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Hatsune miku:Project diva arcade

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:8.3

(+)Pros:-Gorgeous HD remade graphics,-has some different gameplay mechanics that differentiate it from the PSP version,-song selection is even bigger than project diva 2,-constantly updated with patches,-more costumes and unlockables provide replay value.

(-)Cons:-not much gameplay improvements from project diva 2,-some characters still have no damn songs!

Gameplay cost:4 tokens

As promised, heres a game review, and one that I have been holding back for awhile too. Behold, project diva arcade, another one of miku's many spinoff games. Its basically project diva ported from the PSP over to the arcade. It bears many similarities to its PSP counterpart, but on its own right as an arcade game, its pretty awesome. Improved visuals make it one gorgeous looking game, and instead of pressing tiny PSP buttons, you now hit big arcade machine buttons, which actually feels great when you are playing the song. If you enjoyed the PSP project diva games, project diva arcade will definetely make you feel at home.

Four tokens for an arcade game over here in singapore is actually pretty costly, especially for a game like project diva arcade. Most music games cost 3 tokens (jubeat, beatmania, pop n music etc), while awesome ones cost a good solid 4 tokens (drum and guitar freaks etc). Project diva is 4 tokens, it is costly, but well, if you wanna have fun with the vocaloids in awe inspiring HD, I guess thats the price to pay.

Behold! Miku in HD!

First off, I would like to complement the graphics. Altough they are very anime based and are much like the PSP counterparts, they are improved by a HUGE mile in the arcade version. The character models look sharp, and everything seems to be enhanced. Miku and the rest of the vocaloid cast from project diva 2 look great. While the MVs during gameplay are mostly recycled from the PSP games, seeing everything in HD really makes you feel how much effort was spent into making the graphics. As of now, there arent really any arcade games that rivals this in terms of graphics in my opinion, other than lets say....tekken 6 (which still looks to have amazing graphics 2 years later)?

Anyway, the gameplay is similar to that on the PSP, you press buttons that represent the symbols that appear on screen, as you see them float towards an empty black symbol that maches it. Except now, of course, you dont do it small PSP buttons, but on huge arcade buttons that look almost similar to the ones used in pop n music. Each buttons has respective square, triangle, circle and X buttons, and push them one by one. The buttons are pretty big and you probably will have quite the hard pushing all 4 together. It provides a different experience to those familiar with the PSP version.

A new feature for the arcade version, the dual button presses and holds.

Unlike the PSP version, project diva arcade doesnt have arrow keys or a D-pad, thus, they changed the dual button presses. For the project diva 2, we had to press a button on the D-pad corresponding with the square, triangle, circle and X buttons. In project diva arcade, you press 2 or more buttons together, X with circle, square with X, so on and so forth. Something else thats new is the hold feature...which is quite similar to the project diva 2's long notes. But now, the holding only occurs when you push 2 buttons or more. Holding longer nets you more score, but you can let go as quickly as you can too, theres no penatly. There are also times where songs try to throw triple or quadriple button presses at you, where you push 3 or 4 buttons together.

This may sound intimidating, but since you aren't using thumbs to push buttons, its far easier. Also, another thing worth nothing in project diva arcade, is the fact that you can check your progress through the song more easily. Theres a notable bar below, stating how well you are doing, whats the target line and how much more you need to get to get a "clear" score. The songs in project diva arcade are also pretty good, while most are from previous project diva games (both 1 and 2), there are tons of new songs as well. And as if that isnt enough, the game is constantly upgraded with patches for costumes and songs. I have played till the recent patch that added magnet, and so far, the songs never fail to impress. Costumes are back of course, and they provide more motivation to keep playing and get VP to unlock them.

Look at them costumes and characters!

Project diva arcade seems like a whole new game on its own, but really its just project diva 2 on the arcades. A little bit tweaks to make it work on the arcade and thats it. While its really great, theres really not much improvements in gameplay considering the jump they made from project diva to project diva 2. Another thing to note is that theres still no GOD DAMNED SONGS FOR HAKU, NERU AND SAKINE MEIKO. Come on sega, considering that you even did thier character models and put them in the game, how about adding some songs for them. Did you ever think of that? DID YA?

Well thats all for now folks. In conclusion, project diva arcade is a solid addition to the franchise, and is a great arcade standalone. But I cant help but think the token cost is abit too high, and that more improvements could have gone in here. I mean look at the improvements from project diva to project diva 2, theres an immense improvement there! I think sega could have done MUCH better for project diva arcade. Still, as said, project diva arcade is still a solid release that should more than please hatsune miku, or any vocaloid fans.

Happy gaming!

Opening songs
OP 1-Sora ni saku (Lisa komine)

Ending songs
ED 1-Aruite ikou (Jungo yoshida)

Genre:Adventure, comedy, fantasy, horror, mystery, romance, supernatural

First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of game reviews. Why you ask? Well theres only one reason, because I am lazy! *Insert trollface.jpg here* Not to worry, I will compensate with more game reviews in the upcoming posts. Anyway, rental magica, something my cousin introduced me as one of his facourite anime. Of couse I went in with high expectations, but even though this didnt really strike me as something amazing, its still pretty damn good. Cool characters and an interesting world combined with some kick ass voice acting make this one enjoyable ride.

Songs wise rental magica has nothing much to offer, with only an opening and an ending, there really isnt much to go around. The opening sora ni saku by lisa komine isnt bad....but its not something I would listen to alot, not really in my awesomeness range. Still, the remixed version by exit trance is badass, do check it out. The ending is aruite ikou by jungo yoshida, and it is boring...sorry to say. I'll be straight, its slow, peaceful and not something I would enjoy.


First off rental magica is quite an old show, you can tell from its dated visuals (this coming from someone who watched it in 2011). I won't decrease the score off its visuals though. Rental magica is quite lenghty, and while majority of the episodes are quite enjoyable and the characters are pretty cool (I stress this again and again, because I like majority of the gorup), the main character is very hard to find likable -.-. The other characters are mostly cool, I have no issue with this, but when a main character turns out to be someone weak, pathetic and so overly dependant, I find it stupid. Plus, in the opening animations, we see the ultimate villian, but he only appears in the last 3 episodes or so, making him quite insignificant = =.

Ahh, the typical scenario of 2 girls fighting over the main character in an anime.

