Sunday, 20 February 2011

Doom 3

Gamespot score:8.5(great)

my score:9.0

(+)Pros:-Is pretty damn long for a shooter,- intense atmosphere makes for an incredibly breath taking journey,-great shock and scare moments keep you on your toes,-manages to be shocking and challenging both at the same time,-interesting array of weapons,-big variety of monsters keep things interesting.

(-)Cons:-You probably wont be making use of all weapons given to you and only use a few that you are accustomed to.

Gameplay time:20-30 hours(average)

Godamnit marvel vs capcom 3 is eating my life away. Anyway, today Im finally doing a post, sorry about my negligence during the previous week.
Doom 3 is a very old game now, roughly about 7 years old, since it was released way back in 2004. I only got the previlage to play this awesome game last year, and man, I tell you, even though the graphics are rather dated, this game took me by storm. Its probably the very 1st shooter to impress me so much, as to giving it a 9( bioshock 1 and 2 come pretty damn close).

Story wise doom 3 is pretty good, but nothing very phenomal. The story goes as an unamed marine(you) goes to the mars base for a mission. As soon as the marine gets to know the place by moving around and familiarising himself, he notices how the people are acting strange and saying how being in the base itself is a mistake. After awhile, the whole base goes haywire, normal humans start becoming zombies, demons start popping out of nowhere. In a struggle for survival, the marine starts moving about the base hoping to find some help. Basically the whole story is about the marine struggling for survival and finding a way out of hellhole.

Doom 3 is a survival horror game shooter, something like that. But unlike most survival horrors like dead space or, doom 3 manages to stay a very fast paced shooter and enjoyable shooter. While you still get many scares such as monsters popping out behind doors, bodies floating out of nowhere and hearing monster cries while navigating empty hallways, the gameplay is still fast and challenging. The areas you will roam are mostly a hi-tech science base on mars, and its very intenese. Everywhere you go you will see blood splatters and piles of bodies scattered like seeds. Also, almost every room you go to has monsters spawning, so being on your toes is natural. There are practically scares everywhere, everytime you open a door and get jumped by an imp, you are sure to jump, for the 1st few times at least. Monsters appear behind you and attack without warning, and when those little spiders crawl out of unsuspecting vents to kill you, you know you are in deep shit.

Doom 3's battle system is like all other shooters. You get a variety of weapons, which you will get throughout the game. These include machine guns, mini guns, shotguns, pistols and even RPGs. It also has its own share of futuristic guns like the BFG and the plasma gun. Oh yeah, theres a chainsaw too. For your health you get a basic HP amount and armor. You cant carry any medicine or bandages with you, so basically its take what you get. Any med kids on the flloor must be picked up on the spot, same for armor shards. This is awesome since it makes the game mighty challenging, when you get hit, you dont recover your state until you are back to normal, you health stays. The variety of enemies you will fight are pretty awesome as well. Though at the start of the game you are limited to battling mindless zombies and imps that toss fireballs, you will encounter alot more perplexing and deadly enemies. There are spiders which come in masses, a skeleton which is able to fire missles at you, a giant gerbil, a great lurking hell knight and many more. Following this, there are no shops to buy ammo, so as with your health, you take what you have, so its a good idea to spend as little ammo as possible to kill these critters.Oh yeah, bosses, they're here as well, but they're kinda touch and go since you will have bigger problems killing normal monsters than the bosses.

Theres really nothing too bad about doom 3, other than perhaps the weapons. Though you get so many, its very rare that you will find a situation where you require to use all of them. You will probably just stick with the shotgun the whole game, with rare situations where you will use the machine gun, and later in the game, the plasma gun. The rest are kinda...just there. Even for the bosses, using the big hitters like the RPG and BFG arent really necesarry. My opinion? I just think they should make some enemies that can only be defeated by certain kinds of weapons. Again, its only my opinion.
Doom 3 is a very impressive shooter, I really enjoyed playing it. Good thing I played it even though it was an old game, glad I didnt overlook it. Im not really a shooter person, but I'll say it, doom 3 is a shooter that no one should miss, though I think already half the world have already played it, since its already 7 years old -.-.

Happy gaming!