Saturday, 2 May 2009

Tekken:dark ressurection

Gamespot score:9.2 (editor"s choice)

My score:8.0

Behold,my favourite fighting game in the psp.For one I will say i detest fighting games.Their gameplay is weak and they are basically pointless.
This game has convinced me otherwise.When i was 10 I played tekken
3 on the PSone.It made me have a new point of view to the genre of
fighting games.Every tekken title has never failed to entertain me,and
when my friend told me that tekken was coming out for PSP.I did not
hesitate to get it.
About tekken,it is a 3D fighting game with over 30 characters easily.It is about a fighers around the world gathering to fight in a tournament known as the king of iron fist tournament.Well this talks about the king of iron fist tournament 5,it is awesome.
There are people from different countries in the tournament and it is realistic as the characters speak not only english,japenese and chinese are some of the other languages spoken in the game.
Now,the fighting,it isnt very in depth for a fighting game.But the reason i love this game is because the characters are really well done,possibly the best I have seen in
any kind of game.The fighting is also pretty well made.The battles arent too long and
not too short as well.The moves are pretty straightfoward,unlike king of fighters,
though there are moves that do require a hell lot of buttons,really crazy.But these
10 command skills are really crazy and can take 1/2 a bar of hp off an opponent.

Each of these 30+ characters each have thier own individual story
,which is pretty minor.But at least they have a story,its better this
way as a game with just fighting alone is pretty pointless.The
stories of these characters provide cutscenes at the beginning ,
middle and end of thier story modes in which you will be awarded
a CG cutscene at the end

Each character has over 50-60 moves at least to show off thier skills
(except for the last boss,which i think is not unlockable).It will take an enourmous amount of time to master each character,which makes gameplay time longer.
Overall a great game,I think gamepot overrated it tough.But its just my opinion as I said I do not enjoy fighting games.