Once again people we are here with greatest boss fights. While last time we covered someone only fairly difficult, today we go through one of the hardest boss fights of all time. I personally have never beaten this SOB, I couldn't be bothered to grind all my characters to lvl 90+, seriously. This guy is just balls, I went in several times with my level 85+ team and just got beaten down like a bunch of lousy puppies. Anyway, here we go.

Lucifer is the ultimate optional boss of shin megami tensei: devil survivor. He is both a bitch, a bastard , and also a mother fker. In the story hes one of the gods fighting for the throne, and while he is just a bystander, you can challenge him in new game+, since your team is so F***ing cocky and decides to actually fight him. He is completely optional, and since he only appears in new game+ expect him to be one hell of a bastard.

Lucifer is so cheap he isnt even funny. He is the only boss in the game with the level cap of 99, I guess if you want to even stand up to him you should at LEAST be level 90, along with all your other demons, any lesser is asking for death. Here's the catch, the battle starts with lucifer being all alone. You can leisurely walk up to him with all your characters and beat on him. Beware though, he is insanely strong, even if you walk up and take the fight to him, he can beat your ass if you dont have the right demons or skills. His skill set changes a few times throughout the battle, and while I couldnt memorize the entire skill set, his attacks consist of the top tier elemental spells (mostly lighting, fk his maziodyne), megidolaon, mighty hit and some very scary passive, including attack all, elemental skill jumps and pierce.

His skills change even more though, I never made it that far, but in the fight video Im about to show, lucifer had maziodyve, drain and megidolaon, along with his passives attack all, elec jump and draon eye. All very scary moves. Make sure you have lightning nullification or at LEAST lightning resistance, those maziodynes can hurt. His normal attacks hurt like shit too, plus they hit your whole team. I know, sucks right.

Tremble before him like the ant you are.
 After you hit him abit, he starts summoning some very high level mobs (level 80 astaroths? Wtf?). Of course if you grinded to 90 these guys are nothing, but if you are like me these guys can already be of some major annoyance. Dealing with lucifer alone is already fked up, we have to fight his damn minions too? Give me a break. PLUS, after you hit him to about half HP, he restores himself to max, like a dick. I only managed to get him to that stage ONCE, and I never managed to do it again, nor did I manage to advance beyond that point...because of his dreaded exclusive skill.....

Now lets talk about his most painful and annoying skill, megidoladyne. This is NOT a skill he uses in a fight, he uses this and hits the ENTIRE MAP, meaning all 4 of your teams are going to die. Megidoladyne does a SHITLOAD of damage, usually wiping out all your tired out demons and characters after actually taking a turn to hit him. He uses this WAY too often. I tried to survive, I really did, I spent turns healing my characters back to tip top shape, but he just does it again, and I have to heal all over again...until either his minions get me, or I run out of MP. Bullshit...just bullshit. Then again, think of it this way, I was only level 85.

If you beat this asshole, mad props to you, I never had the patience to grind to 90+ and grind my demons to that level too. Even if I did, I would probably just die again, you really need to have an insanely good skill set to counter this douche. Null or ban lightning would be a good choice (the video Im posting used ban lightning, which I can tell was brilliant). You also need a good strategy, eating megidoladynes even at level 99 isnt fun.


Part 1-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAJZy5kiQqY
Part 2-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQFpZtG3XSs&feature=related

Credit goes to the rightful owner of these videos, a great strategy used to beat him indeed.