Thursday, 29 October 2009

Blazblu:calamity trigger(arcade edition)

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.5

Heres another arcade game!Blazblu(aka guilty gear XXX),is a highly rated 2D fighter game for the 4th gen consoles(with a stinking high 8.0).Today im doing the arcade edition,thus no score from gamefaqs(typical).Anyhow I dont think there is much of a diff from the console versions.Being an arcade fighter expect button mashers and strangers challenging you out of NOWHERE,RUINING YOUR FUN.Meh its expected,its open to public after all,or you can just have a friend go to the arcade with you and sit right next to you when you are playing the game itself.Hehe,anyway,on with it.

Arcade game,hmmmm.Japenese voices and subtitles,hmmmmm.Dont expect me to understand this game's story.Well according to my info there are 12 characters(thats sad),and each has thier own story battles and final stages.I dont understand any crap at all so bleh...As for price variations,one try 1 token.Quite reasonable,since you can most likely last to the end of the game with one try,but you will most likely lose to the last stage if you are a newbie(like yours truly).

Well here we are,this is how the arcade stick looks like.Well before you actually get to play the game,you get to choose a moveset.A or B.Moveset A,which I use,is mainly played by using the top 4 buttons.Moveset B,I supposed will be played with the bottom buttons.But both movesets will be using the arcade stick. There will be another exact same replica of this on the right side of this though,for challengers to step in and challenge you,which is fuck for newbies like me.

Well here we are,the battle screen.Personally I like it alot.The dudes from the guilty gear productions did a swell job.With excellent battle surroundings and creatively and beautifully designed batlle character sprites this game's 2D presentations is one of the best I've seen,as expected for a 4th gen game.The characters moves are varying, quick but weak attacks,slow but strong attacks and so in any fighting game.Few strategies to this.1,button mash.This tactic is used by noobs,like me.Just mash the same few buttons over and over until you beat your helpless opponent,but this wont work on advanced human players or final battles.The 2nd tactic is comboing.This is used by pros,and requires great and precise timings.These guys can pawn the game no problem.

Though the game only has 12 characters,they never fail to amuse. Thier fighting styles are unique,they have great attack animations,and are designed in flawless 2D artwork.Each character is awesome in thier own way. Ragna with his big,life stealing sword,jin with his ice techniques,noel with her funny techno like guns,tager with his fists of fury and hakuman,well he just looks really awesome.My favourite characters would be ragna,cuz he is a pro,and noel,cuz she is hot.Noel for the win =).
Overall blazblue in the arcade is worth a spin,for fighting game lovers.Only a token per play,this game is reasonable,and one try lasts you for quite awhile. But when someone challenges you and wins,dont be pissed,its the cycle of arcade gaming XD(I learnt that when it happened to me personally).

Happy gaming.(wow at noel)

Saturday, 24 October 2009

super robot taisen OG endless saga

Gamespot score:7.0(good)

my score:8.0

You cant blame me if I am overating this game,cause I really find it a fun game.This game with the ridiculously long title is a classic turn by turn RPG,featuring certain cameo appearances from other games.This game isn't any different from many RPGs,execpt the characters with really funny personallities and perhaps the pretty good storyline,though it is rather predictable.

The endless frontier.An age where denizens of other world and dimensions come together to act as one.Well this probably makes no sense,but this game does show why later on.The game starts as a cowboy like guy called haken,and his sexy android partner aschen, are visiting a abandoned space ship as bounty hunters.They later find a sexy princess named kaguya(supposed to be a person of high authority)and get dragged into many weird businesses,such as finding an expert group of fighters called the orchestral army,or fighting to save the worlds from being dragged back into a greiving war.The story is rather in depth and the characters are greatly designed,personallities and looks.

