I can't fking believe it has already been 4 months since my last villians post, and 7 months since my last villians post for anime. Holy shit, if I hadn't looked at my last villians post I would have probably forgotten about it completely.....Okay! Anyway, here we are again. 5 villians, all from respective animes. Once again these villians are badass to me and the choices are all based on my opinion alone.

So then, here we go! Also, do note, we have a hefty bunch of female villians today!

Spoilers for To aru majutsu no index season 2, Shikabane hime aka/kuro, Fate/Stay night, Rozen maiden and Higurashi.

All fights like this don't usually go well.

5.Vento of the front
From:To aru majutsu no index 2

A little minor villian for the most part, but Vento is pretty badass in my opinion. Her appearance didn't last more than 3 episodes, but heres why shes even here.

Vento of the front is one from the magic side, and was dispatched to academy city to destroy the imagine breaker and concile with crowley. Of course, this automatically mean shes bad, since shes here to kill Touma. Oh and lets not forget about her bout with the angel, the fallen Kazari who has taken a monsterous form.

For the most part, I like Vento for her character design. While shes not the prettiest of girls, her design is super unique. Meant to be some sort of catholic badass, she has a keychained cross pinned to her tongue, which she flings around and hits it with her spiked hammer to cause shockwaves. This is pretty damn cool, and while she flings that thing around like a melee user, her shockwave producing ability is really one of the most unique of all anime characters. Who the hell flings a tongue accesory around and creates shockwaves? Badass shit.

The very definition of cartoon violence!

From:Shikabane hime series

Up for 4th place, someone super strong and super deadly! Its none other than the white haired undead chick from Shikabane hime, Hokuto, one of the shicisei.

Being a shikabane, Hokuto has access to some godlike abilities. Super strenght, super speed, super everything. Hokuto's past was a dreadful one, and while she was killed and turned into a shikabane, she immediately killed everything in her sight.

Often seen beating someone else up, she was known to be the strongest in the shicisei, and that she can easily defeat any enemy. Many a time when Makina tried to take her down, she only failed each time. A crazy chick like Hokuto can rip someone like Makina apart without any effort at all. Due to Hokuto's nature and how she was killed when still a human, I think she's a perfect incarnation of vengence, and her being so stupidly powerful really helped increased her image. Easily my favourite shicisei character!

Who said priests were good?

3.Kotomine Kirei
From:Fate/Stay night

Next up, someone most anime viewers should know. Kotomine Kirei from the Fate/stay night series is one misleading dude. Following up wih a twist to the story, its amazing how Kotomine fits as a villian. A special note, Kotomine is our only guy on the list today.

The thing about kotomine, is that he's a spectator to the Holy grail war. He is the "judge" of sorts, and he provides refuge to all defeated masters in his church. So in a way, he is supposed to remain neutral, not intruding to the matters of all masters and thier servants. However of course, an asshole like Kotomine always has something scheming in his head.

Kotomine means to defile the grail and create it himself by breaking the rules. First, he shows up as lancer's master, which is already out of place, since he's not supposed to be a master at all (In reality he killed Bazett, Lancer's true master and enslaved him). Then later, he reveals to be Gilgamesh, the renegade servant, to be his servant, and that he is scheming to get the grail once again. Worst of all, he went to shirou's apartment to attack Rin!! That bastardddd!!! Finally, he kidnapped Illya. As an Einzbern homonculous, she made a great catalyst for the grail. Thats alot of bad deeds to deem him a legit villian.

Wings shaping like a dragon! Immediate badassery.

From:Rozen Maiden series

In 2nd place, we have Suigintou, from Rozen maiden. For today's badass villian position, I refer mostly to her Rozen maiden iteration, since she was more of a main antagonist there.

Suigintou is an extremely impactful villian. Not only is she like, the prettiest looking doll (sorry suiseiseki), she was awesome as a villian, and had a pretty grevious past. You would have grown an attachment to her after hearing her past, and when she was defeated you can't help but feel sorry for the goth doll.

Suigintou, out of all the sisters, wanted to become the Rozen maiden the most. She was originally a junk doll that managed to received attention from the doll maker, Rozen, to make her as part of the set. She bears a huge hatred to Shinku, as the doll to receive nearly the most love from Rozen, and swears to defeat her. She goes to some extreme measures for that, such as manipulating souseiseki and much more. She fights with her deadly black feathers, which can quickly envelope her foe and even sometimes transform her wings into dragons. Instant badassery.

Indeed the evilest ones always gotta be the hottest ones.

1.Takano Miyo
From:Higurashi series

Here we are folks, the woman who challenged god herself, created a self imposed rule, and single handedly destroyed the entrie Hinamizawa countless times. In 1st place, we have Takano Miyo from the Higurashi series.

Takano Miyo is completely crazy. Just for the sake of her research, she goes through hell and attempts to make the entire Hinamizawa her experimental field. Trying to take the concept the "Hinamizawa syndrome" she goes through over and over to kill Rika in all her timelines to end up butchering the entire town.

The best thing about Miyo, is that you won't expect the villian to be her! Sure shes your typical kind and alluring nurse, but still, of all people to suspect being the ultimate villian, she would definetely be one of the last, especially when they gave off the impression that she died along with that one photographer dude on the cotton drifting festival. When all was said and done, Miyo was on the top of the chain of command, and everything was her doing. For a freaking nurse, she planned it all out pretty damned nicely. Also, the anime also makes it so that we feel sympathatic for her, due to her mostly sad past. And to even give her a good ending at the end...it all ended perfectly for our royally crazy villian.