Rental magica stars iba itsuki as the main character. Hes not the brightest guy, and while hes the owner of his father's rental magica, known as "astral", he isnt very capable at all. Astral has tons of mages to be allowed for dispatching, but iba, the leader (or director, as they call him), is the weakest of them all. He gets wailed on day after by honami, the group's most talented mage, and also iba's childhood friend, for not studying to become a dependant mage. While he is mostly a useless fella, people still go astral for thier services. When on jobs, itsuki usually sits on the back lines, doing nothing, sometimes going for reckless dives, thats about it. But itsuki has a special power, he posseses a special red eye that is covered by his eye patch, allowing to predict and forsee enemy attacks, and also gaining a sudden authority to command his team mates. Itsuki must work together with his crew and learn to control his power, to further provide his services as the leader of astral.

Rental magica isnt the best at what it does, but it is an interesting anime, and will prove entertaining to watch. While itsuki seems useless and you really want to strangle him for being such a wimp at times, his "cool mode" when he takes off his eye patch kind of makes up for it. All in all, rental magica falls under the category of anime that you will want to watch if you are after these supersticious and fantasy kinds anime.


Once again people we are here with greatest boss fights. While last time we covered someone only fairly difficult, today we go through one of the hardest boss fights of all time. I personally have never beaten this SOB, I couldn't be bothered to grind all my characters to lvl 90+, seriously. This guy is just balls, I went in several times with my level 85+ team and just got beaten down like a bunch of lousy puppies. Anyway, here we go.

Lucifer is the ultimate optional boss of shin megami tensei: devil survivor. He is both a bitch, a bastard , and also a mother fker. In the story hes one of the gods fighting for the throne, and while he is just a bystander, you can challenge him in new game+, since your team is so F***ing cocky and decides to actually fight him. He is completely optional, and since he only appears in new game+ expect him to be one hell of a bastard.

Lucifer is so cheap he isnt even funny. He is the only boss in the game with the level cap of 99, I guess if you want to even stand up to him you should at LEAST be level 90, along with all your other demons, any lesser is asking for death. Here's the catch, the battle starts with lucifer being all alone. You can leisurely walk up to him with all your characters and beat on him. Beware though, he is insanely strong, even if you walk up and take the fight to him, he can beat your ass if you dont have the right demons or skills. His skill set changes a few times throughout the battle, and while I couldnt memorize the entire skill set, his attacks consist of the top tier elemental spells (mostly lighting, fk his maziodyne), megidolaon, mighty hit and some very scary passive, including attack all, elemental skill jumps and pierce.

His skills change even more though, I never made it that far, but in the fight video Im about to show, lucifer had maziodyve, drain and megidolaon, along with his passives attack all, elec jump and draon eye. All very scary moves. Make sure you have lightning nullification or at LEAST lightning resistance, those maziodynes can hurt. His normal attacks hurt like shit too, plus they hit your whole team. I know, sucks right.

Tremble before him like the ant you are.
 After you hit him abit, he starts summoning some very high level mobs (level 80 astaroths? Wtf?). Of course if you grinded to 90 these guys are nothing, but if you are like me these guys can already be of some major annoyance. Dealing with lucifer alone is already fked up, we have to fight his damn minions too? Give me a break. PLUS, after you hit him to about half HP, he restores himself to max, like a dick. I only managed to get him to that stage ONCE, and I never managed to do it again, nor did I manage to advance beyond that point...because of his dreaded exclusive skill.....

Now lets talk about his most painful and annoying skill, megidoladyne. This is NOT a skill he uses in a fight, he uses this and hits the ENTIRE MAP, meaning all 4 of your teams are going to die. Megidoladyne does a SHITLOAD of damage, usually wiping out all your tired out demons and characters after actually taking a turn to hit him. He uses this WAY too often. I tried to survive, I really did, I spent turns healing my characters back to tip top shape, but he just does it again, and I have to heal all over again...until either his minions get me, or I run out of MP. Bullshit...just bullshit. Then again, think of it this way, I was only level 85.

If you beat this asshole, mad props to you, I never had the patience to grind to 90+ and grind my demons to that level too. Even if I did, I would probably just die again, you really need to have an insanely good skill set to counter this douche. Null or ban lightning would be a good choice (the video Im posting used ban lightning, which I can tell was brilliant). You also need a good strategy, eating megidoladynes even at level 99 isnt fun.


Part 1-
Part 2-

Credit goes to the rightful owner of these videos, a great strategy used to beat him indeed.

Opening songs
OP 1-No buts! (Mami kawada)
OP 2-See visions (Mami kawada)

Ending songs
ED 1-Magic world (Maon kurosaki)
ED 2-Memories last (Maon kurosaki)

Genre:Action, comedy, drama,  fantasy

I have been waiting a long long time to do this review -.-. To aru majutsu no index is possibly my favourite anime of all time (with code geass R2 following close behind), with the release of season 2 I immediately followed the damn series and watched it every week. Of course, it was well worth it, I loved it, but while I could have easily given season 1 of index a 9.5, I obviously cannot do the same for season 2, for a very simple reason. It all feels too familiar, while the show is awesome, I have mostly seen all of it in season 1. What season 1 accomplished, season 2 did it, maybe even better. Still, the unique background and concept was what index my favourite anime, having known all of that already, season 2 didnt come off as such a suprise to me.

The songs used in index are top notch, both opening and ending songs. The first opening is no buts, and its probably my favourite mami kawada song up to date. Strong electric-techno beats combined with her absorbing vocals make it an absolutely addictive tune. The second opening is see visions, and while its a little slower and less techo-ish, its still great. The ending songs are magic world and memories last. Both are great, but I like magic world a little bit more. Oh and lets not forget, the animations for both openings and endings were pretty awesome (especially the openings, hell yeah!).


To aru majutsu no index 2 is great anime material, thats for sure. It still feels great, fun and entertaining to watch, many a time I really wished I could dive into the world of academy city. I mean, seriously, I would be content there even as a level 0! Altough index 2 brought these feelings back, they werent as strong as back then when the original index premiered. Index 2 kicks major ass, but it didnt feel like it was a significant step. The story progressed quite abit, thats for sure, and the ending STILL provokes the vieweres, practically telling everyone in the world that a season 3 will be coming (which I am grateful for).