Well this game has a rather different fighting style, altough it is still turn by turn.Instead of just selecting an attack and executing it,you have to get all the skills that you have gathered,and plan them in an attack order of up to 5 chains. Sounds complicated,but its actually simple, that means you can perform up to 5 attacks in one turn.
But you cant just keep attacking 5 times in a row every turn, you have the COM gauge,each attack you do consumes COM,if you dont have the required COM for the desired attack,the attack wont execute. Of course COM can be restored by simply doing nothing for that turn,or using SP skills to restore it.SP skills also do stuff like restore HP/cast magic(I believe many already know that).

Yes kosmos is in this game,and shes looking as great as ever.The sexy battle engine is probably the cameo many will look forward to,as well as being the strongest party member in the game(Im not joking).This game is also great for one reason of the cameo appearances.Kosmos is one of them,there are 2 more,reiji and xiaomu from namcoXcapcom(which I must comment is an awesome game).

Well here they are,reiji and xiaomu performing a teamwork attack.This game has lenghty boss fights,which is a good thing.Thier HP usually range over a few hundred thousand,meaning you will be fighting them for quite awhile.They usually arent much of a prob,you just wack,heal,wack, heal......and so on.Once again boss designs are good and some cameo bosses include T-elos and saya(both babes).Some bosses are however,annoyingly strong and many of the battles seem unfair.Katze is one of such annoying bosses,giving you only space for slight breathers and you can only hit him for less than 3 digits of damage.

Another cool thing is that the characters are really funny.They usually dont hold back in thier speeches ,talking about stuff related to sex and commenting on each others body figures(aka boobs).They also trash talk,which is downright awesome.Combined with a long story gameplay,this is an RPG great to enjoy.

Happy gaming.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

yggdra union

Gamespot score:5.5(medicore)

my score:7.7

Screw gamespot.I dun see why they gave the GBA version of this game 8.0,and they give the PSP version 5.5. Faggots if you ask me.Anyway, yggdra union is a PSP,a remake of the GBA version,if you will.Yggdra union is a strategy/RPG game hybrid that is more fun than gamespot states that it is.It has a unique battle strategy system than that of any strategy/RPG game that I have played(final fantasy tactics A/A2, luminous arc).For RPG or strategy game players you will find this game rather fun as I did.

Yggdra is a typical princess of a kingdom(and a real kickass one if I may).She is being chased down by the troops that overran her kingdom(something like that) and she takes the holy sword and escapes amidst the chaos.She runs into a cliff-desert area where she is cornered by enemy troops,and is saved by bandit leader milanor. The story goes as milanor and her goes around to save her kingdom, recruiting people who will help her on the way.

Alright,time for the gameplay. The gameplay here is unique,I havent seen anything like it.It might not appeal to some( like that of the folks at gamespot),but you gotta say you dont really find many stuff you find in yggdra union in many strategy/RPG games.First,on the battle map.The graphics sux,they are merely just 8-bit pixels and nothing else.But here you get to glance your enemies units on the map,be it golems,undines or enemy soldiers.You also get to check your unit morales(also known as this game's HP).I forget but im not sure if you can check enemy morales as well.Also here is where you decide to use "cards".Cards are special items that help you on the field,such as lowering enemy morale/gaining more attack on your next attack.

Now this is the screen you get when engaging with an enemy unit.Its pretty and quite flashy.Not too bad,but the only flaw here is the crack in the middle of the screen that divides the 2 teams,its kinda irritating.Now the basic thing to do is just watch as your unit fights the opposing unit,until one's unit runs out of troops.The performance of how your unit or the enemy unit fights depends on wheter you used a card before battle,or wheter the terrain you are standing on provides good defense.Also there is some sort of a scissors paper stone rule.Lemme show you one example, swords>spears,spears>axes,axes>sword.So its good if your team has a variety of sword,spear and axe wielding units.

Overall,not too bad of a game.The story aint that good thou,its quite normal.There are no twists in the plot or whatever.There is however a good fanservice scene showing yggdra bathing :).Anyhow,RPG/strategy game lovers should try and play this,ignore gamespot's score,I highly doubt its real.If it makes you feel any better,take the GBA score.

