Bell Gargoyle (a)
Skills: Double slash,  Pole arm smash, Flying tail whip*, Tail whip*, Fire breath*

Bell Gargoyle (b)
Skills: Double slash, Pole arm smash, Fire breath*

Times died on 1st playthrough:10+

And here we are again with dark souls boss profiles, and today we are covering the dreaded bell gargoyles. These guys destroyed me on my 1st playthrough, literally. This battle screams maneaters from demon souls. Imagine the Maneaters with weapons, and you get the bell gargoyles. They hit hard, and they hit fast. They can fly to confuse you, and worst of all, they gank on you. The only things they lack are decent projectiles, and they are quite low in the vitality department. Overall they are still  very tough bosses if you dont have a proper weapon. The bell gargoyles are the bosses of Undead parish.

You don't stand a chance damnit!

Okay, so the bell gargoyles are probably the cheapest boss fight up till now, and its a huge difficulty spike considering the bosses you faced so far. One bell gargoyle will probably net a 1.5 or 2 in diffuclty, but with 2 ganking up on your ass you will find yourself overwhelmed very quickly. The key to victory here is to find appropriate moments to strike. Most of the time they will be surrounding you and trying to flank your ass, and this will slaughter you. Here's a rundown on their attacks.

Double slash- A simple double swing from the bell gargoyle. Easily blocked, no issue here.

Pole arm smash- He smacks his weapon down hard. This can still be blocked, but expect a big stamina cut. This is easily dodged too, so try that.

Flying tail whip*- This move is stupidly annoying. He flys over you and cancels your lock on, then smacks you over from above. Its stupidly painful, and since it disrupts your lock on you will have a hard blocking it.

Tail whip*- He turns his ass towards and swings his tail. It looks slow, but be warned, this will probabl crush your guard and leave you under his tail, doing big damage. Its not advised to dodge it either, so just run far away when you see him do this.

Fire breath*- Not only does this deplete alot of stamina when blocked, it does ridiculous damage and staggers you. Just back the hell away when he does this.

Okay, so where do I start? This guy is hard, and he will kill you. Theres only one way to kill this guy effectly, and thats to do it quickly, because he does not have a lot of health. When you see the 2nd gargoyle swoop in, just quickly deal with the 1st one as fast as you can. It won't take long, and when theres only 1 gargoyle left, the fight beceoms significantly easier. And, another note, take heed of how and where you are dodging, because this isn't the most spacious area, you may accidentally roll to your demise.

When you enter the boss area and watch the cool scene unfold, its time to fight him. The 1st gargoyle likes to smack you with his pole arm and fly around you like a big fly, to disrupt your lock ons. Theres not much to explain here, just fight him like you're dealing with a powerful normal enemy, because for now thats what he is. His pole arm attacks are easily blocked, and he likes doing that. Just block and hit a few times, then retreat. He doesn't stagger easily, despite having little health, so don't push your luck when attacking.

There will be many times where he will just fly over you and do nothing, just to disrupt your lock on. But sometimes he will smack you over the head, so you should always keep your eye on him, even when he flies over you. The smack hurts, and it leaves you lying on the ground for awhile, giving him the opportunity to set up another attack. Also, when he's on the ground, he will smack you with his tail. Back off when you see this, since its probably unblockable to you. And if you're far away, he will breath his painful fire at you. This hurts, and even when blocked, you take small amounts of damage.

Don't play with fire folks!

Now the 2nd gargoyle comes in when you cut down the 1st gargoyle to about 1/2 health, and this is where shit happens. For some reason, the 1st gargoyle becomes far more aggressive, and he will proceed to hammer your ass relentlessly. The 2nd gargoyle will just stand at a distance, and breath fire at you like a pussy. Do note though the 2nd gargoyle has no tail, so no annoying tail whips. If you leave this be, you will be quickly overwhelmed and eventually slain, so don't panic! Try to focus the 1st gargolye down.

What you're going to want to do now, is look for openings. When the 2nd gargoyle appears, take a deep breath and start manuvering around the map, to get behind BOTH gargoyles, with your aim locked onto the 1st gargoyle. When you manage to get behind them both, sneak in a few strikes, then back off. Do not attempt to attack when surrounded by both gargoyles, thats just suicide. The gargoyles will frequently fly to get around you. Do NOT let that get to you. See one gargolye fly? Run to the other end of the roof and attempt to get behind, let there not be a moment where you're surrounded by them.

When one gargoyle falls, the other is cake. It will be at low health, and without its other companion, you don't have much to worry about anymore. Just take it down nice and easy, and claim thier heads as your prize. Do note that if you can chop off a gargoyles tail by attacking it repeatedly, and you get get an axe for that. Other than that, congratz! You have defeated your 1st hard boss fight!

Peace, now go ring that bell.