Touma and index are back for another round of shanenigans!
 Being a sequel, index 2 obviously picks off after the events of season 1. It continues the life of touma and index as they live through their lives in academy city. Shit still happens because of index's very being herself, being the holder of the grimoires and all, but that has become something ordinary for touma, and he is more than ready to fight off anyone who comes for her. Index 2 just shows more different incidents that get touma even more involved in the magicians society, and while index still plays an important part in these incidents, shes plays a more supportive role, which is cool because in season 1, shes just there to be rescued. Its also safe to say this time round, theres alot more exposure to the science side of the index universe, instead of full magic exposure (like in season 1). This definetely sheds alot more light on stuff viewers need to know.

Index 2 successfully captures the spirit of its predeccesor, but if you have already been captivated by this spirit the first time round, index 2 won't be as huge of an impact as index 1 did. Still, this is a great sequel, those who watched season 1 and loved it will obviously love this. A recommended watch to those who loved the orignal.


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Nine hours, Nine persons, Nine doors

Gamespot score:8.5 (great)

my score:9.0

(+)Pros:-Amazing story that draws you in,-clever puzzles that vary alot from each other,-realistic cast of characters that are easily likable,-multiple interesting endings provide tons of replay value,-choices made during the game alter its course greatly.

(-)Cons:-Too much of the game is spent reading.

Gameplay time:30-40 hours

Time to introduce probably one of the best DS titles up to date. Nine hours, nine persons, nine doors (I'll shorten it to 999) is intruiging, exciting, emotional and clever....its everything you can wish for in a visual novel. While the game is classified under adventure, 999 is more of a visual novel combined with some very smart and clever puzzle gameplay. It may not be the most complicated of games to understand, but the story, character cast combined with the puzzles make 999 one hell of an engaging journey of choice, where every one you make actually matters, BIG time.

The story of 999 is easily one of the best I have seen in any game. The story is kind of like a japanese version of saw, locking a bunch of people up to play an incredibly twisted game. 999 sees junpei as its protagonist, and he wakes up in a room of what seems to be a ship. It doesnt take long for him to remember that he got kidnapped, after realising that the door out of his room is locked, and that there is a watch with a number 5 on it. The window to his room suddenly cracks and water pours in, junpei panicks and tries to find a way out. After solving what seems to be a puzzle made especially for him, junpei escapes the room to find a bunch of other people sharing the same fate as him, one of which he recognises as akane, his childhood friend. After realising that the kidnapping of all these people is just a game devised by the ship's captain zero, the group of people introduce themselves depending on the number on thier watches, and they work together to traverse the ship's puzzles, to find the door numbered 9....the door to thier freedom.

Even an ordinary screwdriver may be a crucial piece to solve a puzzle.
 Most of 999 is story and text driven, meaning most of the time you will be reading other than playing. This is really not that big of a deal, since the story is amazing and the way they tell it in junpei's perspective is intense and almost realistic. Its not just junpei, all of 999's cast are superb in thier own way, and seeing them break down in times of distress, argue with others during times of disagreement or just screw up due to pressure can be quite......absorbing. It sorts of pulls you in to make you feel what the characters are going through. This easily makes players of the game feel attached to the very characters of the game. To top it off, they all look kinda unique! Lotus is a pretty sexy looking dancer for someone in her early forties, clover is a cute pink haired girl who gets pissed easily, ace is like a father figure, a leader to the group, santa kind of exists to piss the hell out of people, but proves to be useful.

All the characters are awesome in thier own way, and some of them having hidden agendas or dirty secrets make the scenes all the more imposing when you discover these very secrets through the course of the game. During the game, you will also be faced with a great deal of choices, like answers to seemlingly pointless questions or deciding which door to enter, these affect the game's course greatly, and ultimately decides upon which ending you get. This makes each and every choice you make feel heavy and important, bearing quite the burden.

Each and every character in the game proves to be
interesting one way or another.

Now comes another intruiging part of the game, the puzzles. The puzzles are all cleverly made, and involve you switching views of a certain area, and finding a key to unlock a door to proceed to the next story area. To find a key to open a door sounds simple, but the puzzles are rather complicated, meaning that you will probably have to do a bunch of stuff before getting the key....sometimes, the door just unlocks itself after meeting certain requirements during the puzzles. While most of the puzzles require lots of thinking, brainstorming, trial and error, there also many times where you have to find pass codes for code locks. Theres quite alot of variety in these puzzles, ranging from matching nodes, mixing chemicals (one of my personal favourites), playing a weird version of tick tack toe or even gathering gambling cards for a simple mathematical puzzle.

 While you will be replaying the game many times due to its many endings (about 7 in total), these puzzles will rarely get old, since they are so well and clerverly made. If you happen to just scrape through a puzzle before, a 2nd time will have you prove yourself to finally clear it properly. Speaking about the endings, most of them are....terrifyingly good (I dont really know why Im saying this, those who played the game should know what I mean). Fear not though, after replaying the game so many times, the final and true ending provides new and exclusive puzzles that the other endings don't have.

The game explains every grosteque and disgusting detail so
properly its kind of scary sometimes....

The game has totally no drawbacks at all in my opinion -.-. Though I say there are no drawbacks, the game itself IS just a visual novel...meaning that theres alot of reading to be done. Don't be fooled, I think the game is awesome and I dont mind reading walls and walls of interesting text, but since its just reading, some people might be put off.

Thats it. I conclude the review of 999. I can only say this, its an awesome game and I recommend ANYONE to play it. Its the kind of game that you simply have to play to understand what I mean. Though what I say in this review might sound boring (reading and puzzle solving), trust me, its so damn awesome that it will change the way you look at such games. If you own a DS, 999 is definetely a must have for your collection. If you don't like reading, don't worry! Just get the game, you might not be able to play constantly for hours straight, but the story is so epic that you might actually force yourself to read further. If you really cant, just turn it off and play it again later, the game autosaves.

Happy gaming!

Opening songs
OP 1-Beautiful fighter (Angela)

Ending songs
ED 1-Hikari, Sagase Naku tomo (Angela)
EP 1 ED-Beginning (Angela)
EP 2 ED-My story (Angela)

Genre:Action, comedy, horror, supernatural

Finally, here we are, closing up the shikabane hime series with shikabane hime kuro, the sequel to aka. Theres really not much to say here, what you know and like about aka...its all here, of course with a different story. As a continuation, I would say kuro really hits the spot, its every bit more intense and impacting than aka, mostly because of the story progression going on here. No need for recommendations, this is definetely what all those who watched aka should go with. The only thing here that sucks, is the ending. While the ending of aka was an awesome build up to kuro, kuro's ending leabes much to be desired. Well, lets carry on.

