Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Coded arms contagion

Gamespot score:6.0(fair)

My score:7.0

Gamespot really gave it a bad score.I think it deserves more.Anyway,
coded arms:contagion is a FPS shooting game on the PSP.Many people
say that FPS games should not be on the PSP,they give massive headahces and the gameplay is just not there.I disagree,coded arms:
contagion is a quite a good game and really KONAMI should receive some credit for this.This game is about shooting alien like creatures and
some weird humanoid robots consisting of somewhat modern-futuristic weapons.

The story for coded arms:contagion is actually pretty simple.There
is this team of soilders called bravo team(I think so) that has given
no response to the hq and this guy named grunt is heading into the
system to find them.The game itself is cool as the set environment
is not in the real world,its in a system.

Upon entering the zone grunt discovers a virus.Whoever enters the system will get infected by it and will lose all free will(kinda like zombies).So what is your job?Shoot down this infectants and kill all
viruses(the alienic monsters).

This game is good,but they added two flaws.1.It is quite difficult for
a shooting game and thus dieing alot will be quite common for
shooting game newbies.2.Auto aim system.This is bull shit.You
can supposedly hold down during battle to automaticly aim the
enemy and jus fire away.Lame.Besides this,the monsters look
nice and the gameplay is quite smooth.

The majorly awesome feature of this game is the multiplayer mode,it is fun and enjoyable.Killing your freinds and letting them do likewise can be quite a fun activity.

Not for people who cant take shooting games.If you do play shooting games,you may
be able to tolerate this or even get quite a decent amount of fun out of it.A good game
overall,damn gamespot man.