Happy gaming.

All right,its confirmed.

Im buying the PS3,and noone can stop me.Im deciding the games that im gonna by top piority.Enjoy!(The games are not placed in order.)

1.Tekken 6

Played this in arcade many times.Awesome graphics,good character do-overs,great new movesets!Whats more,they have an overpowered final boss and a faggot like robot freak.Plus,I have always been following tekken for long time.Cant wait to get it!

Gamespot score:n/a(game not released yet)

2.Killzone 2

Read the gamespot review and even saw the video review.Along with a few screenshots I am amazed at how this game is designed,graphics and all,this is definetely a great shooter!It even has awesome online play.Cant wait to get it,seriously.

Gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

3.little big planet

Okay,it might look lame,but reviews say its an awesome game.Also after my bro showed me some gameplayed vids,I'd say this game aint bad!You get to create your own sackboy and play in your very own created levels,or let the world play it!This game is huge!

Gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

4.Cross edge

Im an RPG fan,so stop complaining!This game has a real variety man,with some of my fav game characters all packed in this one game,how can I say no.Etna,prinny,morrigan,demitri and some the ar tonelico characters,just great!

Gamespot score:n/a(review not released)

5.Demon souls

A game made by one of my favourite companies!This monster hunter-diablo like looking game just looks great.Awesome visuals,brutal difficulty,greatly done battle system,damn this game is just so captivating!

Gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

6.Final fantasy 13

Dude,I have been playing final fantasy like my entire life!Now one shows up on a silver platter on a fking fourth gen console.From the trailers it looks epic,awesome graphics combined with a final fantasy super storyline,this is something that I would like alot!Hoping to play it!

Gamespot score:n/a(game not released yet)


I know this game is old but after my friend told me about the game storyline one day I decided to check it out....and I was awed.Such an in depth shooter game with a variety of gameplay animations simply make this game stay in my head!

Gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

8.Resident evil 5

Well I havent been the type to play resident evil..until the fourth one was released on the PS2.I told myself that it was the only resident evil I was gonna play,until i heard that leon would be in the fifth game.The visuals are okay and it looks like a typical 3rd person shooter,with the resident evil feel,good for killers!

Gamespot score:8.5(great)


Oh damn!I was just captivated when my bro showed me the trailer of this game.With the cool story line of heaven guys and hell guys fighting on a modern day set earth and the solo loner guy trying to fight them off alone,I could not decline me to hate this game.

Gamespot score:n/a(game not yet released)


Looks like a wanabe fallout 3 game,but with a much better idea of the gameplay and real time world playing system.This game looks like fallout,in a whole different view.I wanna try it so bad!

Gamespot score:n/a(game not yet released)

Thats my list of games,fear them for they are awesome!

Monday, 12 October 2009


Gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.5

Gunbound.A fairly old game now.It is a unique shooter game where you take control of a mobile,in which you have a choice to choose over a few.There are over 20 mobiles(I think,I havent played this game in a long time),each with thier own attacks,heavy attacks and super shots.The recent version has even more mobiles,giving players even further choices to play with.

Now,gunbound is a game without a story(duh).Its an online game with populated servers around certain parts of the globe.In gunbound,players are to enter rooms,choosable from a lobby.This is very common in many online games,such are S4 league and wolfteam that i reviewed earlier this year.Well the main purpose of the game once you are in a room is to use your mobiles and use thier abilities to "shoot" your opponents to death.A very simple rule.

