Opening songs
OP 1-Wonder wind (Elisa)
OP 2-Daily-Daily dream! (Kotoko)

Genre:Action, comedy, romance, slice of life


Stepping up with another anime review. Don't worry too much, Im jumping back to games with the next post. Today's review will be of an anime thats pretty popular, but hasn't been receiving some love lately. Hayate no gotoku as a series is great, its funny and the small bits of everyday crap they throw some how turn out to be rather entertaining. The 1st season had a great amount of 52 episodes, much more than your regular anime. It of course, received good reception, leading to a season 2, which aired in 2009. I only watched it this year, but I was quite a fan of the 1st season, so watching season 2 was pretty much guranteed. Like many of the animes out there with more than 1 season, if you like season 1, you will like season 2 as well.

Moving on to the songs. In season 1, both openings were sang by kotoko. In season 2, we have the 1st opening sang by Elisa, and for the song we have wonder wind. Im alright with Elisa, she has interest take on her songs, and wonder wind is definetely on my plus list. Its addictive, and though it doesnt have a very comical feel compared to season 1's openings, it still fits well. Opening animations are pretty good, no complaints. For opening 2 kotoko comes back on track with daily daily dream as the opening song. Its pretty much expected for her to do a song of this caliber, it fits the anime and sounds great. Animations are funny, and as usual, fits the mood of the show.


Hayate no gotoku is pretty damn good back then, when it ended, people couldnt bear to leave it, since they grew attached to the characters that were introduced in those entertaining 52 episodes. When hayate no gotoku 2 aired, fans obviously expected greatness, and greatness was what they got. Though season 2 only had about half the episodes of season 1, it holds everything funny and comical that was in season 1 and managed to put it back in season 2. And to make things even better, they deepened the romance factor. In season 1, the romance was mostly a joke, but luckily in season 2, things intensify abit between the  girls who are after hayate. Whats more, there are even more characters added to the already crazy and bulky cast, making things even crazier than before. There may be too many characters to remember, but things still remain funny, so its kinda all good.

Nagi is the same as you remember, a lazy slouch that mostly plays games all day.
 As the name of the anime suggests, hayate is the shows main protoganist. The show obviously takes place after season 1, and the settings are pretty much the same. Hayate serves as a butler for the sanzenin household, after the events at the beginning of season 1. In season 2, nothing has changed, except that hayate has grown much closer to nagi and all his other friends. Theres really nothing going on in the show, hayate goes to a high class school, protects nagi and lives in an almighty household. The mansion houses the lives of nagi, himself, the all so cheerful maid maria, the senior butler klaus and the funky talking tiger tama. The main focus of season 2 now is tilted more towards the main "heroines" who intend to go after hayate. Theres hinagiku, probably everyone's favourite fan wise (me included), ayumu, hayate's school mate before he became a butler and of course, nagi, who secretly likes him, but always fails to express her feelings....or at times its just hayate whos too stupid to understand. All the show's important main characters are still here, sakuya, isumi, wataru and many more. The show has constant pacing, so theres really no "important" scene. The anime's ending is abit sudden, they could have gone for more...but well, the way it ended, it seemed that a season 3 is highly possible, but till now, theres no word of it. Still , great show, I think many would agree with me.

As I mentioned previously, a season 3 is highly possible, it still seemed like there were more characters yet to be introduced, and there obviously wasn't a victor against the girls who like hayate. If they were to end it here, it would be abit unfinished. Then again, many animes out there feel the same....My bottom line is this, if you watched season 1, season 2 is a must. If you havent watched 1, please go and do so, its stupid to watch  a 2nd season without watching the 1st. If you didnt like 1, chances are 2 wont please you as well.