Well something entirely lazy of the studio that did the shikabane hime series has done is not changing the opening song. I mean, come on, its a new season! At least switch things up a little bit. Anyway, the only new song here is hikari, sagase naku tomo, its an ending. While I STILL don't find it as good as spiral, alternative OR kanata no delight, its a ways better than beautfiul fighter and my story. Plus, I like the way they made the ending animations, sooo sexy~.


There is something I need to comment about here. Shikabane hime aka was abit normal, plain and sometimes predicatable for most of the part, the superb ending episodes made up for that. Well, shikabane hime kuro is kind of the opposite. For the most part, the story progression from the 1st season made the episodes quite enjoyable and intense, it was a great change of pace, and the storyline felt alot more significant. The ending however, is something thats so ubrupt, uncalled for, and incredibly cut-short. I mean, COME ON, after all the episodes, this is what you give us?!?! The series itself deserves more, more I tell you! At least give it a proper ending! Either that or they are implicating another season, which is NIGH impossible.

Well fight scenes don't get any cooler than this.
 Shikabane kuro's story is the continuation of aka, and it takes place after keisei's death. Makina got sealed up after going shit berserk, and ouri goes training in the mountains to become a worthy contractor priest. The shicisei are on the move, and they are supposedly after makina and her curse. Ouri trains hard, in the process, he learns many things about being a contractor priest, and how to treat his shikabane hime. Of course, this season also sees the fights of the many different shikabane himes and thier contractor priests against the many members of the shicisei, as they go around causing big trouble. The fights scenes in this series are significantly better and more interesting, as we get to see the other shikabane himes that didnt get much showtime in the 1st season fight, and the different members of the shicisei, along with thier unique powers. I especially like hokuto and hazama, but I won't spoil about them. You just have to know that the superb fight scenes and characters make this an entertaining season.

Kuro has everything, I would have easily given it an 8.0 score, but the ending is really disappointing. As said before, I feel like there could have definetely been more, other than just....that. Watchers of shikabane hime aka, be sure to catch kuro, it has everything we could have asked for in a sequel....except a real, legit ending of course.


Sunday, 16 October 2011

Dead rising 2

Gamespot score:8.0(Great)

my score:8.9

(+)Pros:-Great environmental open world with superb locations,-killing masses and masses of zombies at one go is exciting, satisfactory and fun,-tons of innovative combo weapons,-relatively challenging to keep players interested,-phsyco battles are great,-time mechanic creates a good sense urgency between missions.

(-)Cons:-Choppy framerate and glitchy graphics,-long load times.

Gameplay time:50 hours+

Behold the awesomeness that is dead rising 2, the sequel to the 1st dead rising. First off I apologize for the late post, I have been one busy asshole these past few days. Now then, dead rising is a franchise I have heard of, but I never played the 1st game, I started off straight with this. I'll be frank, I had a superb time, this game is indeed a gem, it needs more love. Dead rising 2 is an improvement from the original dead rising in almost every way, and if you love killing zombies and free roaming an open world, dead rising 2 will satisfy your craving for a long long time. It was my 1st time playing something of this genre and I easily invested 70+ hours into this. Now, enter fortune city and kill some zombies!

Dead rising 2's story stars chuck greene as the main character, an old man in his middle ages. Chuck is a motorcross star and he is now part of a reality show that involves killing zombies. After his game one day, an outbreak takes place, and zombies suddenly overrun the entire stadium and city. Chuck grabs his daughter katey and runs to the town shelter. Soon after he realizes that he has been framed, and over the news, he sees footage of someone in his showsuit freeing the zombies. Chuck knows it isnt him, but he has to clear his name. So now, he has 3 orders of business. One, to clear his name. Two, to find zombrex for his infected daugther katey, so she doesnt turn. And finally, to keep rescueing survivors to the shelter to actually PROVE that he means business. Things are indeed looking grim for chuck.

Kill waves of zombies using unique and funny weapons.

Dead rising 2's game concept is a simple one. You roam fortune city, killing zombies and fufilling missions you receive over the transceiver. You receive a distress signal? Accept it, and go to the location to help the guy out. Most of the time there will be a survivor there, and you can add him to your team. You have to bring survivors back to the safe house, so this is basically key, the more survivors you rescue, the better. Some of these survivors wont come easy though, some need special requirements, like giving them drinks, food, name it. Some even want you to carry them or play them a game of poker before they come with you. These people sure are weird, doing stuff like these when zombies are running around. You will be receiving LOTS of these distress calls, but there are main story missions that you have to do at certain times, and distress calls eventually die out, meaning that there will eventually be a lot of distress calls being missed out.

Story missions include finding zombrex for katey, which has to be done daily during the course of the game, or clearing your name by following leads of others. Since you have to do so much in so little time, you have to conserve time and think ahead. Like if you rescued a survivor and there is another distress nearby, save them first and have them follow you. You can have up to 8 survivors follow you at a time, and it benifits you greatly to go back with a full party, so you can save time on return trips. This generates a great sense of urgency, as you rush to get as many survivors saved as you can, while trying to make time for main story missions...its an awesome mechanic.

You may be the king of cuisine pal, but you might wanna clean
 those blood stains off, you'll scare the customers.

Dead rising 2 also has many great ways for you to kill zombies. While the game manages to be challenging by giving chuck little health and zombies rather painful attacks, it gives you a lot of freedom to create weapons. Through the course of the game you will unlock a key to maintenence rooms, and when you do, the fun begins. In these rooms, you can combine everyday items to make zombie killing appliances. Combine a fire axe and sledge hammer to make the deadly defiler, or a spear and a drill to make the spear drill. These weapons may come as ridiculous and stupid looking, but they sure pack a punch. You can tape a battery to a wheelchair to make an electric chair, then push it around a shopping mall with tons of zombies and electricute them like no tommorow. You can tape knives of a boxing glove, and make yourself a pair of portable wolverine gloves. Awesome. There are shitloads of items in the game, and a number of them can be combined....imagine the possibilites!

