Saturday, 25 June 2011

CosFest 2011 ~Day 1~

I have really been attending these events more....Anyway, today was hectic, today marked day 1 of the CosFest 2011. Not that I hate these events, I actually enjoyed myself today. Cosfest functions pretty much like the AFA and STGCC I attended last year. There were cosplayers, tons of people and the placed was filled with anime related goodies. Whats more, this event is 100% free, so the people there were seriously in tons, there was even a stage where contestants would sing japanese songs! Nonsense!

On a comparison scale, the event was big, but believe me, its not as big as STGCC or AFA last year. The place was packed, but I would say it was not even 1/2 of what AFA and STGCC were...still, there was much to be done. To prove it, Im going again tommorow! I didnt buy much today, so Im going tommorow to probably buy more...and while Im at it, snap more pics of cosplayers. Alright enough delay, lets get right to the stuff!

Lets start off with normal stuff. There was a wall where people could draw random crap, like in AFA. Unlike during AFA, I didnt bring a pencil so I couldnt draw worth shit. Anyway, some of the drawings are pretty nice, just saying.

Next up are some random pieces of good looking art, displayed right beside the drawing corner.

No idea what the left picture is, but its cool. On the right we have ao no exorcist, sweet! No idea such a new anime would already earn itself that much fame  in such a short period of time, there were even lots of ao no exorcist related goodies. Amazing how fast it spreads.

Blur, but not much I can do about it. Anyway, here we have collage of 4 characters, 2 I do not know. The other 2 are noel from blazblue (good stuff) and I think sasuke from naruto.

The deathmaster look alike from black rock shooter. Another good piece, there were more though, but I only picked out the ones that were good to me.

On to the cosplayers!

Rin and len, but hard to tell from this range. Mind you this was taken under the scorching hot sun, I couldnt see well in my phone, so that hand with the camera on the left wasn't intended. Still, not bad, on the cosplayers' side I mean.

Obvious as hell, its miku. Once again, the people on the right weren't intended in the photo. There are better miku cosplayers but this is one of the only few ones I took.

No idea who this is. Probably luka or something, but then again, not really something I can relate to.

Once again, no idea who this is, but damn, she looks spooky. Probably some character from a ghost anime or something.

On we go, into the tent!

The K-on girls I guess? But sadly, kinda blur, bad photography on my part. Still, not too bad, considering the fact that Im not really sure whos who.

Enzio! Kind of short, but still, at least he looks the part. Good costume, but in my opinion, he would be better if he was taller.

Woooooooot! Awesome stuff. Pyro jack and jack frost biatches!!! These guys definetely have balls, and they don't look bad too, props to them! The jack frost is very short and stubby, kinda cool since thats how he always is. Pyro jack just looks badass. Great duo overall, they gathered tons of attention too.

Lol Im not too sure what this guy is cosplaying as, but he looks like an arcade machine. If he was trying to make people laugh, which I think is what he's trying to do since he was laughing as well, then well done, cause its definetely funny!

Yes, blur, but my intention was just to show how packed the place is. Look at all the black heads, those are people, and damn, you gotta agree, thats alot of people. This is a stage, and there are contestants singing up there. Of course, to be up there, they gotta be good, and well, most of them are. Some of the contestants were just wrong though, guys singing songs sang by female artists or girls singing songs sang by guy artists. Still, overall, it was pretty entertaining, I didnt stay long, since after I saw a pair of dudes go up there to sing magnet, I left immediately (MY EARRSSS).

Anyway, more pics.

Kaito and miku, in their canterella styled outfits. They're alright, though kaito doesnt really look kaito-ish. Still, as a pair they catch attention, so I say they did pretty good.

Here we have cardcaptor sakura on the left, and on the right...some random girls and a mummy? Cardcaptor sakura was okay, but the picture was kinda blur, apologies on my part. Nothing to say about the right picture, since I really didnt know what was going on.

Yui! Shes alright I guess. Once again, I think she looked the part at least, and good thing too, shes one of the better angel beats cosplayer around.

Ichigo in bankai. Im seriously suprised there aren't more bleach and naruto cosplayers walking around. Still, his hair was kinda bushy, but otherwise, good costume.

The 2 yunas from final fantasy 10. On the left is her original design, when she was a summoner, while on the right is her look from X-2. Both look alright, but my prefrence goes to the summoner outfit.

Magnet~~ Yet again we have another miku cosplayer, and of course, luka's here as well. The luka cosplayer looks better, but still, you cant have one without the other.

Crazy ichigo in supreme hollow form. The mask looks pretty funny, otherwise, cool stuff! Definetely beats out the other ichigo I took.

I never watched fairy tale, but hey, these guys don't look half bad! Lucy looks goooood, but natsu and the other fellow look alright too.

Woot woot, glad to see angel beats still getting some love. As they a group, they are pretty badass. One of the better cosplayer teams around.

2 Shizuos? We are doooomed!!! Anyway, I have seen female shizuos last year in AFA, glad to see thats not the end of that. Stop signs are pretty cool and all, but the cigrattes they were holding took the cake, it really looked like they were smoking.

Back out we go!

HUNTER!!!! AIIIIRGGGGHHHH!!! Funny stuff, didnt know left 4 dead would get some love, and whats more, in the form of infected! Nice! He really knows how to role play, dude was literally hopping around on all fours. Sweetness!

I guess this is Mio. Alright in my opinion, better than the Mio I saw in the group of four sitting together earlier during the day.

Darth mother fking VADERRRR!!!!! Cool ass light saber. The storm trooper was kinda just there, but still, the darth vader is seriously cool.

Now before I close off today, time for the top 5 best cosplayers I took pictures of today. Of course this is all in my opinion. They are not ranked in any order.

Gumi!! Glad to see some other vocaloids getting love. This gumi cosplayer was especially good, she looked good in that outfit, and shes hot to boot. Sweeet! Now if we were to see some other vocaloids being cosplayed as other than miku all the time, we might actually get even more amazing results!

Damn straight, Maka was one of the 1st cosplayers I took today, and even after spending a good amount of time running around getting pics, she still stood out to be one of the best. She had the feel you know? It really made it seem that she was going to kick ass. Great scythe too. Overall, with the costume, she looks great.

More love for girls with scythes! Death master here is another one of my favourites, maybe its because I have a thing for scythes....Anyway, she looks hot, plus that scythe and fierce look, definetely a plus if I were to give points! If only there were a good black rock shooter cosplayer around, we would have some competition!

Now THIS is exactly why I say there should be more girls willing to cosplay as other vocaloids, even if its a guy vocaloid in this case! Damn, I had no idea gakupo would look so damn pretty as a girl! This cosplayer sure was pretty as hell, one of the prettiest, if not THE prettiest girl in the how event today. As said earlier, its good to see other vocaloids getting love.

Hell yes! Today's taokaka was so awesome! Last year I took picture of a taokaka too, during AFA, but the one last year did not even compare to the one I saw today! This taokaka was cute, she didnt have the black mask to cover her face, but hell, she looks great without it! And she sure knows how to pose. Definetely one of the best cosplayers IMO.

Thats all for today, I may be sharing about the goods I got, but that depends. Im going again tommorow, so expect another post.

To be continued.....