Wednesday, 6 May 2009

best game character:6 may 09

My list of best game characters!!
Today"s winner is Cloud strife from final fantasy 7.
Cloud is awesome.He is possibly the coolest guy i have
ever seen in my life(seriously).
In the original story,Cloud was a SOILDER and he fights pretty much
get his so called vengance on sephiroth,which burnt down his hometown
(supposedly).Cloud fights with a great sword in his original game.He fights with a few joinable great swords in the movie,in the other games that include him in it,its pretty much just a great sword.
Cloud signature move is omnislash,a series of slashes which supposedly are very painful.The animation of this attack is pretty awesome and COOL.Cloud"s personality
is that of an emo.He basically talks with no emotions,unless in some desperate situations though.
Thats all for today,I will post more best game characters some other day.
"There is not a thing i dont cherish..."-Cloud