Killing a shitload of zombies with a single swing of the paddle saw or spinning your way through a zombie mod with the defiler can feel very satisfying, and speaking of which, such badass weapons arent meant to kill just zombies. Meet the physco paths, the game's bosses. Sometimes when you reach a distress signal to find a zombie, you may sometimes be unlucky enough to run into a physco path, regular people who have gone insane due to the zombie apocalypse. They sure pack a punch, most of them are tough, and its exciting to see what physco path you will run into next.

Multiplayer pits you in the shoes of two chuck greenes.
Now for the game's flaws. The game is superb, but it is held back by minor flaws that can be annoying. First off, the graphics are glitchy and the frame rate can be quite choppy when a bunch of zombies clot together. Glitchy graphics mean hands glitching into walls, having your binoculars stick to the mouth of your servbot helmet (that scene made me laugh, hard), and many more. The load times are also unforgiving. Not sure about the 360 version, but the PS3 had long loading times that happened everytime you go to a new area, and it can get annoying during times where you have to go from one place to another real quick, or when a bunch of short cutscenes take place together.

Dead rising 2 is an example of superb open world game. I loathed the GTA franchise (no offense), but dead rising 2 brought me to the genre of open world free roaming exploration, I loved it. Im not getting off the record though, I heard its just dead rising 2 with a new amusement park area and new protagonist. As for dead rising 2 itself, I recommend it to anyone who loves a good zombie beatdown, or just want a laugh. No reason for anyone to pass on such a great game, really.

Happy gaming!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

S.U.N online

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.8

(+)Pros:-great dungeons that are fun to play either alone or with parties,-awesome character classes and character designs,-open world looks and feels great,-each and every character classes can be built differently into many seperate types,-leveling isn't as tedious as many other MMOs.

(-)Cons:-dungeon will have huge difficulty spikes later on,-relatively tough without godly armor later on,-monsters repeat alot.

gameplay time:-

My apologies for the late post, I have been fooling around too much too recently -.-. Anyway, here's today's review, one the the many MMOs out there, S.U.N online, dubbed, soul of the ultimate nation. If you have played MMOs and are familiar with thier concepts and basics, sun online will be easy for you to play and catch on. You grind monsters, do quests, level up, gap at skill trees and purchase new weapons, just like in many MMOs. Some MMOs do it poorly (perfect world/asda story/fiesta etc), while others do great jobs (cabal online/dekaron etc). Some others just do it rather well and manage to entertain players enough to be playing the game for decent amounts of time (rohan/rf online/latale etc), sun online falls under that category. It doesn't do anything special to make it an extrodinary MMORPG, but it has enough content to keep one occupied for a long amount of time, and is overall a rather fun game.

MMO....story....not caring. I have never really paid attention to stories in any mmorpg games and probably never will (however the cabal story was rather interesting). Sun does seem to have a story...just that I couldnt bother to get into it. Anyway, that doesnt really matter, something like that won't really effect an MMORPG in the least. 

Team up with friends and slay monstrous beasts that roam the land.

Being an MMO, you can expect almost everything other MMO has in this one. A bunch of classes, a huge open world, tons of towns, mosnters, NPCs and quests. The game starts with you creating a character, you get a choice from 5 classes. The berserker, elementalist, dragon knight, valkyrie and shadow. The classes are gender locked, so if you want to play a guy elementalist or female dragon knight, too bad. Still, the classes are all awesome in thier own right and the characters look badass, its a pity there will be many of the same characters out there. Each class has thier own weapons, armor and skill trees, which are VERY in depth. Each class's skill tree have split routes and paths that all function very differently.

Playing a dragon knight? You can choose to fight with a sword, a spear, or just become a tank with dragon form. Being a valkyrie? No problem. You can choose to gun down foes with dual crossbows or an ether turret, you can also choose to be a support valkyrie by playing as a summoner! You can totally play 3 valkyries at the same time, and all of them will feel different everytime you play them, if you go with the 3 different builds. Its always nice to see a class get multiple branches, it gives the game alot more variety, and in an MMO with only 5 classes, that is obviously a huge plus.

Flying knights....weeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
 Other than the superb characters, sun also has a great open world. Each and every area feels new and fresh. It feels great to traverse a great forest for a long time, then suddenly appear in a big town, bearing new weapons, armor and quests. You will traverse a variety of amazing places, ranging from caves, plains, icy mountains, and my personal faviourite, the sewers. But my personal favourite thing about sun online...are the dungeon quests. As you proceed through the many story quests you encounter, you will be doing lots of these dungeon quests, and they are a blast.

These dungeons are early on are simple as hell, mostly just moving from point A to point B, then killing a boss eventually. Later dungeons are much more fun, as they become more challenging, have traps, puzzles and many more. As you beat on the dungeon monsters, progess through the many traps and puzzles, then finally beating the boss (which usually looks cool) into submission, you will definetely feel great. Its even better if you do this with a party of friends, as you congratulate each other after finally defeating a boss, spliting loot and all adds to the experience. Speaking of experience, its not hard to earn them in this game. Unlike many other games which require you to grind like a total fool (ESPECIALLY maple story), sun online is linient, and while quests may be quite tedious at times, they provide the heft experience you need to level up. Its not difficult at all to get to the fifties in terms of leveling, combined with the fact that you can redo the extremely fun dungeon quests as many times as you want.....its a relatively good deal.

Thats a big gun there.
 While the dungeons in sun are a ton of fun, they are sadly compulsory if you wish to continue with story quests (which are your main income of exp), and the later dungeons can be really tough, the difficulty suddenly goes through a huge spike. With poisonous gas that one shots your characters, or trap rooms that spawn shitloads of aggressive guys that proceed to murder your ass....these only occur in later dungeons however....still, these can sometimes be a huge turnoff. This means you need godly armor, and while the game is kind enough to provide you with a +12 armor at the start of the game, it wears out later on and even the normal mobs start hitting you for shitloads of damage. Finally, there are lots of monster repeats, that shouldnt be hard to explain, since many games have them.

Well thats the breakdown for sun online. Its a solid MMO, but it isnt as kickass as dekaron or cabal online, in my opinion of course. It serves as a good distraction and can easily last you a couple of months if you decide to invest time into it. If you're looking for a good MMO, sun online is for you.

Happy gaming.