Now this is the playing screen,as far as I can remember,the most played modes are the single and tag deathmatches.I can only remember these 2,but of course there are many more.In the battle map,you and your opponent(s) duke it out via attacking each other,with certain conditions in the field.One,wind.The wind factor is very important.If one intends to go for high shots,one has to observe the power of the wind,if it is incredibly strong,you might hit yourself,suck is one to beware of for boomer users.Two,thor's hammer.If one observes the entire field,a big machine will be noticed at the top of the map.That is thor's hammer,and its level increases every time it fires it laser.Whenever one attacks,or specifically,an aduka uses its heavy attack,thor will shoot its laser,and with each fire the implied damage is increased,the more lasers thor fire,the higher its level,and the higher its level,the higher the implied damage.
The third and problably the most tide turning factor of battle,would be the use of items.Before each battle players get to choose their items,such as dual,dual+,heal(I think),bunge,teleport,blood etc.Each items have thier own function.Heal,allowing you to recover hp in a fight(obviously),is mostly despised,using it will end in being called a noob or loser.But meh,I dont think its that gey.Bunge is deadly in the hands of mobiles like cake or bigfoot,destroying more ground,leading to the opponents loss if they fall due to the destruction of the very ground they are standing on.Teleport is a finisher item for naks and raon launchers.They teleport near thier opponents,hit them with a lightning orb,or mini raons.This can be comboed with the next item im explaining,dual,it allows a shot to repeated twice.This is an absolute must,it allows for deadly finishers.
Overall gunbound is a fairly enjoyable 2D "shooting" game.I suggest you people looking for a free,casual,cute online game to give this game a try.Give it a spin and download it here:
Happy gaming.

I havent done this for so long!

Well today Im covering one of the most epic fights yet!It is none other than the final boss of the world ends with you.Well the last boss is draco cantus,but he has 3 forms.Draco cantus is actually the noise form of megumi kitanji,the leader and the highest ranked reaper.Well on the 1st form you face against him,and damn his tough.He has a huge range of attacks ranging from firing enery-stuff and summoning a snake arm to decipitate you.Your partner will be fighting shiki,which is also powerful.This fight took me 2 tries.

When kitanji goes noise,he becomes a snake.He is huge!But this form is actually easier than the previous.He just shoots random energy beams and does some random AOE bite attacks which do hurt a little.He has quite a big amount of HP but hey,you cant argue when his size spreads acorss 2 screens.His easy as shyt to hit being the size of a building.This is an easy 1,on the fight with beat as your partner,just have him hammer the tail mercilessly while you run around,avoiding shade's attacks.With shiki just have her spam <>

Here we are,the epic part.After you defeat his second form he becomes even bigger and more powerful as he absorbes your friends!You fight this guy solo,not cool.His attacks are very AOE based and some of his big finishers hurt.Attack the bottom-left head,you have more dodging space.When the orbs fly around just move up and down,if you stand in the center you cant even dodge.When he shoots that sword-like laser just stay there,it wont hit you as long as you are at the bottom left head.The hardest part to this is when you get caught by his bubble.SPAM THE BUBBLE.If you dont you will get hit by his enery spike,dealing around 500 dmg.When you see arrows appearing on your friends orbs,press them,they give you the light puck.Cool.

Overall,for a last boss,hes epic,3 forms,1 cool,1 not-so-cool,1 epic.Overall,not too bad.Hes one hell of a fight.

Difficulty:7/10(all forms added then averaged)

View the fight here:

Monday, 5 October 2009

yugioh GX tag force

Gamespot score:n/a(I guess the americans are too lazy too rate yugioh games)

my score:7.7

Its late.Actually,I dont care.This is the 1st installment for the Yugioh tag force series for the PSP.There is a PS2 release for this game too,but it does not have the rest of the tag force games.Well yugioh tag force is a yugioh game(duh),but unlike the DS games,this one has its own ups and downs that make it differ from the DS release.I will be covering that later.Besides that this game should be entertaining to a certain extent but it does provide more entertainment if you have friends who can play this game with you.Now,on with the review.

