Sunday, 24 May 2009

PS3 or XBOX360?

The hardest question to ponder upon.
I have been thinking about this since last year.
The 2 king consoles that has kept the world's gamers up to date with 4th generation games.
A PS3?Or a XBOX360?I could not decide ever since my friends bought one of each.
PS3 has killzone 2 and resistance series.XBOX360 has star ocean 4 and the last remnant.Soooo many good hard to decide....Though the 2 consoles have great similar games like fallout 3 and soul calibur 4,there is this strange impact that urges you to buy a XBOX360 and another which urges you to get the PS3.
So dam fked up.I think i will never get to a decision.I'll be getting one of these bad boys after my end of year exams this year,but i still dont know what to buy......Hope I will know when the time comes.