Opening songs
OP 1-Beautiful fighter (Angela)

Ending songs
ED 1-My story (Angela)
EP 4 ED-The pale sands of the sleeping star (Mayumi lizuka)
EP 13 ED-Beginning (Angela)

Genre:Action, comedy, horror, supernatural

Ahh the animes I see are either so one of a kind or so common-like. Well, shikaben hime is your run-of-the mill demon/monster killing anime featuring a normal high school kid who got himself into some weird shit, and suddenly gets involved into some grand scheme. Its cliche in a way, but its not afraid to do some things that some other animes dont, and the ending to this season sure sets one hell of an impacting impression, making it a good build up to the 2nd season, kuro. It may not be anything special at first, but stick with it, and what you will find is a solid zombie/demon/monster killing anime.

The songs in shikabane hime do not interest me much, sad to say. Most of the songs are sang by angela, and they really arent my type. Beautiful fighter is something different from what she usually sings, but it doesnt appeal to me, sadly. The ending song is my story and it sounds slow and boring -.-. The episode 4 ending is something I just skipped, so no comment about it, the final episode ending sounds decent but it holds no candle to spiral and alternative, both of which were also sang by angela.


I may be a wee bit linient here, but seriously, the ending few episodes of the anime never failed to impress me. The beginning to middle bits can be a little bit cliche, but at least it has solid action to back it up. The different kinds of shikabane himes and their respective masters are pretty badass, and its cool to see how each and every one of them fight differently. The variety is nice to have, but throughout the show, you will definetetly feel a little bit pissed that the main character is  a little bit too powerless. There is little to no stuff about school life here, maybe an episode or to, but not much emphasis on that, if you're looking into those kind of stuff, this show may not be for you.

Like gun totting school girls shooting monsters? This show is for you!
 The main character for shikabane hime is takami ouri, a regular school kid that lives in an orphanage. Recently, he notices his brother keisei coming back to the orphanage hurt and wrapped in bandages. Ouri is curious, but he never asked. One day, a school girl covered in serious wounds and injuries appears in front of ouri, unconcious. He sees his brother caring for her and reacting seriously. Ouri takes note of the girl and sees her fighting a monster in the city. Being the foolish boy he is, ouri follows her and finds her defeating that monster, after that, the girl introduces herself as hoshimura makina, a shikbane hime, a corpse princess meant to defeat shikabane, monsters just like the one he has seen. After finding out learning about many stuff concerning kougun sect, an anti-shikabane group, he starts getting involved in many of the shikabane incidents and slowly begins developing a will to fight them, to aid his brother.

Shikabane hime aka provides solid zombie killing action, but season 2 is better in terms of action. Still, aka has a promising ending that shows off what the anime is capable of, and makes a good build up to shikabane hime kuro.


Boss health

Old king allant
Skills: Three hit combo, hard slash*, backstep shockwave, rushing slash, soul sucker*, mighty explosion* , stance slash.

Times died on 1st playthrough:Uncountable

Here we are folks, the final boss of the game. He is the one and only true hardest boss in demons's souls, anyone who thinks so otherwise is a complete fool. He kills you like free, he moves like the wind, and has the highest health of any boss or monster in the game. Thats right, this boss is none other than old king allant himself, the demon of the man who brought the entire boletaria to its current state, the ultimate villian, and its your job to kill him. After coming all this way, its you or him, time to fight the ultimate boss. Old king allant is the boss of 1-4, penetrator's archstone.

Run far far away, for the old king is going to cut you up like a tomato.

Allant is a beast, he moves like nothing you have ever faced in the game thus far. Wheter you underestimate him or not, you are going to die the first time you face him, no matter what (unless of course you go in with tons of blues or watched tons of vids on how to beat him). Regardless, even the toughest of bosses can be killed, and it starts by analyzing his atttacks. Lets take a look.

Three hit combo- When close to you, allant does three simple swipes, with a minor shockwave coming out of his final hit. This is preferably blocked, it can be dodged, but we wary of the shockwave.

Hard slash*- Freaking gay. He holds the sword above his head with 2 hands and slams the sword down, breaking breaking your guard and your stamina, allowing him to follow up with another attack. He also releases a painful shockwave upon slamming his sword down.

Backstep shockwave- His retreating move. He does a simple backstep and fires a minor shockwave foward.
Rushing slash- You WILL be seeing this alot. He groans loudly and rushes to you at insane speed from anywhere in the map and slashes you, painfully. Its not that hard to dodge, but the speed he is moving at makes it rather hard.

Soul sucker*- Fuck this move, I swear. Its bloody easy to dodge, but if you are hit, its almost a guranteed one hit kill, and it has a tremendously annoying effect. His arm starts to glow and he reaches out to grab you, if he does so, he will lift you up undertaker style and stab you with his sword, doing insane damage and draining one SOUL LEVEL from your level cap, and decreasing the stat point you added.

Mighty explosion*- Something similar to old hero's exlposion move, but with a longer charge time, a much bigger radius, and doing a lot more damage. It can be interupted, but if you are not confident that you can reach him before he lets it loose, its suggested you run to the opposite end of the map.

Stance slash- He leaps slowly into the air taking a stance, then comes down and lands a slash, as well as emitting a shockwave from it.

Hmmm....thats alot of moves, and everyone of them could spell death to you. Im serious, if you are tired from dieing, this is the only match in the game that I would recommend you to summon some blues to help you. Seriously, usually I will recommend someone to just grit your teeth and press on until you beat a boss....but this guy is so damn powerful on so many levels that dieing even 20 times is not that big of a deal. He hits hard, he moves fast, and it takes so many hits to bring him down....this seems almost unfair. But then again, he IS the ultimate boss, so he IS supposed to be this powerful.

King allant can only be brought down melee, no doubt about it. Any attempt to arrow him from one end of the map to another will only cause you death, as you helplessly see him FLY towards you at incredible speed, before gutting that sword through your frail body. Downing him with magic is possible, but he has insane magic resistance...firestorm is the way to go. But fighting him melee is the most convinent, preferably with a fast weapon. Do note though, allant is VERY hard to stunlock, so if you have poor damage output its suggested you go grind a little.

His three hit combo is something he does frequently, when you are in range. Dodging all three slashes can be quite tough at melee range, especially since a shockwave will be flying out every now and then. Repeated rolls are the way to go, but its easier to just block them. You can punish him after his third slash, but make sure you get out of the way before he attacks again. His hard slash is hella annoying and hella painful. When you see him lift his sword, move far far away. You can block the shockwave that comes out, but unless you have some impressive stamina, blocking the blow itself will break your guard and cause you to stagger. If you are hit by the full brunt of this attack, prepare to be hurt pretty bad. A timed roll is all it takes to dodge it.