This game has not much of a story.Particularly,you are just some snot nosed kid with a red hat that just transfered into duel academy(you dont reveal your face).Well the game follows that of the 1st season of the yugioh GX anime(which isnt half bad,if you are reading this I advise you to check it out,if you havent).It follows up from the 1st day,to the kagemaru duel,in addition to that you have to prepare and win some tagforce tournament.Not much,but the game makes it mighty lengthy for us players,too mighty lenghty,if you ask me.

Yup.Take a good long look.This is as good as it gets.I know it sucks,but this is how it is on the navigating field.Your character is the one with the big red hat.Well,dont mope yet,the battle animations are much better,thats to make up for this shit,I guess.Well you get to do all the basic stuff,walk around from area to area,buy packs from the shop,duel people,attend class......until the day ends.Over 90 times.Yup,you have to repeat this entire lousy process for over 90 days until the tournament,in which you must have a partner for.Well,going from one place to another takes 15 mins(I think),winning a duel is 15 mins(I think).And with this pathetic time eating activities you have to go through...erm... 17 hours a day,around there.Yup,take your time to finish the day.

Well,here you are,the duel field.Personally I think its not bad.The dueling system is quite okay,the game flow is pretty smooth,and the battles are generally quite fun.The rules are just like any other yugioh game(unless in multiplayer,you can tweak the rules).The system is rather good,in fact I'd say its great,except 2 things.1,the AI is too easy.I got this complaint from my cousin.Well I would say that its rather easy,but for some people(like me),its a good thing.2,and the very annoying problem with this duel system.When you summon,YOU DONT SEE SHIT.This is the only flaw that makes this game worse than the DS one.This game's duel system has it all,good game flow,good dueling style,nice battle animations,because of the damn plain style fighting with just arrows pointing at each other this just stinks.Otherwise,its good.

Well overall,tag force has its ups and downs.Its a genrally good game,and a great game for yugioh fans.The 90+ days thing can get rather annoying though.You can always pass the time by making your character go to bed for 10 days in the row.If you'd compare this game to the DS,I'd say I prefered the DS one.

Happy gaming.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Wolfteam-battle tips

Well today Im starting that wolfteam fan freebie project thing.Im gonna start simple,today Im gonna talk about battle tips.
Wolfteam is a generally easy to play online FPS.1 for main weapons,2 for sub weapons,3 for wolf mode or knife and 4 for grenade.

Since this is an online FPS you will be fighting other players.For starters always walk in wolf mode(unless you are playing wolf conq human or classic mode).In wolf mode you get extended vision and more hp.Always roar to recharge hp,even if its still relatively high,you wont know when you will be backstabbed.When you play as a wolf,always camp in one corner,dont move around too much or you will reveal your position.

When you have located an easy target,move from your camping spot and pursue.You have 2 choices,go up to him and claw him to kingdom come,or hit 1 and go human,spray him before he jumps or moves away.If you somehow didnt get the kill,use wolf and pursue,he may be in human mode expecting you,so always look before you charge.Using the 2nd option of shooting wont reveal your position to other opponents,so its better,but if your shooting sux,go for the wolf approach.
If you are playing classic or wolf base and cant become wolf mode,just stay in one corner and wait for your prey to come.

In wolf combat,this is what you should expect.1st,if you are going head to head with a wolf,do not use jump and right click,just jump around and left click.Jump right clicking will have delay and give your enemies an opening,you dont want that do you.Only use jump and right click on humans,its MUCH safer that way.
Using nades are for pussies,but they do save you sometimes.Always throw a nade at the start of battle,you may,with luck,hit something.
If you are somehow playing classic mode or something,the knife is your best friend.1 hit kills all the way with right click.Just use the same camp in one corner trick,when someone comes by,just stealthy go up to him and hit right click.Boom,instant jackpot,you just nagged a kill.One note,never,NEVER knife wolves,you will end up nothing but a dead fool.

Thats all for today,today's post really meant nothing much,its just a few random battle tips thrown together.The next post will have more of a theme to it.