Friday, 23 December 2011

Incest?!? Probably not (Oreimo review)

Opening songs
OP 1-Irony (ClariS)

Ending songs*
ED 7-Masquerade (Kana hanazawa)

Genre:Drama, Comedy


I should be updating more, but I'm currently too busy playing games ( you guys want more reviews right? I'm running short of games already). I finished like 3 games during the past month, including time spent on League of Legends, PLUS anime and other shit....Well, enough whining from me, lets get to the topic at hand today, and thats none other than the anime review of the all so awesome Oreimo. This anime has been spreading like wild fire since its release, and thats definetely a good thing, since Oreimo is nothing short of a great anime. Its something new, to say the least, and it aint your regular "romance"/comedy, because theres absolutely no romance in this, and Im glad to see that its not in the genre. And before you go saying "Damn this incest shit I aint watching this", stop. Whoever told you that is lying and you should still watch this if you are interested, you probably won't regret it.

The opening song for Oreimo is insanely good. 'Irony' is an awesome song and I got hooked immediately, and this was the song that made me so hyped onto ClariS. It is currently my 2nd favourite song from them (my favourite being their latest single, Nexus).  I highly recommend you guys to pick up 'Irony' because it is the shit! And the fact that the opening animations change a little bit almost every episode makes it even better. There are WAYY TOO MANY ending songs for the anime, there is a seperate ending theme for each godamn episode, and its overwhelming. I could not remember every single one of them altough I looked them all up. The only one that caught my attention was 'masquerade' by kana hanazawa, and it was used as the ending for episode 7. It is catchy, and something different from her, since her usual works are all cutesy stuff.


Well this kind of score would kind of have been expected from me. Yes, I think Oreimo is great, along with the rest of the world. Whats there not to like about it? The characters are likable, the background is story is solid, and the situations that take place in the anime are all great expriences for us viewers. Could have been an 8.5 though, Kirino can be beyond annoying at times (Just saying). Well I guess thats what tsunderes are all about. Oreimo is a different experience from modern day harems. Oreimo IS a harem, don't get mistaken, but its more about the relationship between brother and sister, and not the usual "romance" stuff in other animes. I've heard people with sisters as siblings find this a little disturbing, but still ended up liking it one way or another.

How the F**K can you refuse your sister when she looks at you like that??!!?
 Oreimo stars (yet once again) a regular high school boy as the main character. Kyouske is a normal young man leading a regular life in school and outside. But at home, he bears quite a problem. Kyouske has a younger sister known as kirino, and she is a lil b*tch. Kirino and Kyosuke have a very bad sister/brother relationship, and they don't even acknowledge each other. They rarely speak to each other, and don't care about one another whatsoever. One day though, all of that changed. Kyouske finds an eroge lying around, and is puzzled to whose it was. Holding on to it and keeping it in his room, he finds kirino barging in to look for something. Kyouske had to game, and after he made kirino confess that the game was hers, he gave it back to her. Later that night, kirino heads into kyouske's room once again, inviting him to HER room, and revealing to him that she is actually an otaku. That night, kyouske learns alot about his sister that he never knew about, and since then, kirino has starting a session with her brother known as "life counseling". Because of "life counseling", kyouske now gets to know more about her sister, and they begin acting like real siblings now. As a price though, now kyouske gets into loads of weird shit because of his sister.

Oreimo is great. Not because it has fanservice or because it has nice girls, its because its different. Never would I have expected a tale between a brother and sister, that doesnt actually involve incest (Kiss x To make things even better, this show has 2 alternatives. Episode 1-12 shows the original "good ending". Episodes 12.5-15 show the "true ending" which is a slighty longer but more touching take on the original "good ending". No reason not to pick this up, no?