Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Dead space

Gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

my score:8.3

Behold the greatest alien horror game so far in gaming history(for me).
Dead space is a 4th gen game on the PS3 ,XBOX360 and PC.Im doing
the one for PC today.Dead space is a crazy horror experience.When
you 1st play the game you wont expect what is gonna happen and certain events will most likely give you a scare.Some parts will jus startle you,like a mild suprise to give you a jump.Some will really scare
the crap out of you,make you shout real loud,or even give you a heart
attack(jus kidding).One last thing before I go on is that for once gamers
should take note of the "mature" rating for this one.

So here we go.Issac clark,a puny human engineer from earth,goes with a crew of other people,to go to a ship that has lost contact with the planet called "Ishimura". Going there to originally "repair"the ship and to find his lost girlfriend,his crew gets torn apart by aliens and he gets seperated from the 2 only survivors besides him. These 2 survivors give him instructions of what to do to escape from the ship and so his task begins.

Before I begin,I will just have to say that dead space has really good In-depth alien design.All of the aliens look suprisingly detailed.No matter how UGLY some of them look,you can tell that the designs are greatly detailed and even a drop of drool from the alien's mouth can be seen VERY clearly.

As to some of the aliens in the game,most of them are just armless disfigured humans with 4 looonng spikes replacing their arms.There are also 4 legged aliens with a baby face,making it look sick.Oh,did i mention that it can summon 3 tentacles from its back?Finally I shall also say that the most awesome looking alien is some plated faggot that is huge and looks like an oversized anteater.

Finally,the weapon system is very well done.The weapons are well made and very futuristic.The weapons are also well built for the game,as the game requires players to dismember the aliens,not jus spam ammo until they die.From floating chainsaws(reapers) to guns that slice lines of aliens in half(line gun),this game has it all.

A small note is that i think gamespot did gave it too much.Sure it is fun and it has great gameplay and horror valur and all,but its just very basic.You follow what you are told to do,you do it,and you advance foward.Dont get me wrong though,this is still a great game.