Thursday, 14 May 2009

best game character:14 may 09

Today's best game character is sho minamoto.

Originated from the popular NDS game the world ends with you,minamoto here is supposed to be a high ranking reaper,but later rebelled against the reapers.

Sho thinks he is superior to all beings and is the reason why he rebelled in the original story.He is a math wiz and will be seen muttering insane amounts of numbers in the game dialouge.

Sho uses mathmatical formulaes for no reason in his sentences.He even screams his
famous"SINE,COSINE,TANGENT!!" in battle.He also uses the word zetta,alot,which I guess makes him quite well known to all that play the original game."So zetta slow."
is what he also screams in battle.

Sho minamoto here has a arrogant personality.He thinks he is superior
to all and always conpare others to a much lower scale to who or what
he actually is.Whenever he wins in something,he will say that it is
going accoring to his calculations.Sho fights by summoning monsters(which are tough as hell),shooting weird beams,firing enegry spheres and transforming into leo cantus(right picture)
,his true form,in which of course he gains ultmate power.

What makes sho deserves the best character title?I just like the way he
acts.He doesnt give a damn to his superiors and does not follow orders.I think he deserves this cuz he is much stronger than them afterall.Also,his weird way of using math to talk is actually quite
nice and unique.

"You're outta your vector!"-sho minamoto