Sunday, 11 September 2011

Demons's souls boss profile: Penetrator

Boss health
Skills: Basic slash, spinning slash, penetrating stab*
Difficulty:3/5, 1/5
Times died on 1st playthrough:3

And we go on! 2 bosses more to go! Finally, here we are, back at boletaria after roaming all the different worlds and beating all thier bosses. After you beat one of the any 4 other world's final bosses, the great fog blocking the entrace to 1-3 will be gone, and you access it. Make it to the end and you will face this beast, the penetrator. The penetrator is easily one of the coolest looking bosses in the game, and he fights like a pro. If this is your 1st time going up against him, watch him kill the fat minister that has been mocking you for so long, and prepare to die. The penetrator is no joke, and will probably 1 shot you with his famous penetrating attack. Penetrator is the boss of 1-3, tower knight's archstone.

He has a sword that rivals that of sephiroth's in terms of lenght.

No, the penetrator is not a pushover. If you underestimate him, you are probably going to die badly. His normal attacks don't hit too much, but his stab is incredibly dangerous and one shots almost everything. He may not be the fastest guy around, but he's definetely one of the most lethal when it comes to damage. Think of him as a slower flamelurker, with a one hit KO attack.

Basic slash- The penetrator just slashes you, nothing much. Does medium damage and covers a huge area due to the lenght of his sword. Just roll away and you're good.

Spinning slash- The penetrator spins around like a ballet dancer and delivers a slash. Covers a bigger area than the basic slash but once again, its nothing special.

Penetrating stab*- His signature move. His sword glows and after a quick charge he stabs foward with insane strenght. If you are hit by this, you are most probably a gonner. You cant block this, so roll away immediately.

If you fight him alone, the penetrator has to be fought with great caution. If you see his sword glow, just roll away, I cant emphasise enough, that stab WILL kill you. Other than that, the whole fight is just a matter or trading blows. If you are attempting to kill him up close, be prepared to trade alot of blows, bring lots of grass. If you wanna do it ranged, I recommend magic, not arrows. If you go with magic, any normal projectile will do decent damage, make sure to bring lots of spice though. If you fight him with magic, its alot safer since theres a lesser chance you will get hit by penetrating stab.

If you want to go melee...things will be a little bit more complicated. If you get too close to him, he will perform a penetrating stab ever so oftenly, so you're most likely screwed. You CAN do the basic dodge and hit tactic, but its going to be risky. Don't attack unless you are very confident that you can dodge his penetrating stab. Basic and spinning slash are both more or less the same, if you see that coming just roll towards him and hit him.

The only right time to hit him however, is AFTER he uses penetrating stab. That move has ridiculous recovery, so you have alot of time to go up to him give him a few good smacks, and back off. It works well, and you will probably be at a safe distance away from him before he winds up for his next slash. Also note that if you are backing away from the penetrator and want to heal, you have to sprint away. Hiding behind those statues wont work, since the penetrator will just smack those out of the way like bugs.

The key to fighting him melee is to keep dodging his attacks and stay on the defensive. Do not attack him until he uses penetrating stab, then go in on the offensive. Expect to get hit here and there, but as long as that attack you are hit by is not penetrating stab, then its nothing too major. Keep it up and he will eventually go down. To have a simpler understanding of penetrating stab, keep moving sideways when you see his sword glow, most of the time, if you perform a decently timed roll you will avoid. Do not move or roll backwards, his sword has insane reach, don't test him.

Now when you go alone the penetrator may put up quite a fight, but if you saved bior earlier...then its a different story. Bior is ridiculously powerful. You can practically stand back and watch him solo the penetrator. Bior has alot of life, he probably wont get killed by the penetrator at all. Of course you can assist him, I actually suggest you to do so, just in case bior cant handle it and dies.

When fighting alongside bior, the fight becomes pretty damn easy. The penetrator will focus his attacks on bior, leaving you to hit him as many times as you want uninterupted. Of course if you pick on him too much, he will shift his attention to you for awhile, but he will eventually just go for bior again. Be sure not to hit bior though, he may turn hostile.

On the next post we cover the big bad king himself!