about to happen and someone you know pops up,tells you to survive and it all happens!

Being a "mystery helper".Naoya suprisingly never appears for the next 60% of the game.The main character and his friends survive for 5 damn days,and suddenly,he appears again.The good guys,who have suspected that he must have known something,searched for him for 3 whole days,but to no avail,and naoya just godamn pops up,summoning demons to challenge them.

Not bad for a mystery helper.

Naoya fights like the rest of the characters in the game,via summoning demons and using magics and skills of his own.Naoya,being the scheme-making kinda person he is,has very high int,meaning he will do god knows how many damage when casting spells.

Overall,naoya is a badass guy whose personality is that of a helpful game master,whose objective is to wipe out all players in the game that he so called creates.He helps the good guys,but at the same time traumatises them with non-sensicle riddles and tough as nail challenges,so awesome!

Here is a pic I found from the net,awesomeness!Naoya is the one in the far background,the one with the green coat,see his awesome pose!!Or rather,see the awesome picture!!!