His stance slash move. Thats right, start rolling away!

After hitting him, you might want to be careful, since he likes to do backstep slash. That move is not terribly painful, but any damage you take in this fight is tyranny, since that little drop of life you missed because of that move can save your life. You will be seeing it alot though, he loves to dodge every now and then. Next up is rushing slash, something you will see ALOT. You will be finding yourself away from allant half the battle, casue of many reasons (heal, running from mighty explosion etc). This is his method of travel, when you hear a loud groan, you know its coming. Blocking this isnt a bad idea, but it takes off alot of stamina and might do some damage. Like most of his attacks, this hurts like a prick, do avoid it.

Stance slash is another of the moves he uses to travel. Unlike rushing slash which he uses at a distance, he likes to do this at mid range. It is rather painful, and the shockwave is there once again to annoy you. Its not a hard move to dodge, and you can punish after that. His 2 most powerful and annoying moves however..... are coming up next. Soul sucker is so cheap, it drains 1 level of your level cap and does crazy ass damage.
The range is short thank god, ROLL AWAY, you cannot block this. If you get one level drained off you, you have to grind that one level again and the stat point you added before is GONE. Meaning if you just got the requirement in endurance to roll around in your heavy armor the level before and you are hit by will be WALKING around. Yes, super gay, I know.

His other super move that you need to watch out for is the mighty explosion. If you see him charge up with surges of wind being sucked to him, prepare to run far far away. He also lets out a noticable shout, so use that as a warning. You can also, however, if you have the balls, to run up to him while he is charging and hit him. If you want to do this, its fine, you even get to net some free hits, but you have to access the situation. If you see him do this when you are close by, all the more reason to go hit him. If you see him do this far away, jus run even further. If you see him do this at mid gotta make a choice. You can take the safe way and run, or take the risk and go hit him. Either way, you gotta make the best out of your desicion.

Like I said....its highly recommended you fight him with blues, but if you have the balls to do this solo like with all the other bosses in the game....then go for it. Old king allant is worthy of a true challenge, and will kick your ass many times. After you finally beat it, you may open some champaigne, celebrate and congratulate yourself, you have beaten the game. The boss that comes after this is a complete joke, and old king allant is a billion times harder than him. Now with demons' souls out of the way, I can do a dark souls boss profile project. I have already purchased the game, so just wait for me to clear it and I can start posting.

Congratulations from me if you defeated this king of a man alone! Cheers to you!


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Dissidia 012:Duodecim Final fantasy

Gamespot score:8.0(great)

my score:8.0

(+)Pros:-Combat is still tight and lots of fun,-new assist feature adds more depth to the fighing system,- new characters are all awesome,-great graphics,-story mode has some cool new additions,-plenty of modes to keep players interested.

(-)Cons:-Feels like not much has been done to really enhance the game (it feels like a dissidia 1.5),- weak story that doesnt show off all characters unlike the previous game.

Gameplay time:100 hours+

About a year ago I reviewed the magnificent Dissidia: final fantasy. Its rich combat system was both fun and flashy, it was a great experience to both play and look at. Combine that with the cast of 22 characters and you have a stellar experience that is easily one of the best games on the PSP. Earlier this year, dissidia 012:duodecim final fantasy was released, and of course, dissidia being one of my favourite games of all time, I immediately picked this up. I played it quite a fair bit, and while it still is awesome, it didnt feel that much different at all from the original dissidia, I felt like I was playing the same game. Of course, the game has new features, and while they arent much, the fighting system has been tweaked for the better and this makes the game still one hell of a kickass one.

The original dissidia had quite a weak story to begin with, the duodecim's story is downright lousy. Duodecim tells the tale of the endless cycle of battle between the forces of cosmos and chaos, and while the game has more characters, duodecim is actually a prequel to the original. While dissidia tells the 13th cycle of battle, duodecim tells the 12th one, with more characters and some characters on swapped sides. Unlike dissidia which told the tale of all of its cosmos heroes, duodecim only tells the tales of the new characters, so its lightning and gang exclusively. Also, its the same story of cosmos summoning her crystal for the cosmos heroes to find so that they actually stand a chance at beating chaos. Its more or less, the same, but lousier in many ways, more on that later.

And clouds finishes lighting off.
 Duocdecim remains mostly the same as the original dissidia, so if you've played a fair bit of the original yourself, most of this stuff will immediately be familiar to you. The core battle system remains mostly unchanged, and the game looks as great as it was before. The only changes to the battle system this time round, is probably the assist system. But the segment of the game that received the biggest overhaul... is probably the story mode. Unlike the original where you pick and choose which characters you want to play and see thier story, you have to follow a set path this time round. The story puts you in control of the new warriors, lightning, vaan, tifa, kain, laguna and yuna. The story follows and switches the characters as it goes on, and while that is a change, the biggest change is probably the world map system.

When you jump into the game's story, the world map is the 1st thing that greets you. Its vast, big and beautiful, its too bad it feels a bit empty. In the world map you roam around, attacking crystals for the next gate, or fighting roamin manequins that walk around. You can also find chests, some of your team mates that are roaming around or buy stuff from the moogle shop. This is, no doubt, a good distraction from the lousy story, the world map is a good addition to the story mode. Next up would be the overhead grids. These are carried over from the original, and remain mostly the same, but later on in the story, you get access to party battles, which consist of you fighting a party of enemies with a party of your own. These are also, needless to say, good additions.

Lightning kicks ass.

Now lets go over the changes in the battle system. For one, I am not going to post how the gameplay basically works since its the same thing as dissidia, from head to toe. However, there are a slight couple of changes and tweaks, for one, the assist system. The assist is probably the biggest new addition to the gameplay system, it definetely adds more depth, and opens up for some devastating combos that couldnt have been possible before. For the assist to work, you have to fill out the assist gauge below your character's health bar, and to do so you land bravery attacks. When appropriately filled, you can call on your assists, but however if you call an assist and they get hit, your assist bar will be locked down for abit. Another new feature to the battle system would be the EX revenge.

