Its been awhile, really. Marvel 3 has already been out for 2 months, and it has more than served its purpose. Kinda sad, actually. I have been hyping this game since April last year, its sad to see it go like that. The game was great, roster took awhile getting used to, but it was fun. The game was, suprisingly, more balanced than marvel 2, but it still has its OP characters.

Before I actually tackle my review on the game, Im going through all the in-game characters, all 36 of them. Im not doing DLC characters....since I could not be bothered to spend $7 on either shuma on jill, its kind of a ripoff, in my opinion. So yeah, all 36 characters, spread in 3 posts, 12 characters per post....Yep, its gonna be long. I will be starting with the characters on release, so it starts with....

1. Wolverine

Starting off we have wolverine. Back then, I described wolverine as an over-rated guy that wont die, and was generic as hell for only being a guy with 2 claws with no real special ability (besides his crazy healing factor) . He is a mascot so its only normal for him to appear in this game, and every MVC game to com, IF they are going to be made. Also, hes pretty damn gay in this game to boot.

+Very fast.
+Has easy repititive combos for noobs to abuse.
+Spamming drill claw is CHEAP and helps get into combos.
+Solid hypers,less berserker charge.
+Good health for being so speedy.

-Lousy range.
-Complete lack of projectiles.


Another generic loser. Ryu is the main character of the street fighter series, and is already one of capcom's mascots. Everything ranging from his design to fight style bores, why would people even bother using him when theres akuma, whos basically a badass ryu with more options??!!? Like wolverine he is a mascot, so he would be sure to appear in eveyr MVC game to come. In this game, hes beginner friendly, so many people tend to use him online. When used well, he can be quite a monster.

+Very simple and effecttive BnBs.
+Overall solid hypers.
+Shinku hadoken comes out incredibly quick, can punish assists.

-Quite slow.
-Not many options when it comes to getting in.
-Lousy range.

3.Iron man

Iron man is for the win, hes my favourite marvel character, but in this game, hes probably low tier. I dont understand why they would make him low tier *shrug*. Its not that his unplayable, but he takes skill to play if you do not intend to spam unibeam, hes one of the harder characters to use. Though when used well, I guess he can be strong as well. Dont see many of him online, and even if I do see him, those players just spam unibeam.

+Unibeam is highly spammable.
+Flight mode allows extended combos.
+Proton cannon is an excellent hyper with lots of potential for DHC and hyper team combos.
+Iron avenger is one of the best level 3s in the game.

-Very hard to get into combos,despite his mobility.
-Probably only good from a distance.


Morrigan is pretty fking sexy, but is quite hard to play in the game. Shes another veteran to the MVC series, so I guess having her in is another must. In the game however, she suffers from no dashes at all, and in exchanged she is given hovers. Morrigan can be hard for beginners to play, but like many characters, once mastered she can be a force to be reckoned with. Morrigan players online can be very talented as well.

+Dark harmonizer for one of the game's best assists.
+Flight modes gives her alot more options.
+A well placed astral vision makes her very dangerous.

-Hovering can be hard to manipulate.
-No dashes make her less mobile than most characters.


People say hulk sucks before the game was even released, and I was one of them. He was another marvel character I didnt like, being able to lift mountains and all, thats pretty far off. Anyway, hulks gets the last laugh in this game, hes a monster, he does friggin high damage, and is probably the game's character that does the highest standard damage. He has super armor on his heavy attacks to boot.

+Super armor on heavy attacks.
+Does monsterous damage.
+Has alot of health.

-Lousy mobility.
-Very hard to fight back when pinned from afar.
-Gets eaten alive by speedy characters.


Chris is a protoganist from the resident evil series, and him being in the game was quite a suprise. But now, hes turning out to be quite a solid character. His close quarter combat may leave quite alot to be desired, but his keepaway game is excellent. With his wide range of guns, grenades, and othet zoning options, chris is a excellent at keepaway. His grenade hyper provides excellent coverage as well, even if the 1st hit is dodged, the 2nd is still coming from above, forcing your opponent to block.

