Boss health

Skills:Fist pound, double fist pound, sonic boom, pounce*, air strike*, homing soul arrow, power boost*

Skills:Fist pound, double fist pound, sonic boom, pounce*, air strike*, homing soul arrow, power boost*

Times died on 1st playthrough:10+

Welcome back to demons's souls boss profiles, where bosses from demon's souls get starred in thier very own profile stating that of what makes them so fearful (or in some cases, not so fearful). For today, we go through the next boss on my list. After the storm king, with the shrine of storms out of the picture, there isnt much left for me to do, so I just advanced foward to the tower of latria. After a dreaded 2nd stage, I found myself against a boss so fearful that it killed me over 10 times on my 1st playthrough. Meet the maneaters, the dreaded bosses of 3-2, fool's idol's archstone.

The maneater, looking as intimidating as possible.
 The maneater is one of the hardest bosses in the game. With the appearance of what many perceive as a chimera or manticore, he sure looks intimidating. To make things worse, he has a pal with him, which appears after you whoop him to a certain HP amount or if you drag the battle too long. While fighting 1 maneater is alright, fighting 2 is just total blasphemy. They dont hit particularly hard if you have good armor or cast warding on yourself, but heres the thing, you are fighting in a very narrow arena. The manteaters' attacks have good knockback, so you will find yourself doing a ton of free falling. Together, the maneaters are a menace to deal with, and all in all, beating them will be a huge pain in the ass.

Fist pound- The maneater winds up his fist and pounds down. If you get caught slightly, you will just receive a slight stagger and take a small amount of damage. If you get hit directly, expect to be smacked right down and take a load of damage. Just roll away to dodge, but be careful not to roll off to the depths below.

Double fist pound- The same as fist pound, but instead, the maneater winds up both fists, giving the attack abit more AOE. Like above, just roll away, but be careful of where you roll.

Sonic boom- The maneater lets out a roar and sends a flying beam that explodes into a spherical radious. It doesnt hit for alot of damage, and can be blocked too. Just block or roll away, its a pretty straightfoward attack. Beware of falling if you get hit by this, since it has considerable knockback. Can also be used in the air.

Pounce*- The maneater goes on fours and pounces foward. The damage isnt that bad, but the knockback is tremendous. 60% of the time if you get hit by this, you will fall into oblivion. Take note for this and roll away, blocking doesnt help much.

 Air strike*- The maneater hits you from above with a double fist pound. Its hard as hell to see this coming, since you never know where he is when hes in the air. As usual, just roll away.

Homing soul arrow- The maneater fires off a few soul arrows that home on you when hes in the air. This is pretty stupid and can easily be blocked or dodged. Can be disabled by chopping off its tail.

Power boost*- The snake tail bites the maneater, feeding it power. After awhile, it will be powered up, and will gain considerable boosts. Its attacks will get stronger and he will move faster. If this happens you are most likely screwed. When the snake bites the maneater, just hit it to interupt the process. This can be disabled by chopping off its tail.

The moment you enter the fog, you will see a lone maneater standing there. He will slowly walk towards you, commencing its assualt. You start the fight off in a narrow walkway, and fighting there is to your disadvantage. Dodging and getting hit may cause you to be knocked down into the abyss below.Immediately manuver swiftly past the maneater and into the center porch with the huge fire in the center. Thats where you should fight the maneater.

On the center porch, the fight becomes easier. You have more freedom to move around and dodge, and you can circle the fire while locking onto the man eater. If you are lucky, most of the man eater's attacks get interupted by the fire in the center. This mostly only applies to the pounce, homing soul arrows and sonic booms, you will still have to roll manually when he uses his other attacks, so pay close attention, since theres still a good chance of you rolling to your death. Like most bosses, just dodge and wack, you have seen much worser attacks than his fist pounds. When enough time has passed or when you knock his HP to a certain amount, a 2nd maneater arrives.

Alright I got this - wait WHAT? ONE MORE?
 When the 2nd maneater arrives, this is where shit gets real. Its highly recommended that before the 2nd maneater arrives, you deal as much damage as you can to the 1st maneater, its for your own good. Try not to loose the 1st maneater and keep hitting it until it falls so you can attack the final maneater 1 on 1. Its never cool to hit the 2nd mantear when you can hit the 1st, fighting 2 maneaters at once is just terrifying, even on the central porch, theres no way you can cirlce around 2 maneaters, the other will just hit you from the another side.

This is where you have to start worrying, if you dodge one attack, it doesnt mean you are safe, you may be rolling right into another attack. The maneaters have scheming AIs, many a time when you are locking onto one maneater, the other is flying around somewhere. When you dodge an attack, the flying maneater will just hover over to you and give you a good pounding. Things get even worse when both maneaters take to the air. When that happens, even thier homing soul arrows become deadly. Its highly recommended to bring a bow or a ranged attack of some sort, so that you can hit them while they are in the air.

While both maneaters are on the ground, focus on the 1st maneater, kill him off 1st, then deal with the 2nd one. While both maneaters are on the ground, take your fight anywhere, the central porch doesnt work anymore. This is where you gotta be extra careful, you will find yourself fighting at the narrow walkway many times, make sure not to roll to your death. This is easier said than done, since you have 2 suckers lunging themselves at you, get hit by something and you will probably be knocked down to your death anyway.

When the maneaters are together, watch out for anything, especially pounces, when they pounce at you together, you have to roll twice, and that can be tricky stuff. Same to sonic booms, you can get knocked off the walkway easily. Try as much as you can to stick to the center of the walkway and stray away from the sides. Also, if you dont want things to get evev WORSE, DO NOT let them power boost themselves. When you hear a loud roar and see a maneater getting bitten by its snake, HIT IT. If you let a maneater get boosted, its speed and power increase dramatically, and you definetely do not want that.

Also, when attacking the maneaters, try the best as you can to aim for the tails. They still take damage when you hit them there, but the point is this. If you hit the tails enough, they will come off, and this will disable thier homing soul arrow and power boost, sweetness!

When you finally down 1 maneater, the other one should be cake, head back to the central porch and give him a proper one on one, you should come out victorious. After all, if you can fight 2 maneaters at once, one shouldnt be a problem. Once you down them both, you get the mixed demon soul. Rejoice! You have just beaten one of the hardest bosses in the game!