Gone are the days of EX canceling out of attacks (that was pretty badass, I guess it was too overpowered and they had to remove it), and if you enter EX mode when attacked, you enter EX revenge. You stagger your opponent, and time slows down, allowing you to attack them as you wish, but you can no longer gain bonuses from EX mode or perform EX attacks. A sad waste of the EX bar if you ask me, but at least its more balanced this way. The new characters are all awesome in thier own bout, all are fun to play, but my personal favourites are laguna and yuna. These guys add more to the already expansive roster.  Finally, like the original, the additional modes in duodecim will suck away your life, like the original one on one battles, the new multi character battles or the labrinth, something similar to those wave after wave battles in the original, where you constantly earn rewards. Everything here is packed, and while there is no online play, local play can be a blast if you play with friends.

The overworld looks great, too bad its coupled with a lousy sotry.

Duodecim suffers from one thing that makes me feel like its....not much of a different game at all. I understand there are changes...but other than the assist system, the rest feel extremely minor. Sure there are new characters, but which sequel to fighting game doesnt have them? The old characters play mostly the same , maybe with additional moves for some of them but thats it. Most of the new stuff is found in the story mode, which is honestly really crappy. Unlike the original where all characters had thier piece in the story (you could play as each and every one of them), duodecim only brings forth the new characters, and the old ones feel like they don't even have a place in the damn story. They are like, minor side characters that get less than 10 minutes of screen time. They included the original dissidia story in there to not let the old characters feel "left out", but really square? No new story for the old characters?

Duodecim doesnt have much to differentiate it from the original dissidia. It still is a great game on its own, but it looks and feels too similar, with almost nothing new added to it. It feels that I'm playing the exact same game, where I invested a couple of hundred hours into! Sure duodecim's new characters are all pretty damn fun, but I only invested about 50 hours in here, nothing compared to the original. Honestly, if you played dissidia, duodecim will not impress you as much as the original did. Still....if you want to play the new characters, go ahead and get it, the battle system is still fun and flashy as ever.

Happy gaming.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Dead space:Extraction (PS3 edition)

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.5

(+)Pros:-Smooth cursor movement on controllers,-plenty of "jump and scare" moments,- smart use of different weapons in first person mode,-quite a blast when played with another player,-little but fun boss battles.

(-)Cons:-Unskippable conversations sometimes chop up the pace and action,-annoying zero gravity,-ends far too soon.

Gameplay time:5-10 hours

Alright, this will probably be the last of the dead space related reviews for PS3. Extraction is a nice little bonus that came along witht he dead space 2 game for the PS3, and its free of charge too. Extraction for the PS3 is a port of the Wii original, which was pretty good from what I heard. How does it fair on the PS3? Well, for my little review here, I played the whole game on controller with my brother, nothing was done on the move, although this was meant for the move itself. I dont have a move right now, and probably never will (them motion sensor games look pretty damn stupid to me).

Extraction's story takes place before that of dead space 1. It tells the tale of different individual characters and soon the story brings all of them together in an all star cast to go for a full run as a party. There are several characters, I will just point out a few of the main ones. Mcneil (not sure about spelling), a police officer , lexine (female lead) and gabe weller (friends with mcneil). These three are just some of the characters who are the first victims of the outbreak with the marker, causing the necromorphs to appear. Together they live through these living terrors and meet others who share thier fate, as they shoot and dismember all necromorphs that stand in thier way.

If you've done dismembering before, you should know how this works.

Extraction is a first person real time shooter game, someting like time crisis. You dont control your character at all, he/she moves on his/her own, and all you have to do is swing that axe or aim your guns. That being said, the altough its supposed to be a move game, the controller movements for the cursor are pretty smooth, and you can move the cursor freely as you want with no lags or slowdowns. The concept is as simple as any shooter in the world, you aim and shoot, as necromorphs appear on your screen coming from places you would never expect.

Unlike the orignal dead space and dead space 2, where you could move and pace yourself among creepy hallways to avoid unneeded trouble, extraction moves you on its own, and thus you cant control it when the character walks towards a vent like an idiot and suddenly a necromorphs jumps out, scares the shit out of you before proceeding to claw your face. The game has plenty of moments like these, and you will be finding yourself being scared quite a few times. Of course, the areas you visit themselves already reek of creepiness, if the necromorphs didnt do thier part, then there would be no point to it.

Its like they were born solely just to jump out and scare
the living daylights out of you.

Now then, onto the guns. All of the original dead space weapons can be found in extraction (not the dead space 2 exclusive ones though), meaning that theres quite some variety to play around. Theres also a standard rivet gun, with unlimited ammo. The rivet gun is the only new gun and its the game's basic weapon, meaning that you will be carrying that thing around for the entire game. Weapons are not bought, they are found. As you proceed through levels, you will find these weapons laying around, if you can spot them and react fast enough, you can use the kinesis to grab the weapons and swap them in with one your own. Its a simple process, really, and these weapons function just as the way you remember.

Using the 1st person aiming system, the weapons work slightly different though, since you dont really get to see them in person. It provides a new perspective as you work through the necromorphs. Present in this game are also melee and stasis, the latter which you have seen before. Melee attacks are just pickaxe swings that do minor damage, but work well for getting necromorphs away when they get too close to you. Combine all these and you get a kickass arsenal, plus, while the game lacks new original necromorph types, there are bosses exclusive to extraction that mix things up. These guys take more than just random blasts to take down, and while the strategy needed to bring these critters down aint much, its always a blast to finally take down a big baddie.

Much of the game's conversations are unskippable and they
provide unneccesary breaks for the action.
 Extraction however has some really annoying long unskippable conversations that like to appear in between stages. Its really awkward and stupid when you are having tons of fun blasting necromorphs, then you suddenly enter a room and someone shows up....then the two of you begin talking for 5 minutes. What? While these conversations provide insight to the story, they distract you from the fun. Also an annoyance is the zero gravity feature. Its good that they are adding more gameplay features, but zero gravity is downright nauseating. You have to point and aim your cursor, flyyy there slowly while spinning the screen, and when you settle down, enemies start coming at you from all directions. Its a headache, thats what it is, and you have to continously fly around a few times in rapid successions. Finally, the game is too short. Me and my brother cleared it in about 5 hours plus, and thats counting the about 1 hour worth of conversations.

Extraction is a nice free bonus, so even if it sucked, it wouldnt matter. But as a seperate game, its still pretty fun, and is even better when played with a 2nd player. This is included in dead space 2 for the PS3, so theres no need for me to recommend this. Have fun dismembering necromorphs in first person, be it with a controller or the move.

Happy gaming.