+Excellent keepaway.
+Very good health considering his playstyle.
+Magnum moves do great damage.
+Grenade hyper is slow but is great for covering yourself.

-Hard to maintain combos at close range.
-Not the speediest character.


Deadpool is great, a fan favourite that was on high demand and eventually made it into the game. Whats better than a merc with a comedic personality? In the game hes excellent as well, having both good melee and range games. With his guns and grenades, keepaway isnt hard for him. And if he manages to pull of air combos, he can otg with katana rama and finish with a super. A very verstile character, if I am to say so myself.

+Good keepaway antics.
+Not too shabby at melee attacks as well.
+Good hypers,both suited for different occasions.
+Able to teleport in a pinch.

-Teleport blows up on third use.
-Low health if you decide to go melee.


Dante is probably my favourite character in the game, and I can pretty much guess that is the case for most other players as well. Hes a stylish demon hunter with lots of weapons, and the capcom devs decided to input his DMC 3 move list into the game, which isn't a bad choice, considering the hit that it was. He is the character with the most special moves in the game, totalling to a grand total of more than 40 moves, most of which can cancel into each other. He also has probably the game's cheapest teleport.

+Landing only one hit allows for lots of move cancels and can lead into painful combos.
+Great teleport that always puts dante behind his opponents.
+Very beginner and button mash friendly.
+Has a ton of options.
+Million dollars is combo-able into most of his attacks.

-Low health since hes mostly built for melee.
-Predictable, since hes used alot online.

9.Captain america

HAH. I simply loathe this son of a bitch, he has the worse character design EVER. Im pretty sure I said that before, but I felt like I had to say it again. Cap may have a fancy shield, but that doesnt stop him from being a loser. In game however, he isn't bad. Shield toss can be annoying when spammed, though its ntohing compared to his charging star, which goes through projectiles. Many say cap is a great counter for projectile characters, and I would agree.

+Charging star goes through projectiles.
+Shield toss is a great harrassing tool.
+Hyper charging star is very combo compatible, also works as great DHC material.
+Cartwheel can be used for mind games.

-Loses out in terms of speed to most other melee combatants.


Yay! Eye candy for the win. Felicia is another character from the darkstalkers series, and her being in this game wasn't really necessary, but I did grow to like her, so its all good. In game felicia is pretty good, better than morrigan, as I have seen. She can casually walk through attacks like nothing, and she has a pretty small hitbox too, giving her great combatibility.

+Rolling buckler can cancel into alot of better moves.
+Delta kick allows her to zoom around the screen.
+Able to walk through attacks.
+Clinging on walls allow her to avoid some projectiles with ease.
+Small hitbox

-Low healthpool.
-Low standard damage.

11.Doctor doom

Doom is another regular to the series (cant recall if hes in the 1st game, but he should be), and is one of the popular characters in the tourney scene in MVC 2. Hes at least toned down in this game for balance issues. He sucks on point, but like many other characters in the game, people use him stricly for plasma beam spam or hidden missles assists, which is one of the best assists in the game.

+Hidden missles for one of the game's best assists.
+Photon shot and molecular shield have huge coverage.
+Excellent keepaway.
+Has rather good health for a turtling and keepaway character.

-Melee combos can be rather hard to execute.
-Lousy level 1 hypers.

12. Chun li

Chun li is a beast. Her melee game is top notch, and she her lightning legs can be abused for some nasty damage. She is my hatest character to face among the street fighters. A good chun li can deciminate most melee fighters. Though I dont really like this character to begin with, her speed and damage make her one hell of a scary opponent. Paired with the fact that shes the only character with TRIPLE jumps, she really one gal most wont want to fight.

+Great melee game in the forms of fast attacks and lightning legs.
+Lightning legs assist provides good coverage.
+Has TRIPLE jumps.
+Kikouken can be timed to be extremely useful at times.

-Low health pool.

Now THAT was long. More to come, though that will take awhile......