Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Top 5 badass villians(gaming) 08/11/11

Once again, I will get right to the point. Been awhile since the last top 5 badass villians post, but meh, I simply just forgot :P. For today, we will be covering 5 villians from the game's side, so, expect spoilers as usual, if you think you might be spoiling yourself, go ahead and skip this post entirely.

Im serious.

He's as badass as he looks.

From:Soul calibur series

First up on 5th place is not a very villianous, crafty or desipicable villian, but a very iconic one. Meet nightmare, the abomination created by the soul edge in the soul calibur series.

Nightmare is awesome looking, probably one of the best looking villians out there, and if you have played soul calibur 3 on the PS2 and fought night terror....you should know how awesome he looks there too. Nightmare's looks constantly change during the many different iterations of the games, and for each and every one of them he is good looking.

Nightmare was formed when siegfried found and wielded the soul edge, and for a period of time siegfried even became nightmare, causing destruction to many parts around the world. When siegfried finall managed to become free of nightmare and started to seek the soul calibur, nightmare already had a body of its own. And even now in the soul calibur series, the game has two standing side, with siegfried standing on the side of soul calibur, nightmare still stands strongly as its sole representative for the soul edge.

Looks like odin took some sterioids.

From:Odin sphere

Next up on 4th place we have a character from odin sphere, and thats odin himself. While odin isnt really bad when you meet him in the story, you will soon learn to realise that he has done an epitome of pretty bad stuff that make him one bad daddy.

Odin, for one, isnt really a villian in the story. I'll say it, he's a coward. Odin, being the big mighty lord up above he is, is too cowardly to ever do anything on his own, and to top if off, he has a ton of bad secrets that he doesnt want people finding out, and when they are exposed, you will suddenly feel a huge hatred for this foolery of a god.

While odin himself is the father of gwyndolin, he is quite the asshole towards her. When wagner arised, odin was immediately reminded that wagner was the only dragon that he could not slay. To preserve his "dignity", he hired oswald the shadow knight to kill wagner in his stead, instead of going himself. When oswald refused over and over, odin kept offering him rewards the keep oswald on his side of the bargain, and oswald finally agreed then odin offered gwyndolin herself, to be given to oswald, without her freaking consent. Oswald did gwyndolin good and took care of her, but odin had to make a deal with the lord of fire, making a pact by offering gwyndolin, once again. What the hell?

Find this face familiar? You should....

From:Final fantasy 7

Now many of you may call me a wimp for this, but on 3rd place today we have the super iconic and super memoriable sepiroth, from final fantasy 7.

Now now, I dont understand many gamers' hates towards final fantasy 7, but allow me to explain the story of sephiroth. Sephiroth was just like and normal soldier, but one day he was at the archives of nibelheim, and the research there drove him mad, making him want to meet with his mother jenova and learn about his exsistence.

Of course, after learning that he is but an experiment, he goes completely bonkers and starts wanting to go about "destroying the world". He went to the power plant to meet with jenova amd thats where the infamous zack/cloud/sephiroth scene took place, with him stabbing zack and all. In final fantasy 7, he is the main antagonist and two scenes made him look pretty badass, like it or not. One is the one where he stands in nibelheim looking at cloud, with the entire town up in flames. The other is the one where he flies downward and stabs aerith, killing one of gaming's very first memoriable heroines. Yes, hes that bad.

Hmm? Cake? I see no cake!
From:Portal series

Up for 2nd place is none other than glaDos, from the portal series (which I may add, is probably one of the best franchises in gaming). This cake lieing wanabe just wants to burn you to hell, and heres what going down in her scheming robotic mind.

GlaDos's time with us gamers during portal 1 was brief, but boy did it give us some good laughs. GlaDos served as the main navigator and tester for the original portal, and during each and every test chamber she cranked up quirky jokes and made attempts at making it sound like she was going to kill you, such as "you will be baked..then there will be cake".

During the end of portal 1, you found out that after the entire testing you were meant to be burnt and incinerated, after seeing your floor panel move towards a burning inferno of doom. This was all planned by glaDos of course. After you avoided your burning death, she even tried to trick you to thinking that was part of the test, and when you finally made it to the end to confront glaDos, she still tries kill you in an overly funny fashion with lame jokes, and also exposing your painful past about being a criminal (or a bad person, as she says). In portal 2 she still hasnt changed from her old testing ways, and even during the end after finding out her deep dark secret, she deleted carolyn from her to prevent emotions from getting in the way. O.o.

This image can traumatize gamers for a long long time
.....if you go along with the terrifying text that accompanies it.
From:Nine hours, nine persons, nine doors

.....Lastly up for grabs in first place for top 5 badass villians of gaming today....is clover from 999 (nine hours, nine persons, nine doors). Just for that ONE ENDING ALONE.

I may be overexaggerating, and I dont frigging care, but clover from 999 for the axe ending is MOTHER FKING SCARY. Those who played 999 should know, the setting and story background makes it look like one hell of a sick game, but combined with the fact that there are so many bad and scary endings, it makes for some really creepy shit. The axe ending, without a doubt, is my hatest and most feared ending, I did ALL I COULD to really avoid getting it again.

Now clover herself in the main story isnt that evil or villianous at all, but if you go for the axe ending, you will see a terrifying transformation take place in her soul, and make her into one hell of a scary pshycopath. During the events of the axe ending, clover makes everyone go explore the last unexplored door (I think it was 8, 6 or 2, couldnt remember exaclty). After going in with the people of her choice, she leaves junpei out, kills everyone in it (akane included) and comes out with thier bracelets. This part already freaked me out, then....she did that pose in the picture. I shat my pants. She then extends her hand to junpei and tells him to join her in her escape, while she uses the other bracelets to open door number 9. Then...it happened. She sliced off junpei's arm and goes like bye............*shiver*

Peace for now I guess.