Boss health

Maiden Astraea
Skills:Heal, God's wrath

Garl vinland
Skills:Attack, Parry and riptose*, God's wrath, Heal

Depraved ones
Note:Does nothing

Plague babies

Times died on 1st playthrough: 2

Ok, been a long time since the previous boss profile, but here we are. After taking down the ridiculously easy dirt colossus, you are given a path downwards, take it to find yourself in front of yet another fog gate, which contains maiden astraea, IMO the easiest boss in the game. Maiden astraea is the boss of 5-3, dirty colossus archstone.

Garl vinland protecting Astraea.
Main astraea is probably the one and only boss in the game you can sympthatize with, story wise I mean. While most of the in game bosses are just big baddies that stand in your way, astraea actually has a notable background. She learnt the truth, and thus, wants to give hope to those who have abandoned thiers. For that she intook a demon soul, and garl vinand, never leaves her side, and is most likely her protector or gurdian. It is also hinted that garl vinland perhaps loves astraea, so killing garl probably will make you feel bad. She even offers herself up after you have killed garl. Such a sad but unpreventable fate.

Heal- Both astraea and garl have access to this. Nothing much, just a simple healing spell that heals about 20% of thier HP.

God's wrath- Again, both bosses have access to this. Nothing much, once again, since it has a relatively slow casting time. Still, it does alot of damage, so do avoid it.

Attack- Something both garl and the deadly plague babies do. Garl just slams his Bramd down, and will do some good damage, but its slow, meaning that its easy to avoid. The plague babies just maul you, but if they successfully do so, you will get severly stunned and all the surrounding plague babies will get a go at you. Combine this with plague status effect and you got yourself a deadly combo.

Parry and riptose*- If you unlucky enough to get caught in this, then too bad. Garl parries your blow and returns with a hit painful enough to one hit kill you.

When you first enter the area, you will get a speech from astraea herself, pleading you to leave. Sadly, we cant do so, as much as you sympathize with her, we have to kill her for the demon soul, plus the fog gate just closed on us.There are alot of other enemies in the area, but you dont really have to kill them. Astraea is completely killable with arrows alone. Just head right, kill all of the depraved ones( who do absolutely nothing to stop you), stand at the ledge, and let astraea have it. She cannot and will not fight back, but she will heal herself, meaning you will need alot of arrows to kill her. Just keep shooting until she goes down, and you will automatically win.

If you want to do this the normal way, just head left instead of right. Keep moving along the platform and you will face garl vinland, who talks to you as well, telling you that he will not let your harm astraea. Hes really easy, just think of him as a normal knight with a lot of HP. He's able to attack, cast gods wrath, heal and parry you. Normally, he just attacks, and since hes using such a huge weapon, expect his blows to be slow ones. But of course, expect them to hurt. When you see him prepping an attack, just roll back and strike him with a quick weapon. Rinse and repeat, he will fall soon. Of course, you should only attack after he does, since blindy attacking him just wastes your stamina, as he likes to block. Also, attacking blindly always increases the chance of getting parried and riptosed, which is how I died on my 1st try.

Garl also has the ability to perform miracles. When you see him take out his talisman, he will try to either heal, or cast god's wrath. Both are relatively slow, so you can act accordingly. When you see him cast heal (yellow aura), give him a few good smacks. When you see god's wrath coming (blue aura), move away. Whats more, if you knock him to a low health amount, he starts to duel wield his bramd, making his attacks more pain staking. Still, when you see this happen, be happy, since he cant block anymore, just hammer with fast attacks and he will fall. A small note, sometimes if you get hit by garl, you will fall into the swamps below....and you will die by the hands of the plague babies. Thats how I died a second time.

Anyway, after killing Garl, the battle is as good as done. Garl apologizes to astraea for not being able to protect her. After garl's death, just walk over to astraea and talk to her. She automatically breaks down after hearing garl's death, and states that she has no means to defend herself anymore. She commits suicide and gives you her demon soul.

This is a sad battle, but you do not have a choice. Still, the fight is very easy. Garl isnt even technically a boss, just a knight with better stats and the ability to cast miracles. Astraea herself practically doesnt do anything. Astraea will drop the pureblood demon soul, use it well.