Opening songs
OP 1-Oshichau zo!! (AyaRuka)

Ending songs
ED 1-BEAM my BEAM (Himarinko L. Shizukuesu)
EP 12 ED-Sakamichi no Hate (Daisuke Hirakawa)

Genre:Action, Romance, Comedy


Quite a recent cat rush from me on the anime side for now. With my recent review Nyan koi, today I'm following up with Omarmori Himari, and strangely enough, it has something to do with cats as well, but a little more on the serious side this time. If you like stuff like Shakugan no shana, Omamori Himari will immediately appeal to you, with its concept of combining school life and fighting demons, its really quite entertaining. Its only held back by its lenght and somewhat cheesy ending, but other than that, its something to look foward to. Some of the girls may look and feel like generic stereotypes, but all in all, Omamori Himari has a solid plot and is something that any decent anime fan can watch and enjoy.

Songs wise I am rather disappointed with the selection. The opening is strangely "cute and pop-py" and seriously does not fit with the mood of the show. I don't really like it....same with the ending. "BEAM my BEAM" is too "cutesy" for me, and is definetely off the radar. It does sound a little catchy, but not even near the levels of "Help! Hell side" from MM. The final episode ending is a little too inferior for me to remember much, sadly, so no comment there.


An 8.0 from me for an anime like this really shows my love for it. Its just personal opinion, but this is just a less badass version of Shakugan no shana, which is a fantastic anime. The combat is mostly legit, and there is actually some plot going on here, not just pointless combat. The girls are a little bit on the common and generic side, but at least some of them have good powers to show off. As a harem it does a pretty damn good job, and as an action anime it has solid fight scenes. The school life stuff is just icing on the cake. Frankly speaking, its quite hard not to enjoy Omamori Himari. And with the hefty amount of fanservice, how can anyone say no?

A cute cat....You don't say?

The anime stars once again, a generic lucky high school boy, by the name of Amakawa Yuuto. Yuto is a shy, weak and pathetic boy, but he gets by with the support of his childhood friend Rinko. One day however, he runs into an incredibly good looking girl, who doesnt give her name. On the same day, Yuuto is attacked by a demon, and is rescued by this very same girl, who later introduces herself as Himari, and further adds that she is a cat spirit. Himari warns Yuuto about his family heritage, which specializes in exterminating demons, and that a charm that has been protecting him all his life has lost its effect. Now demons will come after Yuuto, so Himari naturally offers to protect and train him until he is fit to fend for himself. So thus begins the life of Yuuto as he lives with his new found beautiful (and sexy) cat spirit girl known as Himari (and did I mention sexy), as his life takes a turn to become a more eventful and dangerous one.

So...uh to close off, Omamori Himari is a pretty great show. It has quite a lot to offer (including a incredibly attractive loli for you lolicons!), and the character cast just keeps expanding till the end. The ending is rather cheesy and cliche but other than that, the entire anime leading up to the ending more than makes up for it. If you like action, Harem, comedy and school life, Omamori Himari is hard not to like.