Friday, 29 May 2009

Yugioh world championship 2007

Gamespot score:n/a

My score:4.8

A dumb game.This is the worse entry of yugioh ever in PSP,NDS,PS2 etc.It is literally is boring.VERY boring.What you do in this game is like in most yugioh games but this game is ALOT worse than the others.Reasons are shown below.

Okay,time to get this shit started.THERE IS NO STORY.Wtf man.The reason why I hate this so much is pratically cause of the lack of story.Ok next character customize.Nothing to say here,
Konami hasn't changed character customize at all and thus there is no comment on this.

Gameplay is practically the same as other yugioh games,execpt the
"new"championship stuff.You enter free duel,you come to a screen of up to 6 tiers of duelists,6 duelists each tier,each getting stronger up the tier number.Again another dumb thing,I cant seem to find any character based duelists.The duelists are all monsters,which is think is strange but pretty okay but come on whats dueling if you dont duel characters????
Dumb game,I hate it and I always will.